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Biker and Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Blog

A California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer who really rides that you can count on.

If you have god forbid been injured in a motorcycle accident anywhere in California, give me a call anytime 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at 800-816-1529 x.1,  to discuss your case.

California Motorcycle Accident Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez
California Motorcycle Accident Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez
  • I can get you medical treatment even if you do not have medical insurance,
  • I will send my investigators to you so you do not have to come into the office.
  • I will work to get your motorcycle fixed.
  • I will work to get you all the compensation you are entitled to for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, and more.

I am not some marketing scam that you have seen posting flyers all over motorcycle rallies, or biker rags nationwide. I am not “an association of lawyers” who has attorneys paying me money to advertise for them nationwide, and then farms cases out to them. I don’t pass out trinkets and goodies at motorcycle rallies to make you think that I am something I am not. I am not some generic non-riding personal injury attorney who has designed a fancy website to get you to think that they are biker lawyers, which they are not, I am a real deal biker like you. My firm and I handle the actual cases that come in. We say what we are, and are what we say, experts in motorcycle accident cases.

Read my blog below. I am an expert in motorcycle accidents. Like you I am a real biker who rides, and I am an expert in personal injury cases.

Don’t be suckered into signing up with a firm because of fancy advertising, or who do not ride motorcycles, who says they ride just to get you to sign up with them. Don’t be fooled by fancy ads. I am a top rated attorney who rides in the wind just like you.

Enjoy my articles below, there are hundreds of them!

California Motorcycle Accident and Biker Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq.

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You Should Always Keep an Emergency Information Form in Your Wallet at All Times (I.C.E. Card)

California Motorcycle Accident Attorney and Biker Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez
California Motorcycle Accident Attorney and Biker Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez

I always recommend keeping an Emergency Information Form, or I.C.E. card (In Case of Emergency) card in you, and your loved ones wallets, purses, or on your person at all times.

Why? Because you never know when you will have a life or death emergency.

Having an I.C.E. card can not only mean the difference between life and death for you or a loved one in an emergency, it will also allow emergency responders to contact your family or whoever you designate as your emergency contacts in case you are unable to communicate.

An Emergency Information Card is ideal for:

  • Children
  • Elderly persons
  • Motorcycle Riders
  • Participants of risky activities
  • Anyone with serious medical conditions or allergies

However, even if you are not in the above categories, an Emergency Information Card may god forbid help you one day. Everyone should carry one.

It is one of those things that you never think that you will need until you actually need it. It can save your life.

My law firm has created an Emergency Information Form that can be  filled in online and printed, a blank form can be printed and filled in by hand, it can be saved to your computer for later use, or you may even email it to your family and friends so that they can create their own Emergency Contact Form.

To go my law firm Emergency Information Form Click Here now. You may fill in the form on your computer, and then click the print button to print the form.

You may print in on one or two pages, or print the form two sided on one piece of paper. You may also use your printer or a copy machine to reduce the size of the printed form if you like.

Then simply fold it up and stick it in your wallet, purse, or somewhere where an emergency responder can find it.

I myself have one of these cards in my wallet, and I also keep an “In case of Emergency” contact in my cell phone. The problem with the cell phone is that if it is broken up on the side of the road, it is useless.

I am glad that I could provide this service for you. Hopefully like motorcycle or car insurance, you will never need it!

By California Personal Injury Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © September 2010

The Biker Law Blog is published by California Motorcycle Accident Attorney & Biker Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq.

Our Motorcycle Accident Law Firm, The Law Offices of Norman Gregory Fernandez & Associates, are real bikers helping other bikers. Unlike some other so called "fake" motorcycle accident attorney's who do not ride motorcycles, Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq. actually rides a motorcycle.

We are experts in dealing with motorcycle accident cases.

We handle motorcycle accident cases, motorcycle passenger injury accidents, and other personal injury cases all over the State of California. We are real bikers and motorcycle riders who represent bikers and motorcycle riders who have suffered injuries due to motorcycle accidents and crashes. We handle Motorcycle Accidents, Motorcycle Passenger Accidents, Dangerous Conditions on public roads which cause motorcycle accidents, defective motorcycle cases, Cruiser Motorcycle Accidents, biker rights, criminal law, Car Accidents, Uninsured Motorist Claims, Wrongful Death, Torts, Cager and/or Car negligence, personal injury and Other Injury Cases. We have locations in Southern California and Northern California. We handle personal injury, and motorcycle accident cases in all over California including: Southern California, Central California, and Northern California.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident or any other motor vehicle accident, you may call us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at 800-816-1529 x. 1, or submit your case online here.