New Security Measures for the Biker Law Blog; Sorry.

Captcha Security on Biker Law BlogWell as you read here, the Biker Law Blog has been getting spammed by people who are seeking reverse links back to their websites, which they believe will increase their search engine ranking. They leave comments such as “I really enjoyed this article” etc., on articles such as the death of a biker, etc. In other words they are submitting spam comments to build up their own webpages.

Now I do not care if people with websites submit valid comments on the Biker Law Blog, hell I encourage everyone to comment. However, enough is enough. I am sick of deleting and banning URL’s of spammer’s everyday.

When we last upgraded the Biker Law Blog software, super guru Ed B. implemented an anti-spam program he developed called Touring Test. Touring Test required unregistered users to answer a question before they could post a comment or register on the blog. Well the spammers figured a way around it.

I now have no choice but to make it more difficult for unregistered spammers to submit comments onto the Blog. I have re-implemented Captcha security onto the Blog.

Now any unregistered users wanting to submit comments to an article will have to type in two separate words separated by a space. Only a human being should be able to see and differentiate what the words are. There is also a voice option for vision impaired people.

If you are a registered user you will not have to worry about typing in the displayed words. To register as a member of the Biker Law Blog click here now.

I encourage all users to comment to your hearts content. I hope making you type in the two words that you see will not be too much of an inconvenience. We all have the spammers to thank for this.

By California Motorcycle Accident Attorney and Biker Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez, © 2010

The Biker Law Blog has been getting Spammed lately; it really Sucks.

California Biker Lawyer and Motorcycle Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez's Harley Davidson Electra Glide
Biker Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez's Electra Glide in the Chatsworth Hills

Many of our registered users have been seeing spam comments coming from various vendors such as Ugg Boots, Term Papers, etc.

The spam comments read something like “I enjoyed this post,” while putting in a link to their website to increase their incoming links to better their search engine rankings or so they think.

The Biker Law Blog runs on a B2evolution engine that has robust anti-spam and security measures to ensure that this kind of crap does not go on.

In the past I have had to implement moderation of blog comments because robot spammers were inundating the Biker Law Blog with BS comments. I used Captcha in the past, which is a system that requires you to input numbers and letters on a picture to verify that you are a human. The Captcha system made it more difficult for users to post comments, but it was almost 100% effective in blocking the spammers.

With the latest upgrade to our Blog software, Super Guru Ed, programmer extraordinaire implemented a security system with requires you to read a question, and give a proper response before you can post a comment or send a message. It appears that we now either have a few persons out there that do nothing more but post spam comments to Blogs, or they created a robot to bypass the security system.

I have their analytics and have banned these perpetrators, and reported them to the central B2evolution spam list to be banned by all B2evolution blogs. This was a heavy duty thing for me to do, but enough is enough. I got sick and tired of deleting their spam comments every day or every other day, and I am sure our readers also got sick of seeing their spam comments.

Now for legitimate commenter’s

Look we have a huge registered user community on the Biker Law Blog, as well as a huge visitor base. We are getting well over 100k unique hits every month, with about 85,000 hits in the past 15 days alone.

We will approve all legitimate comments, even if you post a commercial URL in your contact info when you do your comment. Hell sometimes I review products, or users have links to other great products, go ahead and post away. What I am looking for is information or comments that add value to the Biker Law Blog community.

We value all of your legitimate comments and opinions!

The readers of the Biker Law Blog do not want to read outright advertisements or BS spam comments just to get you incoming links to your site.

Let’s keep our shit together Cheech, and keep the comments flowing.

By California Biker Attorney and California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © 2010

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