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Click on the Share/Save Button on the bottom of each post or on the sidebar

Well I am having fun with the new software that the Biker Law Blog runs on and I wanted to pass some new information on to you.

First if you want to comment on any story on the Biker Law Blog, you will notice a link at the bottom of the article. Simply click the leave a comment link to add a comment. If you want to reply to someone else’s comment, then click on the reply button after their comment. The system will allow up to 5 threads or replies to any one persons comment. If it goes past 5 you will simply leave a new comment under the story.

You will also have the option to subscribe to comments in an article. You will notice a button on the comment page that allows you to receive email notifications of every new comment in an article. This will keep you informed as to what everyone is talking about after a story. You will have the option to manage that subscription later if you no longer want to receive emails containing other people’s comments on a story.

You will notice a share/save button below each story and on the sidebar of the Biker Law Blog. I call this the magic button. The neat new feature will not only allow you to share any story on the Biker Law Blog to almost any social networking site on the Internet, but you will also have the option to email the story to yourself or others, and you will be able to bookmark a story or page for future reference. Put you mouse over the button and see for yourself!

You will also notice a Subscribe section on the sidebar. This section allows you to not only subscribe to new articles on the Biker Law Blog via RSS, but you can also be notified by email of any new articles that are published on the Biker Law Blog by subscribing via email. The Biker Law Blog now uses Google’s Feedburner for email subscriptions.

So if you want to be notified of any new articles that are published on the Biker Law Blog via email, click on the link.

There is a bunch of new stuff coming to the Biker Law Blog. I am sure glad I changed software platforms. I am sure you can see some of the reasons why I did it.

By California Motorcycle Accident Attorney and Biker Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © 2010

6 thoughts on “Some neat stuff here on the Biker Law Blog

  1. Great going Norm, Yes, I used to try different blog platforms a while back but found the platform your running was head and shoulders above the others, especially the ease in upgrading which can be a dangerous affair with other systems.

    1. Well Gary in 2006 I jumped right in to B2. To be frank, I do not remember the reason why.

      I initially paid a guy to customize it. I actually had some disagreements with him on what the blog should look like.

      In the end, I am glad he stood his ground because the basic foundation of the look and feel of the blog remains the same today.

      I then had to later pay him to upgrade the software, because the upgrade procedure did not look easy to me, and I did not want to lose all of the articles I did on the blog.

      When it was time to upgrade again, the original guy flat out would not respond to my emails. I knew of EdB who was on the B2 design team. He agreed to upgrade the blog.

      Finally he too left the B2 team. It was at this time that I knew if the Biker Law Blog went down, I probably would not be able to get it back up, and I was tired of being dependent on others to do basic things on the blog.

      Hence, I found the new software which by the way, I run the California Personal Injury Lawyer Blog on.

      The rest is history. There is two things I miss about the old software that the new software does not have, but the new software is far and away the best of the two.

      Knock on wood.


  2. Yes, when I was playing with different platforms and upgrade time came, I would try it. Luckily they were just test installations so I had nothing to lose as in many posts.

    Most upgrades went OK but some failed mainly due to poor instructions. It seems the ones who write instructions, know the procedure themselves since they are the developers so, they take for granted the user should know it too and they don’t explain every detail out fully. Or, the instructions are written just plain poorly making for a nightmare.

    So my first question when choosing a platform would be can I upgrade easily it when the time comes.

    The platform your using takes the guess work and risk out with the auto upgrade feature. They even auto upgrade the plugins and themes. And they have a very active bunch of developers constantly working on improvements. I’ve done several version upgrades and they all went without a glitch so far.

    Good choice Norm.

    1. You are right about the upgrades being easier. That is for sure.

      However, I have had some issues with this platform in the past on the California Personal Injury Lawyer Blog. As a matter fact, I have had more negative issues with this platform than B2. B2 was rock solid for 4 years. My only problem was upgrades and customization.

      The new platform in the past had some problems in the past with either upgrades or new plugins causing the site to crash. I had to recover from backups. Then again, the ability to easily backup through a paid plug-in that works, recover the old domain, and/or move the domain to a new URL or Host, was probably one of the biggest reasons I converted.

      With the new platform, and the new paid plug in, I can with ease install the site on a test domain to do test changes, before doing it to the live site. B2 may have that ability, but as a non-coder, I needed something I could do on my own without a paid programmer.

      I think it all worked out for the best.

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