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California Motorcycle Accident Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez
California Motorcycle Accident Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez
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A Truly Disturbing Motorcycle Accident Caught On Video

A Truly Disturbing Motorcycle Accident Caught On Video

As a California Biker Lawyer, I handle horrific motorcycle accident all over the State of California on a daily basis.

Hell, I was just talking to one of my investigator’s yesterday, as we discussed a fatal motorcycle accident that happened on the 5 freeway yesterday just north of the 14 interchange in Valencia, CA, that everytime I handle a motorcycle accident it kind of makes me think long and hard about continuing to ride a motorcycle. (At least for a second)

My investigator Scott rides just like I do.

He always says the same thing to me, “you will never quit riding motorcycles.” He is right, unless I am physically unable, I will always ride motorcycles. I cannot imagine not riding motorcycles. Anyway, getting back to the subject of this article…

I just watched a video of a horrific rear ender motorcycle accident that occurred in the State of Texas.

This video demonstrates quite literally, the dangers that we as motorcycle riders face by drivers of cars who are not paying attention.

The driver of the car that hit the motorcyclist in this instance did not even have a driver’s license. In the video it is stated that the driver of the car was only given 3 tickets.

I think he should have been given more than that! You watch the video and decide for yourself.

Click here to watch the video, warning, it is quite disturbing.

By California Motorcycle Accident Attorney, and Biker Lawyer, Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © April 26, 2011

This Luckiest Guy on Earth or is He Plain Dumb.

I am posting a video of a motorcycle accident that happened in Greece, below. It is amazing footage of an actual motorcycle accident. Based upon what I am seeing in this video, the guy is lucky to be alive. He could have suffered massive internal injuries, broken bones, brain injuries, or death.

I cannot tell for sure from the video, who was at fault in the accident, because the video does not show the status of the traffic lights or other factors. However, I think it is safe to say that the guy on the motorcycle probably had a green light and was nailed by a cager who ran the red. If there is anyone on here who can decipher what is being said in Greek, please post a comment and tell us what is being said.

I am not posting this motorcycle accident video just for the sake posting it. I am posting it to show you what as a biker lawyer and motorcycle accident attorney I hate to see more than anything, a rider who does not ride with proper attire. What is this guy thinking? He has no leathers on; he is riding his motorcycle while wearing tennis shoes, shorts, t-shirt, and no helmet. He should have denim jeans or leather on, including a jacket, boots, gloves, and if it were me, a helmet.

You be the judge.

By California Biker Lawyer and California Motorcycle Accident Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © 2009

The Day You Went To Work……………

Most Motorcycle Accidents happen within 3 miles of your Home!

Ride the roads you know as carefully as the roads you don’t know!


By Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq.

How to Get Yourself Killed Speeding on A Motorcycle in a Curve.

I am posting the below video courtesy of youtube.com. This video clearly shows how quickly doing something stupid like speeding at speeds of 100 plus on a motorcycle, on Canyon Roads, can get you killed. The video clearly shows what a motorcyclist usually sees right before they are about to die. He got lucky.

This video personally really pisses me off because I ride the Angeles Crest Highway all of the time, and I observe sport motorcycle riders racing there each and every time I ride the Angeles Crest Highway. I have nothing against sport motorcycle riders. I have many sport motorcycle clients. I do have a bone to pick with riders of any type of motorcycle that are doing everything they can to give us bikers a bad name. Antics like this give fodder to the general public and the government to regulate motorcycles, and motorcycle riders. As usual, it is always the guys and gals that follow the law that get screwed.

If you want to race your motorcycle, join the AMA and do it legally. Take if off of the public roads!

The guy in the video is damm lucky to be alive. This video is a prime example of how not to ride a motorcycle, and how to get yourself killed on a motorcycle. The motorcycle rider in the video is clearly violating the law and risking the lives of others for a quick thrill.

I say it is time for all bikers whether they are cruiser motorcycle riders, sport motorcycle riders, touring motorcycle riders, etc., to band together to put these idiots who want to race on public roads out of business, before they put us out of business. There is nothing better than a little peer pressure to let these guys know that they are assholes and ruining it for the rest of us. We will all suffer due to the antics of a few bad bikers.

Look at the video and tell me what you think!


By Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © 2007


I read an article this weekend in the San Jose Mercury news about a tragic motorcycle accident which took the lives of a biker and his passenger. Apparently the rider of his new Harley Davidson motorcycle rode through a turn too fast, and slammed into a slow-moving big rig truck, killing himself and his passenger. You can find the article here.

I receive daily reports of motorcycle accidents throughout the nation. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by motorcyclist losing it in turns, which results in either the motorcyclist crossing the median and striking an oncoming vehicle, or losing control and crashing their motorcycle.

The one thing you should never do while riding your motorcycle, is to attempt to pass another vehicle in a turn. The below video courtesy of Youtube.com shows what can happen when you attempt such a stupid stunt. (I am not going to comment on the idiots in the cage who should have pulled over to help the fallen rider, or their assumption that they would have been beat up by the bikers if they pulled over. That is not the purpose of this article.)


All of those who ride motorcycles have made the mistake of taking a turn too fast. Anybody who says they haven’t is lying. Depending upon how fast you were going, the traffic conditions, and the type of turn that you are in, you may have even experienced the feeling of panic knowing that you’re going to cross the median, or you might not make it through the turn.

I am not the Holy Grail when it comes to motorcycle safety. I can tell you flat out that I have taken turns too fast and crossed the median, especially in Canyon roads. I have seen friends, brothers, and strangers do the same thing. Luckily for me, there was not oncoming traffic at the exact moment that I crossed the median; if there was I could have been roadkill as well as my friends.

Stupidity; Learn from this Bikers Mistake!


I have seen some really stupid things in my days of riding motorcycles but this video takes that cake. Click on the Arrow to watch the video. In some versions of Internet Explorer you may have to click the arrow twice.

This video courtesy of youtube.com shows what happens when you show off for the camera and don’t pay attention. You will notice that there is laughter in the background while this guy crashes. There is nothing funny about this crash. The guy was probably seriously injured. When this crashed aired it was probably for some funny home movie show. If you look carefully the biker probably sustained serious leg injuries when he hit the car.

Was it worth it? As you all know hindsight is always 20-20. I am quite certain that this biker would not have tried to show off had he known what was about to happen.

On a motorcycle there is no room for errors. You will notice that he takes off like a bat out of hell and places his feet on the highway pegs instead of the footrest. Instant accident! I ride a Harley Davidson Electra Glide like the one in this video. Although you may not realize it, these bikes are quite nimble for their size. However, they are big, heavy bikes.

Why am I posting this video? So that you don’t make the same stupid mistake that this biker did. Take it easy; pay attention; accelerate smoothly and watch where you are going. Don’t put your feet on the highway pegs in a parking lot to look cool. Only do so when it is safe to do so.

By Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq. , Copyright 2006

Watch out for Traffic. Anticipate what the Cager will Do!

I have handled many motorcycle accident cases where Cagers (people in cars) cut right into a biker. (person on motorcycle) In this video courtesy of youtube.com you will get a first hand look from the biker’s point of view how fast an accident can happen. You will notice that the traffic on the right was slowing, and the traffic in front of the biker was slowing, as well as the traffic to the left. This accident could have been prevented if the biker slowed down and left herself an out.

If you are on a motorcycle you just cannot ignore traffic. You must watch your surroundings and other traffic and try to anticipate the cagers moves. There is no way this accident was in anyway the fault of the biker. However, if she was watching her surroundings and slowed down, she may have been able to either swerve out of the way or even stop. Only god really knows. The point of this article is; SLOW DOWN, ANTICIPATE, and maybe you will you will keep both wheels on the road instead of ending up in the emergency room.

You will also notice that this biker was wearing full leathers, helmet, and gloves. It probably saved her life! Click on the arrow button to start the video.

by Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq. Copyright 2006.

Cagers turning in front of you can Kill! Beware..

Do not speed on City Streets! Remember one of the biggest causes of motorcycle accidents are cagers who make turns in front of motorcyclist. Here is a video example of just this type of accident courtesy of youtube.com. Click on the arrow button to start the video.

By Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq. Copyright 2006

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