A Message of Hope during the Coronavirus Pandemic by Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq.

We as human beings are in an uncertain time. The Covid -19 virus has caused a pandemic which has spread across the globe, and the United States.

None of us in our lifetimes have experienced anything like this before. Many of us are self-isolating, hunkered down in our homes. Many of us are performing essential jobs and functions to keep society going. Many of us have become sick, some have died, and many of us have suffered great loss.

Many of you have lost your jobs and are worried about the future.

We as human beings, and Americans, will persevere. In trying times like this, Americans have always pulled together and worked with each other, for the common good of our people.

It may not seem like it right now, but a vaccine will eventually be available, a treatment for the Covid 19 virus will eventually become available, and this pandemic as other pandemics in the past have done, will pass.

We will eventually return back to normal, and we will be able to go on with our lives. We will always be forever changed by this pandemic, but above all we as a people will improvise, overcome, and adapt. We as human beings, and Americans, will get through this together like we always do.

My name is Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez, and I wish you all well during these trying times, and I look forward to the day we all return back to a better life.


Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq.,

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