What is one of the worst things that Bikers and Motorcyclist have to do?

Where are these girls when you need them? I need a motorcycle wash and wax!
Where are these girls when you need them? I need a motorcycle wash and wax!

I have been riding my ass off for the past 7 weeks or so, it has been a real blast.

Now here it is Sunday June 5, 2011, and I have a free afternoon. I went into my garage to get something out of my saddlebag. I looked at my Harley Davidson Electra Glide. Then I realized, it is friggen filthy and in serious need of a good wash and wax.

When you do hard riding like my bros and I do, your motorcycle gets real dirty.

One of the all-time things I hate doing more than anything in the world is washing and waxing my motorcycle.

With my car it is simple, I drive to a car wash and I let them detail my car. With the motorcycle it is not quite simple because there are no places to get your motorcycle washed.

You would think that living in, and riding in, the most populous motorcycle area (Southern California) in the nation, some entrepreneurial person would have set up a chain of motorcycle wash shops to make it more convenient for us bikers to wash our bikes. It has not been done yet.

So guys like me are forced to wash our own motorcycles. Don’t get me wrong, I am no sissy, but I friggen hate washing and waxing motorcycles with a passion.

In the old days when I had a basic softail motorcycle or a Jap cruiser, it seemed bad enough washing and waxing the motorcycle. It got a little bit easier using the spray on/rinse off washing solutions that did not require scrubbing.

On some occasions the spray on, no scrub wash would leave dried bugs on the motorcycle, so I would have to manually scrub a bit.

However, the waxing always sucked and there was simply no way around it.

Now that I have a bagger Electra Glide, complete with hard bags and tour pak, the job has gotten much worse.

I just took a look at my motorcycle downstairs, and it is real filthy, and I sure the hell do not feel like washing and waxing her today.

I have all sorts of cleaning supplies and such in my garage.

For the present dirty condition of my motorcycle, I will use a spray on, rinse off wash system to get the major road grime off and to clean the wheels. Then I will have to hand wash the motorcycle as well because the spray on, rinse off solution will not be good enough to get all of the grime off.

I will then use a microfiber cloth to do an initial dry off. This also serves to wipe off any additional grime that the washing left behind.

I will then use a blow dryer that I bought from JP Cycles a few years back to get most of the water off of the motorcycle. Especially the parts that tend to collect water like underneath the seat, and the bottom of the V-Twin engine and such.

Once the motorcycle is completely dry, I let her sit for about a half hour to an hour just to make sure all of the water has evaporated.

I then do a complete wax. This is the most sucky party of the whole process because it takes time to get a Harley Davidson Electra Glide all shiny with no wax streaks or residue.

The whole process takes around 2 hours to do it right.

So right now I am dreading washing my motorcycle again.

When will someone open up a motorcycle wash near where I live? I would be willing to pay a decent amount of money to not have to waste another 2 hours washing and waxing my motorcycle.

Oh yes, and usually after one ride, the damm thing is dirty again…………….

By California Motorcycle Accident Attorney, and Biker Lawyer, Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © June 5, 2010

9 thoughts on “What is one of the worst things that Bikers and Motorcyclist have to do?

  1. Norm: Hey my friend, you have it easy there in sunny California. We here in Florida are suffering with “lovebugs”. They are nasty little things. Right now a ride is miserable because you have their little dead bodies all over your clothes & face. The headlight on the Harley is covered with dead bodies. Talk about a nasty bike to wash.
    Goggle “lovebugs” & see what comes up.
    Heck, I will not ride with my $168.00 Wiley X or Ed Hardy Sunglasses. I fear scratches on my lens. : ]
    I am the proud owner of a BLACKBERRY….ok, I know I still behind on technology. I am going to get a picture of the front end of a car & the Harley after a Sunday afternoon ride.
    Maybe you ought to diversify & open a Bike Hand Wash business. Sounds like a super idea & a great money makeing investment.
    I checked the yellow pages here and did not find one listed here on the Florida Space Coast.

    1. Believe you me Sandy, we have all sorts of bugs here as well. It is all part of the riding experience 🙂 It is impossible to keep the bike clean.

      I was hoping someone else would read this article and maybe open up a bike hand wash business. i myself am too busy.


  2. Norm you could ride to Cincinnati this Sunday for the Cincy Chrome Divas Bikini bike wash . But it lookw like you already found one.

    1. Tony,

      Where exactly and when? Requested donation?

      And are they any good, or is this just an eyecandy wash like many are? I can pay for a a good detail here in the Columbus if that’s all it is.

      And Norm, you’d have a place to stay here in Columbus if you’re ever in the area. It ain’t the Marriott, but it’s friendly. 🙂

  3. Norm , so you talked to CJ .FANTASTIC .I was wondering. She liked your blog and liked you. Since you are the genuine real deal . I hope you at least have some fun with it . But it might turn out to be really someting . Keepin my fingers crossed for you. .

    Check out my radio show fri 3-5 your time Cincinnati Biker Life http://www.waif883.com Last week i had an ex navy seal biker and an army DI explosives, both Riding old school harley baggers and humble guys and true American heroes. Tony

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