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California Motorcycle Accident Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez
California Motorcycle Accident Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez
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After Market Exhaust’s and Pipes are About to Become Illegal in California.

After Market Motorcycle Exhausts will become illegal under SB 435
After Market Motorcycle Exhausts will become illegal under SB 435

Well, many of you have heard about SB 435, and many of you have not. California Senate Bill 435 will basically make it illegal to run with non stock exhausts on your motorcycles.

This bill passed the State Senate and is now sitting on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s desk as I type this.

Our only hope now to get this asinine bill stopped is for the governor to veto the bill.

Every one of you should call, email, and write to Schwarzenegger NOW to get him to not sign the bill. Schwarzenegger is a fellow biker. Hopefully he will veto the damm thing.

If Schwarzenegger signs SB 435, it will become law. This law makes all 2013 and newer bikers without EPA stamped exhausts subject to fines of between $50.00 and $100.00.

On a personal note, I have never had a stock motorcycle with EPA stamps, so I have no clue how the hell the State is going to force manufacturers to put Federal EPA stamps on their exhaust systems.

I think this law is discriminatory on its face.

They say that since this is a secondary infraction, that the Police will be unable to pull over a motorcycle solely for an apparent exhaust violation, but I know that many bikers are being pulled over now for supposedly loud pipes.

You and I all know how this thing will play out. There will be some officers that will pull over any motorcycle that sounds loud, and they will ding the rider with a ticket if they cannot see the EPA stamp on the exhaust.

Frankly, I am so pissed off about this bill that I probably should not write anymore about it right now.

All I can say is that this is what happens when you get legislatures in office making more money than most of the people in the State, and with too much time on their hands.

By California Motorcycle Accident Attorney and Biker Lawyer, Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © 2010

A Little Ride Video to Las Vegas

In December 2009, I took a little ride to Las Vegas. I was supposed to meet up with some friends along the way, but I ended up not meeting up with them until we got to Nevada.

Now I know some of you cannot ride in December due to snow and weather. Well here on the South West Coast we basically have year round riding. The below video proves it.

For me as a true Biker Lawyer and Motorcycle Accident Attorney, just give me an excuse to ride and I will be there. Unlike some other poser attorney’s out there claiming that they are “Motorcycle Attorney’s.” I am the real deal.

I have literally met up with hundreds if not thousands of Bikers and Motorcyclist from all over the United States and Europe. I love riding my motorcycle just like you do.

I love riding my motorcycle to Las Vegas, Nevada. Not necessarily because I like going to Las Vegas, but I flat out like to ride my motorcycle, and Las Vegas is another excuse to ride.

I shot this video during a ride to Las Vegas in December 2009. Some of the video was shot while riding my Electra Glide, with me holding my HD camcorder in my left hand, while holding the handlebar and throttle with my right hand.

Toward the end of the video, I took some video of me riding with my friends in a pack. This video is unique in that you can get in the saddle with me and see what it is like ride an Electra Glide solo and in a pack.

I am planning on taking many more videos of my rides in the future.


By Biker Lawyer and California Motorcycle Accident Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © 2010

It Has Been One Hell of a Month.

california motorcycle accident attorney norman gregory fernandezTo say that shit happens is an understatement. Sometimes an avalanche happens, which is what happened in my personal life this month.

My father suffered a second stroke a few weeks ago, which not only devastated him, but has kind of taken over my personal life over the last few weeks as well. Although he was released from the hospital a couple of days ago, it is obvious that his recovery will take quite a long time. I pray that my father makes a full and complete recovery as soon as possible. He knows I love him, and I am there for him.

One night after visiting my father at the hospital, I came home and looked at some old photo albums, and reminisced about the past. My dad used to be a big rig truck driver, and was a big strong tough man. I remember him bringing me to the gym when I was four years old, and showing me how to work out when as a teenager. We used to go to the gym all the time together. I remember my dad teaching me how to box at a young age, and taking me for my first karate lesson. My dad was always there for me when I played sports, he was always by my side. As an adult I have not been as close to my dad as I was when I was young, but when I needed his help, he was always there; I am going to do my best to change that while I still can, and be there for him as he now needs help.

A high school friend, and a fellow football player, at Chatsworth high school, “Dan Goldsmith,” passed away this last week. Dan was a good friend of mine in high school, and one of my surfing buddies as well. Although as adults we were not as close to each other as we were in high school, we still kept in contact. Other friends of mine surfed with Dan less than two weeks ago, Dan is now gone. I send my prayers and condolences to his family. His father owns Rocket Messenger here at Chatsworth California, which is a company I use quite regularly.

Hearing about Dan’s Goldsmiths untimely death, caused me to reminisce about his life, and the past. When we were in high school in the late 70s and early 80s, everyone had long hair, and rock ‘n roll was the music we listened to. Growing up here the San Fernando Valley (S. F. V.) was an incredible experience. Weekend nights were spent at countless parties with live bands and kegs of beer, weekend days were spent surfing at Zuma Beach, Malibu beach, County line, Topanga, etc. They made movies about the valley scene back then. I actually lived it, and so did Dan. Chatsworth Chancellors baby.

Believe it or not when I was in high school, I had long blonde curly hair. (For some reason my hair got darker when I was in the Air Force) Dan Goldsmith also had long blonde curly hair in high school. We used to party hard, and we used to surf hard. Dan, if you can hear me, which I know you can, hang loose my brother. We will see each other again sometime in the future. Hopefully however, not too soon if you know what I mean.

This month has been a real lesson for me and what is important in life. You can spend your time chasing money, sweating the small shit, worrying about trivial things, etc. In the end, you cannot take your money to the grave. All that really matters is that you’re a good person, and that you have good relationships with people.

By the California Motorcycle Accident and Biker Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez, © 2009

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