I am Getting Hitched on January 30, 2010; Another One Bites the Dust!

Elizabeth and Norman Engagement Photo, Redondo Beach, CA, 1-17-2010 *** January 29, 2010 Update – Tomorrow is the big day. My thoughts; Am I crazy for doing this? 🙂 stay tuned.

Well this is my first article of the year 2010. You may have been wondering why I have not posted anything lately; well it has been a hectic month, oh and by the way, I am getting married to my long time fiancé on January 30, 2010. (So long as she signs the 20 something page Prenuptial Agreement:))

First off this has been one hell of a busy month for me as soon as the New Year started.

My law firm handles many types of legal matters. I myself focus on Personal Injury and Family Law matters. My partners and associates handle other types of legal matters. Since the New Year the shit has hit the fan with work; I guess this is a good thing. I am preparing for a major motorcycle accident trial in Northern California, as I also help my other personal injury clients, and family law clients.

As fate would have it, all of this is happening on the month of my wedding. Geez Louise, I had no clue that getting married could be such a friggen nightmare with all of the planning and expenses. I will get to all of this below.

With respect to my bride to be Elizabeth, she is a real dang trooper I will tell you that. She stayed with me through probably one of the longest engagements in history, 9 years.

Heck, we have had our share of problems, and even broke up a few times, for some very short period’s time over the years. In the end, we just could not stay away from each other. We just had to be with each other. Don’t ask me to explain because I can’t.

How We Met

I met Elizabeth back in early 2001. I used to work out at Bally’s Gym in Chatsworth, CA many times per week. I was what you would call a serious gym rat. When I went to the gym I was very serious about my workouts, and tried to avoid talking to people, because it would interfere with my workouts. For this reason, I would go to the gym late at night about two hours before it closed at around 10:00pm during the week.

At the beginning of my weight lifting day workouts, I used to walk on the treadmill for 5 minutes in the cardio room 3 days per week. On my non weight lifting workout days, I would walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes per day 3 days per week.

While I was walking on the treadmill sometime in the year 2000 or 2001 one day, I noticed a good looking brunette in the mirror, sitting on a recumbent bike machine, peddling slowly, reading a magazine behind me. Since the treadmills were in front of the machine she was on, I saw her by looking at her through the mirror.

My Soon to be Wife Elizabeth 2

It seemed like every day that I went to the gym, I saw this good looking brunette gal sitting on the recumbent bike machine, peddling slowly, reading magazines. She was in my eye as the old saying goes. I noticed that she seemed to know everyone at the gym, many gals and guys would stop by her and talk to her.

I cannot explain it but one day while I was looking at her in the mirror, I knew that we would be together. Mind you, at this point I had never even talked to her, let alone said hello to her. I just knew we were going to be together. Talk about fate; anyway.

One day I got off of the treadmill, and said hello to her as I walked by her. This went on for sometime, day by day. We would just say hello to each other.

Eventually, we started having small conversations. Turns out she is a French Babe, etc. (for those that know me, it is an inside joke :)) I started to really like Elizabeth. At some point I could not wait to see her in the gym. I finally built up the nerve to ask her if she wanted to go out on a date. The rest is history.

Our First Date

When I asked Elizabeth to go out with me on a date, I told her that we would ride my motorcycle to a club in Hollywood. To my surprise she said yes. It takes a special kind of woman to get on the back of a motorcycle. I myself was always petrified to be a passenger on the back of a motorcycle. As it turns out, Elizabeth is a natural. Anyway, getting back to our first date………

My Soon to be Wife Elizabeth

When I picked her up for our first date, she looked very nice indeed. She had on some high heel boots, and a nice outfit. She jumped on the back of my motorcycle like she belonged there.

We rode my motorcycle from Chatsworth to Hollywood, CA. During the ride I accidentally brushed my hand up against her leg while she was sitting behind me on the motorcycle. (At least that is what I told her)

When we got to the Rainbow in Hollywood, we shared our first kiss pretty much right after she got off the motorcycle. (I always told her after that date that she was a wild woman!) We had one hell of a fun first date, but I must say that I took my time courting Elizabeth. I was a perfect gentleman with her. That is probably why we are still together after all of this time.

By the way, the day after our first date I discovered that Elizabeth had melted her boots on my brand new Cobra Slash Cut Pipes on the motorcycle. I was sick to my stomach. I spent hours trying get the melted rubber off of the chrome. It never came off.

As it turns out, she had spent hundreds of dollars on those new boots just for our first date. I guess she was looking forward to going out just as much as I was.

Elizabeth at the Grand Canyon
Elizabeth at the Grand Canyon

Elizabeth has stuck with me through hell and back over the past 9 years. As you can read in many articles on here, she has faithfully stayed by my side and on the back of my motorcycle when most women would say “hell no.” She has ridden on the back of my various motorcycles well over a couple of hundred thousand miles over the years. She has worn my property patch, and been right in the thick of the motorcycle club world even though she is a normie; a normie meaning no experience with the motorcycle world until she met me.

Heck, I remember one time; Elizabeth had some kind of surgery. She was in pain. My brothers were doing the “Halfway Run” up to Fresno, CA. She was supposed to ride in the chase van with one of my brothers, instead, at the first gas stop; she jumped out and got on the back of my motorcycle. She absolutely could not stand not being on the back of my motorcycle. She is that kind of woman. Loyal no matter what.

I have put her through her paces. I would estimate that hundreds if not thousands of bikers and motorcyclist over the past nine years have met Elizabeth as she rode with me to all types of events and biker social settings. Who can forget the time she panicked when we went up on the scissor crane at the Hollister Rally. (She literally freaked out)

When most of my brothers are riding by themselves because their old ladies wanted to stay home, Elizabeth was always behind me on my bike. Anyone who rides with me knows we ride as a team.

Elizabeth and Norman
Elizabeth and Norman

She has ridden with me through freezing cold, rain, blistering heat, for thousands and thousands of miles. She is a true shotgun rider and a trooper.

She was even by my side one time when my club was surrounded by another club at the Las Vegas Biker Fest in 2004. She was smart enough to get out of the middle of the circle. The club that surrounded us ending up becoming good friends of mine and we had a late dinner right after the incident. (Luckily one of my brothers put his hand out for a handshake but this is a whole other story)

Elizabeth has been that diamond gal that every man hopes to meet in his life. She is the angel on my shoulder when I want to do something stupid. She gives me encouragement, advice, and pushes me to be my best. The least I can do is marry her right?

As I sit here typing this article, I can literally think of what seems like unlimited times she has been there for me. When I was sick she was there for me, when I had some internet stalkers and whacko’s threatening me, she was there for me, when I expanded my law practice she was there for me. What more can a man want?

Now she is in law school herself. I think we would make a good husband and wife attorney team!

The Pending Marriage

My friends, brothers, and family who know me know that I am not a flashy type of guy. I would be satisfied with a simple wedding in Las Vegas with a few close friends and family.

I do not know what has happened, but my wedding has turned into the Barnum and Bailey circus. Hell, we have the fancy ceremony and reception location, all of the dang planning involved in that. Invitations, photographers, DJ, Officiant, Dress, Tuxedos, cake, guest list, diamond rings, flowers, this and that, even a dam cake topper and serving set.

My Soon to be Wife Elizabeth at Neptunes Net
Elizabeth at Neptune's Net

This is going to probably be one of the fanciest dang weddings of 2010. Our guest list is huge.

Guess who has to pay for all of this?

Hell I told Elizabeth, “I could buy a new top of the line Harley Davidson Touring Motorcycle for cash with what this damm wedding is going to cost me.” “I should just get the Harley.”

Then again, looking at her pictures above, I think she is worth it 🙂

So what can I say in 16 days, 6 hours, and 52 minutes as of the writing of this article, I will tie the knot; Mazeltov.

By California Motorcycle Accident Attorney and California Biker Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © 2010

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