Happy Holidays as much as possible during the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020, by Norman Gregory Fernandez

I do not have to tell you, you already know, 2020 has been for most of us the worst year we can possibly imagine. The Covid-19 pandemic started early in 2020, and many of us have been socially distancing, and isolating since approximately March 2020.

As for me, I have a couple of high-risk factors that they warn about with Covid-19, that make me especially vulnerable if I become infected with Covid-19. Tens of millions of Americans are also dealing with the same issue regarding high risk factors.

For whatever reason, which is something that is very disappointing to me personally, the nation seems divided as to how to handle the Covid-19 pandemic. The majority of Americans understand that this disease is much deadlier than ordinary flu and are taking precautions to protect themselves. There are many millions however that flat out are treating the Covid 19 pandemic like it is just a flu and a flat out are acting as everything is normal. There are guys in my motorcycle club that treat the Covid-19 pandemic this way.

I suppose it has to do with age, younger people do not seem to be adversely affected by Covid-19 then older people. Although younger people are dying as well.

As of the writing of this particular article we are approaching 350,000 dead in less than a year, and they are predicting many more dead by February.

The good news is that vaccines have now been developed, and it is said that by June 2021 there will be enough vaccines available for everyone that wants to get one. My wife Little Teri and I plan on getting the vaccine as soon as we can. The new vaccines are said to be approximately 94% defective in preventing serious illness from Covid-19.

I myself am 57 years old. I remember a time when all good Americans were vaccinated for all types of disease. When I went to elementary school, they actually gave us vaccines at the school using air guns. We were in the midst of the Cold War, and Americans at that time although divided by the Vietnam War, still came together when it came to certain things.

Scientists have almost eradicated many types of illnesses with vaccines such as polio, measles, whooping cough, etc. For some reason an anti-science movement has arisen in this country, that flat out do not want to take vaccines. These people that refuse to take vaccines are responsible for the resurgence of many diseases that were thought to have been eradicated with vaccines.

The same people who refuse to take vaccines, may also prevent us from eradicating the Covid-19 pandemic, or at least making it so that it is much less pervasive that it is now. If everybody were to take the vaccine, it is said that Covid-19 would be a minimal issue.

We are also being told that we will still have to wear masks for a time after the pandemic is over. I do not mind wearing a mask, it is better be to be alive that to be dead. Dying from Covid from what I have read is not a good way to go because you basically suffocate to death.

I do not have to go into all the sacrifices I have made this year. I am quite positive all of you have had the same experience. As a California personal injury attorney, luckily for me I have been busy this year with many cases to work and have not had to lay any staff off. Further, I have not had to reduce hours for my staff. We are all working remotely from our homes which in my case has caused me to work much harder than when I went to an office.

I miss taking a vacation, I miss going out to dinner, I miss being able to jump on my motorcycle whenever I want and not have to worry about getting Covid-19. My wife and I have literally not gone out to dinner since March 2020. We have been doing home-cooked meals, and substantially have had all of our food delivered from supermarkets. There was a time before the current second wave, where I started venturing out to go shopping and do different things.

With the second wave of infections right now, my wife and I are hunkered down waiting to be able to get vaccinated, doing the best we can.

I am luckier than most, I have a full gym at my house to work out with, but frankly lately the burnout from this pandemic has taken me away from working out. Instead, I am eating more than I should. I am lucky because many Americans are in food lines right now starving.

At this time, my 77-year-old father is hospitalized in Simi Valley with Covid-19, and other conditions and I am worried sick about him. I know many Americans have lost family members due to this insidious illness, and many Americans are suffering long-term effects related to Covid-19.

Whether you believe in God or not, I will believe for all of us and say, God please take this horrible Covid 19 pandemic away from mankind, allow us to return back to normal as soon as possible, and help those who are facing eviction, and have no food, and keep all of us safe from this horrible illness. Amen.

All of us go through hard times at one point or another, that is part of life. Just like you, the nightmare of Covid-19 was something I never expected to go through in my life. Luckily, my wife and I have been able to stave off this infection so far. We will do our best to keep staving it off until we get vaccinated.

It could very well be that just like in Asia, facemasks will become the norm throughout Western nations. In Asia they have been wearing facemasks since the swine flu and H1N1 emerged. The people in Asia realized that facemasks help you to not get infected.

I know it will suck if we have to continue to wear facemasks, but it is better than getting Covid-19. We will see how it goes.

So, my wife and I wish you and your family happy holidays 2020 as best as can be expected under the circumstances. I recommend that you heed the expert’s advice and not travel, and socially isolate. After Thanksgiving we had this huge second wave of Covid 19 illnesses and deaths, and if people ignore the pandemic, it will be worse after Christmas. Many people’s insistence on traveling to be with their families during Christmas, will end up making many more people ill and sick and potentially die because of other peoples choice and not following the expert’s advice.

Let us hope 2021 is a much better year.

By California Personal Injury Attorney, Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq.

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  1. Grizzly Addams

    Live From New York It’s Cloverfield

    Which is what all
    this feels like it’s the same eerie feeling every where and we don’t get to
    see the alien until the end of the movie but this time
    it turns out to be
    Donald Trump.
    He’s tied up the White House behind a white Ford Bronco and is
    dragging it down
    the freeway on TV.
    What’s next?

    I want a vaccine too but unless it’s
    called Dr. Pepper
    and Donald Trump
    wants black people to have it first as long as they’re willing to walk to
    Florida for it, where
    is it?

    I cannot ask Canadian hospital
    officials who are
    vacationing in the
    Caribbean when they are not supposed to during
    lockdowns and forced to resign
    before they get
    through customs
    at the airport

    They post false pictures of their
    families on Instagram to cover
    their tracks and
    then rat out the
    Finance minister
    still vacationing in
    St. Barts who then
    resigns while still
    on the plane.
    Help me Biker Law Blog. Masks won’t help.

    Yeah vaccine would
    be good but you
    will probably want
    to correct scientists
    defective vaccines
    to effective without
    having to.phone a
    scientist so go for
    it big guy it’s good
    that you’re still posting.

    The thoughts of many will be laid
    bare is in the Bible
    too and now is
    one of those times. The Lord is
    walking through
    Simi Valley so
    you go talk to your
    Dad and make
    him feel better.


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