Sport Motorcycle Stunt Insanity; Take it off Public Roads!

**** 7/16/2010. I have substituted the original video with another video, because the original video is no longer available.

I came across this video and am reluctantly posting it courtesy of This video shows some extreme examples of why our Motorcycle Insurance rates are going up; why the non motorcycle riding public cannot stand us; and what not to do!

This video shows stunts being performed on Sport Motorcycles. You will see what I consider to be idiots doing stunts on public roads, in the middle of traffic, and putting innocent peoples life’s in danger.

My position is that if you want to do stunts, do them on a non public road or parking lot, and have proper riding apparel on. Is your life worth a stunt gone bad?

I have heard that the Sport Motorcycle community is lobbying to put their stunts in the X-Games; cool. But this shit should not be done on public roads and in traffic.

You will also see stunts being done in parking lots and at raceways. I have no problem with that so long as you are self insured. Here is the video.

By Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq. ,© 2007

9 thoughts on “Sport Motorcycle Stunt Insanity; Take it off Public Roads!

  1. My only question has always been “why?”

    I just don’t understand. I just can’t wrap my mind around why people would do that sort of thing…Let alone do it would full protection. My sport bike friends say it is because I am old or because I am jealous that my Harley can’t do that. But when I was 16 and not on a Harley I still had no interest in acting like a suicidal jackass.

    Notice how not one… not a single one…of those riders was wearing full protective gear. A few came close with a helmet and leather jacket, but that’s it.

    You are bound for trouble when your bike is bigger than your brain and your sense of mortality.

    I totally empathize with the other drivers on the road. The guy driving the white diesel behind the idiot biker on the freeway must have been shitting kittens hoping that he didn’t end up running over idiot-stick.

  2. I watched the video and was shocked that people do this!!! There is never a trooper around when you see people doing this and those bikes are fast. Did these riders have a camera crew there to record this wreckless riding. It made me flinch watching the video. I guess we are just old people who like to go for a cruise. These guys need to keep two wheels on the ground, as you say. I would like to tell them to ride safe. They not only needed helmets but a Knight’s Armour with football padding for protection!!Also mouth pieces that basketball players wear to protect their teeth and full face helmet.

  3. I think you people need to just shut up. No one tells you harley riding circus clowns in your halloween outfits to wear a helmet or to put an exaust on that wont deafen the general public. hypocrites! go drink a few more beers and do poker runs, because drinking and riding is so much more safe.

  4. Stunting in a parking lot is just as bad as on the highway in the cop’s eyes. They can still ticket you if it has public access like winn Dixie,the mall, etc. I personally don’t stunt, and Florida has already cracked down on it. 1st offense is a grand, and third offense is a felony and 5 grand. I do ride a sportbike,however.
    This video has been removed from youtube. I had a fellowsportbiker pass me in my lane the other day while I had a passenger in the city. Then decided to wheelie and do endos (rolling on the front wheel only). I don’tunderstand why most motorcycle events serve alcohol. I never drink and ride and seldomly drink.

  5. I have the same question Jeff. You could tell that many of these guys crashed but the video cuts it off.

    Did you see that guy with no shirt or helmet go off of the side of the road?

    I have personally seen these antics right where I live. It makes no sense to me. As you, when I was younger I still respected my machine and did not try stunts like this.

    After you go down, you have a much greater respect!


  6. I don’t know Bob; Indian Larry was crazy too. Indian Larry would not only stand up on his seat on the highway with no helmet, but he would also lay back on his motorcycle and put his feet on the handlebars. He paid for his antics with his life, just when he was starting to make a real name for himself in the motorcycle world.

    I do not condone any stunts on public roads. It just makes us all look bad. The public does not differentiate between motorcyclist. They see us all the same.


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