Déjà Vu; American Chopper, Senior vs. Jr.

Guys from American Chopper, Paul Sr., Mikey, and Paul Jr.
Guys from American Chopper, Paul Sr., Mikey, and Paul Jr.

Well tonight the new American Chopper, Senior vs. Jr. aired on cable TV. As far as I know it is now the only show on TV that features motorcycle customizers. 

I must admit, I enjoy this show, that is why I watch it, and that is why I write about it. It is basically a soap opera for bikers, but I don’t care. It is better than watching “Cake Boss.” 

As far as tonight’s debut show, some things were revealed. Sr.’s lawsuit against Jr. is real. The brothers had not talked to their father for over a year until they talked to each other on a radio show, and it appears, the father truly wants his son’s to come back to the shop so long as they respect him. 

We saw Jr. spending his dough to either buy or lease a building for his new shop, and we saw the return of Vinnie, who will apparently now go to work for Jr. I guess Vinnie’s own custom motorcycle shop that he started with Cody is no more. 

I don’t care what anybody say’s, this show is entertaining, even though it is basically the same old show. 

At least now we will get to see Jr. building motorcycles again, instead of designing doggie parks pro bono for the city. 

If you read between the lines you will see a few things; these guys are making a lot of dough doing what they do. It may have been a forgone conclusion that OCC would have gone out of business had the show not continued, especially in this economy. 

But get one thing straight, these guys are major TV stars with a huge following. The most viewed article on the Biker Law Blog was one of my articles about American Chopper. The article has had almost 250k unique hits and 133 comments.

Apparently I am not the only one that watches this show. 

No matter what you think, you have to admit one thing; it is good to at least have one show on TV about motorcycles. 

By California Motorcycle Accident Attorney and Biker Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez, © August, 2010

3 thoughts on “Déjà Vu; American Chopper, Senior vs. Jr.

  1. It is indeed entertainment. It would be good for the boys to speak to their father. God gives us today and nobody is promised tomorrow.
    The show is fun to watch. It is entertaining. I must admit the bikes are great and fun to watch being built.
    The economy is bad. I don’t believe that Wal Mart and K Mart are even carrying the OCC clothing these days.

  2. OCC is not a motorcycle builder,it’s a TV show!I would love to see real bike projects and not a bunch of BS drama.Legends like Indian Larry and Jesse James are real builders.We all miss Indian Larry,he had more talent in one finger than that spoiled drama-queen Paul Jr ever had.The only biker in the entire company is Sr.But they got more money than I could ever dream of, so go figure.

    1. Yea it was a shame when Indian Larry died. With respect to Jesse, I do not know what is up with him. I heard he closed up shop and moved to Texas. Then I heard West Coast Choppers was still open and building bikes in Long Beach.

      I have heard some not so good things about OCC, but I will tell you this, they have put out many more motorcycles than Larry or Jesse combined. The negative stuff I heard about OCC was in their early days. I cannot review OCC because I have not ridden their motorcycles.

      Based upon the number of comments, and people who have read the stories about OCC on here, I can tell you that they are international celebrities.


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