Orange County Chopper Father and Son in Bitter Lawsuit

American Chopper - Orange County Chopper Lawsuit
Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul M. Teutul jr.

I am sure that many of you in the motorcycle world have watched the TV show American Chopper. American Chopper is a reality TV show about the company Orange County Choppers. Its stars are the infamous Teutul family; Paul Teutul Sr., his son Paul Jr., and of course Mikey.

Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul M. Teutul had a very public falling out, which was chronicled on American Chopper. In the Season 6 premiere, Paul Sr. and son had a contentious contract dispute, which led to Paul Jr.’s departure from the company. After a brief reconciliation, Paul Jr. left the OCC for good to explore other opportunities. In later episodes, Paul Jr. was seen working as a consultant at Orange County Choppers.

It has been reported that Paul Sr. sent a letter to Paul Jr. exercising an alleged right to purchase Paul Jr.’s share of the stock he owns in Orange County Choppers since Paul Jr. no longer works there.

Paul Teutul, Sr. claims he had a deal with his son, Paul M. Teutul, in which he could buy his son’s stock from the Orange County Choppers Holdings, Inc. motorcycle company.

The father, who appears on the television show alongside his son, sent Teutul, Jr. a letter saying he would be exercising his right to buy the stock.

Paul Sr. apparently has filed the lawsuit to the Supreme Court of New York; however I have not seen a copy of the lawsuit heretofore. He also filed a suit against Orange County Choppers, Inc.

In the lawsuit, he claimed damages in excess of $1 million and is asking for an order from the judge to force his son to give him the stock.

My take on the situation is this; yes I have watched the show for years. It is better than watching some of the other crap on TV I will tell you that.

I have been a businessman since I was in my 20’s, when I first got venture capital to start Daylight Data Corporation in Los Angeles, and am now running a successful California law firm.

Being successful at business requires management expertise, capital, and luck. It appears to me that Paul Teutul Sr. has been a very successful businessman. He started out installing railings; he worked hard and built his business into a metal manufacturing company, and then started Orange County Choppers. He then used the TV show American Choppers as a marketing vehicle to build his successful business.

There is no doubt that his son really did help with Orange County Choppers, however, in the end, it is the businessman who keeps a company going.

I learned in law school that you never want to represent friends or family because you will never do well enough in their eyes no matter the outcome in a case.

You would think family run businesses would be the easiest to run because of the trust factor. Let me tell you, it takes a special kind of family to stick together to run a business. Unlike other businesses where you can hire and fire at will, it is kind of hard to fire your son, or your brother, etc.

It is a shame that the Teutul’s family business relationship has apparently broken down. My personal take on the situation is that Paul Jr.’s head grew too big for his britches. He designed motorcycles, he started making money, he got the big house, he got the nice looking girlfriend, he obtained fame, etc. He started screwing off at work. Not coming in on time. He became unreliable to his father. Above all, he disrespected his father on national television.

Look, I know full well Paul Sr. is an asshole sometimes. Hell, he and my father would get along well if they were too meet. Paul Sr. did not ask anything more of his son, than a son should give to his father and a family owned business.

Without Paul Sr.’s capital, management expertise, and experience, Orange County Choppers would be a non entity. Motorcycle designers and fabricators are a dime a dozen. Paul Jr. could be, and has been replaced. I think Orange County Choppers are putting out their best motorcycles now.

I think Paul Sr. wants nothing more than to have his sons with him; as sons, not as monsters.

In my honest opinion, Paul Jr. should go to his father, apologize for being an asshole to his father, make amends, and jump back into the family business. Maybe when his money starts to run out he will.

Life is too short and you only get one father in this world. Paul Jr. and Mickey should jump back on the team for the big win, especially for their family.

Good luck to Orange County Choppers in all of their endeavors.

By California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer and California Biker Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © 2010

301 Responses to Orange County Chopper Father and Son in Bitter Lawsuit

  1. And if Paul, Sr. ever started “apologizing” to his sons and workers, it would take him the rest of his lofe, if he lived to be 500 years old. Paul, Sr, is a street thug made good and he treats everyone he meets like siht!

    Yep, bike designers and fabricators ARE a dime-a-dozen. But good ones, like Paul, Jr., are not.

    If I’d started working at OCC, me and Old Man Paul would’ve gotten along about as long as it took me to pick up my tools, put them in my truck, and leave. He’s not only an asshole, as you said, he’s a gold-plated asshole.

  2. Old Episodes: Customer arrives with project, Jr. gets started and Sr. oversees work adds his two sense. Timeframe is tight and they may not make it, fights breakout about something. Troops rally and finish project on time, Jr. says this is the most challenging bike so far, best one they did so far (until next show). Sr. rides bike out and unveils it and customer is heaping praise on how fantastic bike turned out. Rinse and Repeat next episode.
    New Series: Same plot as old, no arguments just mud slinging. Timeframe problems still abound, customer still going ape over the 150k motorcycle they just bought but can’t ride.
    End result is family becomes wealthy and is torn apart. Now that TV is over I believe it will be hard to maintain the overhead Sr. created in his business and it will shrink to a small bike shop. Paul Jr. is more inventive and will explore other opportunities as long as the money lasts. If something he does eventually succeeds he will be ok, if not I see the family circle the wagons and return to a small bike shop just like they where before TV came calling.

  3. I love watching your show and hope father and son can work on some bike again. I ride a Harley Davidson 1200 myself keep having problem om it starting now. By myself serve in the military over 21 years total got hurt . I know you all are the best out there when it come to motor cycles wish I could have your touch on it.

  4. sure they both got big heads and big egos over that show. JR got his from SR. SR. is the reason that family is dysfunctional. mikey kinda says it all. just because SR. started a business and and turned it into a motorcycle building shop does not mean he has all the brains. if not for JR’s vision and design’s all SR. would have is a every day custom motorcycle shop that are a dime a dossen. i see it as SR. brow beating JR. to the point of not wanting to come into work to deal with his ASS HOLE father. he is just a bully with a big ego. sewing your son for damages after you fire him says a lot to how big his ego really is. i had friends growing up that there fathers put them to work in there businesses and were taught how to grow the business. not brow beat them. eventually turning the business over to them . Paul SR. was a bully befor the show started , during the show and still being a bully after JR. is gone. big ego bully’s never change. i bet mikey could tell a lot. now if i had a father like that i would not have given him my shares either. so for Paule JR. keep the rubber side down buddy and i hope your new business grows. and be better to that new little son of yours then your dad has been to you , and Mikey keep on truckin.

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