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Just another Sunday Ride; NOT!

Norm's GoPro Hero Helmet Camera
My GoPRo Video Camera on my Modular Helmet

 Last Sunday, May 23, 2010, I decided to take a bit of a ride here in Southern California.

The ride was not only for pleasure, but I wanted to check out my new Rush Slip on mufflers, my new Sony HD Stereo, and my new GoPro helmet camera. (I will write reviews about all of them later on)

My plan was to meet some of my friends in Chatsworth, CA, ride to Simi Valley Harley Davidson in Simi Valley, CA, and then ride with them to Bartels Harley Davidson in Marina Del Rey, CA. I ended up doing a local 300 mile all day ride minus the time I spent at Simi Valley Harley Davidson.

My ride started out early Sunday morning on May 23, 2010. I got on my motorcycle at around 8:30am to take a bit of a ride before I met my friends. I captured the vast majority of my ride on my new GoPro helmet cam, a picture of which you can see to the left.

I have the helmet cam mounted on the side of my helmet rather than the top of my helmet, because I have a modular flip up helmet and the top mount would not work with the flip up aspect of my modular helmet. I will discuss this more when I review the camera.

Suffice is to say, it was a great day. My total riding hours in the saddle riding last Sunday was around 9 hours plus, and I have plenty of video footage of my ride. I am showing 30 minutes of the ride here. It was very hard for me to select which video footage to show here.

I met my friends in Chatsworth at around 9:45am after taking about an hour ride. We then rode together to a little event at Simi Valley Harley Davidson. There was a band, food, and vendors at Simi Valley Harley Davidson.

I took advantage of being at Simi Valley Harley Davidson. It turns out on the ride over there, I discovered that my left spot light was out, plus I needed some bushings and bolts for my removable Tour Pak. I was able to get all of the parts I needed at the dealership which made me very happy notwithstanding the fact that I paid $57.00 for a spot light replacement, two bolts, and two bushings.

I decided to replace the spotlight in the street while I was there. It was probably a good idea, because once I got the spot light off, I could not figure how to get it back on. There is a rubber strip, a backing that the spotlight goes into, as well as a metal ring. I walked the separated parts up to the service desk, and even though they were closed, there was a guy in there who obviously worked there, who packed the rubber back into the housing, and showed me how to put the pieces back together which I did. Repair completed right there in the street.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

My friends and I walked around a bit and hung out at the Harley Davidson dealership until at least noon by my estimation. I purchased a $5.00 lemonade – 5 friggen dollars for a large lemonade. After complaining a bit about the price, the guy agreed to give me a free refill. I don’t know but if I was putting on one of these events, I would talk to my food and drink vendors to ensure that they were not gouging my customers and guests. This is a whole other story.

At some point, the guys decided to take off. When I got on my motorcycle to leave with the guys, I found an electrical problem from my earlier spotlight fix, and my motorcycle would not start. I waived my friends off and told them I would meet them later.

I opened the spotlight back up and everything seemed OK. The light powered up when I put the ignition switch to the run position, but the bike would not start. Then I had a stupid me moment, I engaged the kill switch before I did the repair which I forgot about. Once I disengaged the kill switch, the motorcycle started. I then buttoned the motorcycle back up and was ready to roll. It was by now a half hour later or so. I knew my friends were probably already very close to Bartel’s in Marina Del Rey.

By this time I was hungry. I had not had breakfast that morning, I did not eat the food at the Simi Valley event because I did not want to have acid reflux all day, so I decided to take a detour off of the 118 to go to Jerry’s Deli on Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills, CA to get some Matzo Ball soup and some Kosher Dills. I knew if I rode to Bartel’s in Marina Del Rey, they would probably have the same greasy spoon type of food that they had at Simi Valley Harley Davidson, and that I did not want to wait to eat.

I rode to Jerry’s Deli which is a San Fernando Valley hotspot eatery where many celebrities can be seen from time to time, and thoroughly enjoyed my meal, although it took quite a time to get my meal. There is nothing like Matzo Ball soup when you are on a run where the weather is kind of cool. It will open up your sinus every time. Matzo Ball soup is a Jewish remedy!

By the time I finished my meal at Jerry’s Deli, it was already around between 1:30 and 2:00pm, and I did not have my friend’s phone numbers with me, so I decided to skip Bartel’s Harley Davidson. I figured that by the time I rode there with traffic, I would not make it until around 3pm or later, and to be frank, I wanted to ride rather than sit around hanging out at another Harley Davidson dealership, so that is exactly what I did, I rode; I rode my ass off : )

I decided to ride to the Rock Store by way of Topanga Canyon to Mulholland Highway, the long twisty route. You can see some of the video from my GoPro here. It was a fanfuckentastic run. You see we absolutely have the best and most beautiful riding in the world right here in Southern California. It does not get much better than this anywhere in the world. Most Angelinos (Los Angeles Residents) have no clue about the beauty just outside of the concrete jungle here. We have great mountains, great coastline, and twisties that are just as radical as any in the world here.

As I approached the last stop sign before arriving at the Rock Store, I ran straight into a friggen road block. You see the Tour De California Bicycle race was also being put on this weekend, and the Rock Store was on their route. I was a bit pissed. I wanted to visit the Rock Store and then do my hidden route behind Mulholland to some of the best 1st gear twisties, ending up at the coast. I ended up turning off my motorcycle and watching the bicycle racers, the fans yelling like screaming Durban’s, and the helicopters overhead, not to mention the bicycle rider chase trucks, and chase motorcycles on the route. When a CHP officer told me the route was to be closed all day, I flicked a U’ie and rode back to Malibu Canyon Road. I rode to Pacific Coast Highway, and ended up doing a straight coast ride all the way up to Neptune’s Net. I stopped at my old surfing grounds before Zuma Beach and cruised the coast a bit. I have some great memories on this strip of beach.

It was a great day to ride on Sunday. The coast part of my journey was fanfuckentastic to say the least. Look I love riding with my friends and my brothers, but I also like riding solo as well. There is no pressure to stay in the pack when you are riding solo, and you can ride wherever the fuck you want with no one bitching. It is freedom.

I rode real easy up to Neptune’s Net. I had many cagers waiving at me, and honking at me. I presume this was because of my helmet camera. I assume these people probably thought that I was filming for some kind of Hollywood movie or something. I literally had people in Mercedes Benz’s, Ferrari’s and beater cars all giving me the thumbs up. It was unique and I got many of it on the helmet cam.

When I finally got to Neptune’s Net there were a bunch of bikes and bikers there just like every Sunday. For me it is the same old thing, kind of like a routine if you know what I mean. I had a bunch of guys come up and ask me about the camera on my helmet. One of the guys was this Euro type who claimed to have shot all of the pictures for Harley Davidson’s new motorcycle line that was coming out. He was very interested in the specs for my camera and the mount. I ended talking to these guys for a half hour, exchanging business cards and what not. This is the good thing about being a biker, it is easy to meet and greet with new people. Something that cagers will never really get to experience. It is a biker comradery.

At this point is was around 4pm plus or minus an hour : ) I had a choice, I could take Kanan Dune, or Malibu Canyon to the 101 Ventura Freeway, and ride home, or I could cruise Pacific Coast Highway up to Santa Monica, then take the 10 to the 405 and cruise up to the snow via the Antelope Valley back route. Hell this time of year it stays daylight until at least 8pm; what would you do? : ) Well what do you think I decided to do? If you guess take PCH to Santa Monica and then cruise up the snow by way of the Antelope Valley back route you would be correct.

Look, my wife is in law school, she was at home studying for some freaking test, it was a great not too warm sunny day by this time, and I had nothing better to do. I was one of those great days where I could have rode 24 hours straight, all around my favorite spots.

So there I did it, I rode PCH all the way to the 10. It was a great costal ride. I noticed that there are many more homes along the coast which is a real bummer. When I was growing up, it was straight coast all the way up, now there are homes blocking the view for a substantial part of the trip. No biggie, it was a great ride. I got on the 10 to the 405 north. There it was bumper to bumper traffic; a good excuse to get off before Getty Center Drive, get some gas, and then take Sepulveda up the canyon until the traffic opened up. Once I got on the 405 I took it to the 14 east and then got off at Sand Canyon Road for a bit of dinner at Coco’s Restaurant.

In Coco’s a young 20 year old kid named Shane who was sitting with his absolutely fine girlfriend 19 year old girlfriend Tammy, and his 25 year old friend Steve, introduced themselves to me and shook my hand, they sat directly in front of my in another booth.

I had a good meal and good conversation with these folks. Hell we talked about everything from relationships, to career, to riding motorcycles, you name it. It has been a long time since I had such a good conversation with young folks. I thought to myself that these kids ought to be more careful about opening up to strangers like me the way they did because there are many assholes out there that might do them harm just because they were so nice. I did not have enough time to tell them what I thought, but I thought it as I saw them leaving. These were some good kids. They showed me respect which is unique these days. I think their parents raised them right.

After a really good steak dinner, I got back on the road. I took the 14 to Pearblossum Highway, to my secret turn off on the 138 and headed up to the still snow covered mountains.

At the turnoff I decided to change the batteries in my Gopro cam, and to check the memory card. Turns out I needed to replace both. The batteries were dead, plus I had already used up an 8GB SD card which records 6 hours of video. Whoops. I put in new batteries, and a 2 GB SD card to record this aspect of my ride.

To give a short summary I owned the road, I was basically all alone form the desert to the mountains. I rode to my spot where the San Andreas Fault line is, and then up to the Juniper Hills and beyond up to the snow. By this time I was freezing my ass off, and the sun was going down, so I decided to ride home.

When I finally got home, my wife bitched about me being gone form the early morning to the evening and wondered what I did for so long. I let her see the video’s of the day. I know the real reason that she was upset; because she did not ride with me, and spent a beautiful Sunday by herself studying all day. Been there; done that.

Unfortunately I lost the 2 GB SD card of the final part of my journey in my home office somewhere. Once I find it I will post some video from it.

So there it is, one hell of a great Sunday Ride in Southern California, from the desert to the sea, to the mountains.

Maybe I may take one of my lucky readers on this same ride someday.

By California Motorcycle Accident Attorney and Biker Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © 2010

Two Great After Market Products for the Harley Davidson Detachable Tour Pak: (1) A 4.25 Inch Tour Pak Relocation Kit; and (2) Aluminum Docking Mounts to Replace the Stock Harley Davidson Plastic Docking Mounts; My Review!

California Biker Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez reviews 2 great products for Harley Davidson MotorcyclesAnyone who has installed the Detachable Tour Pak Rack Kit on their Harley Davidson Motorcycle will soon find a couple of things that could be better.

You can read an article that I wrote about installing a Premium Tour Pak on my Electra Glide by clicking here now.

Tour Pak Relocation Kits

First off, anyone that rides a Harley Davidson Touring Motorcycle will notice that on a stock setup either with the detachable back rest, or standard or detachable tour pak, that it can become very cramped when you have a back seat passenger behind you.

I myself am not fat, nor is my old lady. As a matter of fact my old lady is skinny. Nonetheless we were cramped on my Electra Glide with the detachable sissy bar or the detachable tour pak installed.

I for one don’t mind feeling my old lady behind me on rides, however when you are on a long run doing 500 mile plus days, it is nice to be able to stretch out if you want to. As for her it is nice to not have me using her as a back rest if you get the drift!

I went looking for some way to move her back so that I could stretch out, and to make it comfortable for both of us on long motorcycle runs.

I found 3 after market solutions to relocate the tour pak back.

Kuryakyn makes a 2 inch tour pak relocation kit You can see it by clicking here. They state that it is not compatible with the Harley Davidson Detachable Tour Pak Rack so the Kuryakyn solution was not for me. Besides, I cannot see spending $199.00 for only 2 inches of room!

Another after market solution that I found for relocation of the Tour Pak back, and that was compatible with the Harley Davidson Detachable Tour Pak Rack, or permanent mounted tour paks is made by a gentleman named George Anderson. He designed a mount that looked heavy duty to me, and that many guys have raved about, that relocates the tour pak back either 1.25 inches, or 2.5 inches. George Anderson’s Tour Pak relocation kit also raises the tour pak up 5/8 inches. George Anderson is an individual who designed this kit and manufactures it himself. I have heard that he charges about $145.00 for the kit. You will have to call himself if you want to get current pricing for his kit, and/or to order one. I do not believe he has a website.

Here is his information:
George Anderson
2925 12th Ave.
Moline, IL 61265
Home: 309-762-6291
Cell: 309-236-0952

I was almost about to go with the George Anderson tour pak relocation kit, but I wanted more room then a measly 2.5 inches. I figured that if I was going to go through the hassle of installing a tour pak relocation kit, I wanted more than just 2.5 inches!

California Motorcycle Accident Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez discusses Harley Comforts Tour Pak Relocation KitI then found a company called Harley Comforts that was founded by a gentleman named Jeff Erkel. Their website is located www.harleycomforts.com. He designed and manufactures a Tour Pak Relocation Kit that is compatible with the Harley Davidson Detachable Tour Pak Rack that moves that Tour Pak back either 2.5 inches or 4.25 inches. He has a patent pending on his design.

My first impression was that 4.25 inches may do the trick! My thinking was that a 4.25 inch setback relocation was a heck of a lot better then 2.5 inches. Jeff Erkel states that he designed his relocation kit to save his wife from being squashed in between the back of his tour pak and riders backrest on long trips. His website states that the Relocation Kit is made of 3/16″ high quality aluminum that is powder coated in a matte black finish. The 2.5″ setback requires a new mounting bracket that is supplied. You will need to remove the two plastic plugs that your current bracket has, and install them on the new one provided. The new mounting bracket is made of the same (or better) quality steel than provided by Harley. It is powder coated black with new holes already drilled that is required for the 2.5″ setback. The 4.25″ setback requires no new mounting bracket.

In my particular case, I had already installed a Mustang Plain Regal Ultra Touring Seat for my Electra Glide. Mustang Seat PN# 75537. I wrote a review about it which you can read by clicking here.

The passenger portion of the Mustang seat seems much bigger then stock which the old lady loves. The back portion of the mustang seat is actually so big that putting on the detachable tour pak was more difficult because the padding on the back compressed onto the back of the tour pak. There was at least ¾ of an inch of wasted seat.

After doing a lot of research on the internet forums, and after talking to Jeff Erkel who designed the relocation kit, I decided to go with the 4.25 inch tour pak relocation kit. Jeff states that “for legal reasons I have to say that you should only load the tour pak with the maximum allowable weight recommended by Harley Davidson, however I myself have put much more weight on the tour pak for 1000’s of miles with no problems whatsoever.”

At the time I ordered the kit I paid $85.00 dollars with shipping. I am not sure what it cost now. You can contact Jeff Erkel at the Harley Comforts website, or by email at jaerkel88@yahoo.com, or by telephone at 916-660-0321.

My 4.25 inch kit was shipped very fast after I made the order. As a matter of fact I think he sent it to me by next day mail. It contained instructions, an aluminum plate, and new longer screws and bolts where needed. It was very simple to install to the detachable Harley Davidson Tour Pak rack.

It was kind of unusual mounting the detachable rack to the motorcycle with the 4.25 inch relocation kit on the first time, but I quickly got used to it. Another thing I noticed immediately was that the stock detachable rack with the tour pak installed could be set on the floor or a level hard surface, and it would stand up on its own. Now with the 4.25 inch relocation kit the tour pak would not stand up on its own on the floor or a hard level surface, but it would tilt back because the tour pak is now back 4.25 inches towards the rear, thus causing the weight to shift back. This was not a big deal to me whatsoever, because to be quite frank, I mostly ride with the tour pak on, even in local city traffic. The tour pak has become so convenient for putting things in, that I cannot believe I ever went without one; anyway. The only time this would ever be an issue would be when I take the tour pak off and set it down somewhere. I will just have to put a soft cloth, or something else underneath it to prop it up.

Now for the good part; the 4.25 inch tour pack relocation kit kicks ass! Not only does it work as advertised, but it has made my riding experience with my old lady truly pleasurable. I cannot feel her behind me anymore! We just did an 800 mile plus weekend road trip and it was an absolute pleasure for both of us. She is not crushed up against the back of the tour pak pad and me anymore. I had lots of stuff in the tour pak and did not notice any difference whatsoever in motorcycle handling. I give this 4.25 inch tour pak relocation kit the big thumbs up! I cannot believe I waited so long to install it!

There is one issue which some may not like. The 4.25 inch relocation kit does create a gap between the back of the passenger pillion and the front of the tour pak. In my case with the big Mustang Saddle it is more like 3.75 inches. Some may not like the look of the gap. On my motorcycle I got used to looking at the gap shortly because I have a vivid black Electra Glide and the relocation kit is vivid black.

I will tell you, if you are a true motorcycle rider like me, you are not going to give a hoot about the gap. The comfort that my old lady and I experienced with this kit greatly outweighs any esthetic issues which are minimal anyway. If you ride a touring motorcycle like the Electra Glide you are probably more into a comfortable ride anyway.

Aluminum Docking Mounts to Replace the Stock Harley Davidson Plastic Docking Mounts

california motorcycle accident lawyer norman gregory fernandez discusses after market bushing for the harley davidsonWhen you purchase detachable hardware for a Harley Davidson motorcycle such as the detachable tour pak rack, passenger backrest, or luggage rack, you basically get docking mounts that are made of some kind of metal, with a plastic ring. The plastic ring is where the actual metal part of your detachable accessory makes contact with, and secures to the docking mount on the motorcycle.

There is a known bug with Harley Davidson stock docking mounts, the plastic ring that is used on the bushings is known to wear down and break off! This is a known bug. When this happens your detachable tour pak will not fall off, but it will shake, rattle and roll. Not a very good experience when you are in the middle of no where. I have heard of guys who have had to replace the docking mounts (bushings) after every long road trip, or every few thousand miles.

With respect to my bushings, I caused deep scratched on the plastic the very first time I installed the detachable tour pak!

Luckily I have found an after market solution for the stock Harley Davidson bushings that do not have the plastic rings, but are made of solid aluminum and that should last forever. Another innovative gentleman named Bobby got sick and tired of the problem, and designed the solid aluminum bushings. He also makes a great Apple iPod mount for the Harley Davidson as well You can check out his simple website by clicking here now.
When you get to his website, you will see links on the left for the Bushings and the iPod mount.

I opted to purchase the set of 4 bushings for the front and back. The cost was around $50.00 for the bushings. Some may think that this is too much of a cost to pay, but I will tell you, if you ever had the plastic ring on the stock Harley bushings break or get rubbed down, you will be glad to pay $50.00 for a solution that last forever!

california motorcycle accident lawyer discusses options for docking bushings on harley davidson motorcycleAnother great feature with respect to the bushings is that there is no vibration or play in the tour pak when riding hard at speed. Your tour pak goes on solid and the fit is much better then the stock Harley bushings. This was surprising to me because I think the plastic was meant to be a buffer to vibration and shock. As it turns out, the plastic causes too much vibration and play, whereas the new aluminum bushings do not at all!

These new bushings are a simple install. All I had to do was remove my hard saddlebags from my Electra Glide, unscrew the old ones with a hex wrench, and screw the new ones on. I then put the hard saddle bags back on. The first time I put the tour pak on, I noticed that the fit is a bit tighter then the stock Harley Davidson bushings. I actually became alarmed. However the fit is actually perfect and tight which is precisely what you want! The reason why the stock bushings make the detachable tour pak go on easier, is the same reason why they wear out and make lots of noise on the road; the plastic!

Now that I am used to the aluminum bushings, taking the tour pak on and off is no big deal.

I highly recommend the aluminum bushings from Bobby as a direct replacement for the Harley Davidson stock bushings. You will not be disappointed and you should never have to worry about replacing them again.

Now as for me, I am a simple Biker who also happens to be a Biker and Motorcycle Lawyer. I am not a mechanic by any means. I was able to install all of the hardware mentioned in this article on my own. I also want you all to know, I was not compensated by anyone for these reviews. I just thought I would throw out some simple solutions for those of you with detachable tour paks.

Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © 2008

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