The Laughlin River Run 2013, a Good Time for Most

Oatman, AZ on the last day of the Laughlin River Run 2013
Oatman, AZ on the last day of the Laughlin River Run 2013

I attended the Laughlin River Run 2013 this year as I do most years. The Laughlin River Run is billed as the largest motorcycle and biker rally on the west coast.

This year’s motorcycle rally was different than most past years rallies because the turnout appeared to be smaller than past years rallies, motorcycle club patches and soft cuts were not allowed anywhere near the strip, and there were a gaggle of what I call fake biker lawyers with booths set up at the event just waiting and hoping for those in attendance to refer their motorcycle accident cases to them.

I had for the most part a great time at the event. This was the second major motorcycle rally I have attended in many years, where I drove my motorhome to the motorcycle rally and trailered my motorcycle behind on a motorcycle trailer.

In the past when I rode to motorcycle rallies like this, I basically just rode my motorcycle to the event.

I will tell you that I have learned a valuable lesson in why it is better to take an RV and trailer the motorcycle to major motorcycle rallies. I no longer have to pay $200 a night for hotel rooms and hotels that just wait to poach money off of bikers, I put more miles on my motorcycle at the event than I ever have in the past, and there is much more fun happening at the RV parks than the hotels! I no longer have to worry about squeezing a weeks’ worth of toiletries and clothes onto my motorcycle; it all goes into my RV now.

This year I arrived at my RV Park in Bullhead City, AZ on May 24th, 2013 and proceeded to set up camp. I put up my Star Spangled Banner, California Republic, and POW/MIA flag above my RV, took the motorcycle off of the trailer, unrolled the awning, and we were ready to rock and roll.

The first thing I saw when I rode my motorcycle to the strip which was just across the river from Laughlin, NV, was an electronic sign stating that no this was a no MC Colors event, soft cuts not allowed, and bait motorcycles were being used to catch thieves.

I do not mind going after motorcycle thieves but I certainly did not like the fact that a major event such as this managed to ban all motorcycle patches from the strip. I think it is a violation of the 1st Amendment right to Freedom of Speech.

Notwithstanding the affront to motorcycle club members, this year’s event was a great time. There were plenty of fine looking ladies all over. Obviously there were guys for all the gals as well. There was the usual full line up of good bands and plenty of booze all over the place.

Those that know me know that I do not drink alcohol or use drugs. I would rather ride than sit around watching a bunch of bikers get shit faced at the bar.

Ride is exactly what I did throughout the entire event. I put on almost 1000 miles during the 6 days I ended up staying in Laughlin/Bullhead City. I found a road that is off the beaten track near Oatman, AZ called the scenic byway. My companion and I literally owned this road on Sunday. You are basically in the middle of the desert with no contact to the outside world for many miles. It was a great and hot ride.

During the ride in the desert I kept thinking I hope nothing happens to my motorcycle because here I would be up shit’s creek without a paddle. I opted to take a more populated route back to the RV on the way home since it was getting dark.

I managed to win over $70 dollars as well on this trip where ordinarily I always lose at the casinos.

On a down note one of my friends was arrested on Friday night /Saturday morning for Disorderly Conduct and another charge. They were transported from Bullhead City to Kingman, AZ to the county jail there. There was a weekend judge on duty. Suffice is to say I got almost no sleep on Friday night / Saturday morning, and I had to go bail them out on Saturday afternoon and give them a ride back to Bullhead City. Saturday night was spend crashed out in my RV recovering from helping my friend out.

Aside from bailing my friend out and losing Saturday night, I had a good time this year at the Laughlin River Run Motorcycle and Biker Rally. I will be going to many rallies this summer including Sturgis, Las Vegas, and Palm Springs.

See you on the road.

By California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer and Biker Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © May 1, 2013

Is Las Vegas, Nevada a Dying City?

Is Las Vegas a Dying City
Las Vegas Strip

 *** 7/10/09 Update – I am going to insert a comment from a Biker Law Blog Reader named Sam below. I feel that his update is succient and to the point. Here it is:

Comment from : sam [Visitor]
i just wrapped up a trip that ended up in las vegas for a week recently. we have been going to vegas for the past 15 years. the last 3 years i have seen the slow decline in service,decreased payouts-or tight slots, lack of people filling up the machines. etc. the taxi drivers are dying a slow death trying to keep their escalades and limos on the street-practically begging for tips each time you enter their vehicle.
At the circus circus they lived up to their ‘circus’ name recently. all the elevators were down, off and on for three days we spent there. people were stranded in elevators that would not open etc. we waited over 30 minutes a couple times to get on an elevator only to get stuck ourselves. i’ll never stay there again. its the same old run down room in the west tower it was 15 years ago. carpets are filthy, brass is nearly worn to the nickel plating, painted areas are filthy…at the mandalay bay had backed up toilets and sinks for a couple days. service is also lousy.
if you look at the skyline you will see at least 10 cranes proudly standing in the air that have not moved since october last year! thousands of construction workers have been layed off-and if you look around long enough you will find a completed casino–but the doors have never been opened.might as well wrap the casino up in plastic wrap like they are doing to the empty condominiums right now.
will las vegas make it out of the recession? yes. but it will entail alot of bancruptcys and mergers.
beaware saudi arabia owns the new city center the great mgm started. every time we spend a dollar in vegas you may as well send it to the saudis.i think there are only 3-4 stand alone casinos in vegas now that is not somehow owned by the saudis…..something to think about.
if i were to visit vegas again today i would stay at new york, new york or the mgm. they are much cleaner, service is nice, and for the location you will be closer to everything else you want to do there…..good luck all

My fiancé and I visited Las Vegas last week for a little mini vacation. I was absolutely shocked at what I saw. Basically, Las Vegas was empty. There was still the ubiquitous building on the strip, and tourist walking on the strip, however, it was not the same.

The casinos were empty and basically dead, the slot machines were as dead as doornail’s, the excitement that used to permeate the Las Vegas strip is gone. Hell, there is more excitement at the local casino in Temecula.

Before we went to Las Vegas, I heard that Las Vegas was the emptiest city in the country with respect to vacant houses. This report was confirmed when my fiancé and I went looking for a few houses for investment purposes. We actually saw a really nice three bedroom house that could be had for $69,000. The same house previously sold for around $300,000. Imagine, being able to buy a house for only $69,000.

Watching local news in our room, we heard reports about the Hooters Casino being able to make their payment and stay open, but other local businesses losing thousands of jobs. The doom and gloom of our economic crisis is certainly in the air Las Vegas.

On a good note, I observed many bikers and motorcyclist riding all types of motorcycles. Unfortunately, I was stuck in my cage for this trip. It always bums me out to see bikers, motorcyclists, and everything on two wheels passing me by while riding in my car. I guess you can’t ride your motorcycle all the time.

At least I can say that I contributed to the Las Vegas economy; I dropped about $500 to the blackjack tables, and slot machines. My fiancé lost about the same amount of money.

This is one of the few  Las Vegas trips, where I was really happy to leave. The Las Vegas of old is gone. I am not that old, however, I can remember the good old days, going to Las Vegas, dressing up for a night on the town, and being treated like royalty at the Desert Inn. We did see a few people formally dressed at the Venetian; however it is all tank tops and shorts.

If you want to buy a really cheap house, go to Las Vegas, Nevada. However, I am not quite sure that Las Vegas Nevada is going to survive. Let’s hope I am wrong!

By California motorcycle accident attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez, © 2009

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