yee haw! We’re upgrading :)

Super Guru EdB
Super Guru EdB

Reckon y’all noticed some stuff being a bit different here eh? That’s the idea behind upgrading of course. So I’m like … I dunno … 84.2 percent done. All I gotta still do is figure out what ain’t right and make it right 😉 I’m working on quite a few missing images – they’ll all be back where they belong fairly soon. And something else but I got distracted by something shiny. Give it another day or so before you bring problems to the management okay? It’s been a long strange trip so far and we still got a long way to go is the thing. No worries – it’ll all work out.

Oh and all you registered folk will have to log in again. Sorry, but if I didn’t make it make you log in again half of us would be fighting cookie problems till the cows came home, slept it off, and went out dancin’ again.

OMG I almost forgot! I’m the so-called Super Guru EdB. I had me this crazy idea that if I could upgrade a biker lawyer blog and not get beat up or sued over how much I mess up then maybe I could do this sort of thing for like cash ya know? Or at least get a little link-love out of it (which is where y’all take the hint and visit my web and … uh … OMG another shiny thing!)

PS: the upgrade didn’t happen this past weekend due to connectivity issues on my end and hosting problems on Norm’s end. It happens ya know? All good though. All.Good.

The Biker Law Blog is Being Upgraded this Weekend!

Biker Law Blog is being upgraded this weekend! *** 3/16/09 Update: The Blog was not upgraded this weekend as planned due to technical difficulties. Just an FYI, the upgrade will be taking place anytime, so if you see some weird stuff on here, or the blog is down, you know why!

Well it is finally going to happen. Super Guru Ed B. is going to be upgrading the Biker Law Blog this weekend to a much more powerful version of the software that the blog runs on right now.

There will be immediate changes such as the background color of the side panel, hyperlinks will now be brown so they can be seen better. They will turn black after you visit them.

Instead of using Captcha spam protection which requires you to type in a bunch of characters that even I have a hard time seeing some time, you will now be asked to answer a simple question like what color is grass, etc., in order to post comments and to register. It should be much easier to now register and post comments.

I am going to add a form so you can register for my newsletter without you having to register for the blog, but it is good to do both if you want to keep up to date.

We have disabled trackbacks because they now basically obsolete and no one sees to be using them anymore.

There will be much more on the sidebar, you will be able to see at a glance some recent articles, and comments. You will be able to navigate better in you enter the blog via a permalink.

There will be static pages added to the blog from time to time as needed. Eventually, the Biker Law Blog will maybe become a biker portal with forums and all.

During the upgrade you may see some bizzare screens, or no screen. There may be some downtime. Rest assured, Ed B. will get us up this weekend. After that, I am going to have to learn the new version of the software for new posts. This is a substantial upgrade.

I am inviting all persons who want to have their articles published on the Biker Law Blog as guest authors to contact me. I would sure like to open this up the the biker community as a whole.

See you all after the upgrade!

California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez

Upgrade of the Biker Law Blog Software!

The Biker Law Blog is being upgraded. **** 3-5-09 Update: I have found a super Guru to help with me upgrading the Engine, and possible making some cosmetic changes to the Blog. His name is Ed B. He has a plan. Therefore, the upgrade will be put off until we get everything ported over and working on his machine. Once that is done, he will do it on the Blog server!

Well the Biker Law Blog has become huge. We are getting well over 200k hits per month. It has become a force in the international biker community, and as such has out grown its capacity!

Therefore with great fear, I am going to allow the software that runs the Biker Law Blog to be upgraded to increase performance, and for me to be able to manage the extensive back end easier.

During the upgrade this evening the Blog will be down for a time. There is a chance that the customization that has been done on the blog might now work with the new software. If that is the case, the programmers will be working on porting over the customization to the new software standard. This would mean that the Blog could be down after hours while the programming is taking place. I could also allow a vanilla default template to be used while the this is being programmed.

We have backed up the site and the databases. I am going to ask them to back up again out of an abundance of caution, and also FTP all of the uncompressed files to a local computer as well. Unlike static websites, a Blog such as the Biker Law Blog runs on software that resides in a server.

If for some reason the upgrade does not work, I will have them downgrade and try again another night.

Wish up luck. Once the upgrade is done, the Biker Law Blog will be tricked out with new features and content! God willing we will not lose the entire thing…..chit!

California Motorcycle Accident Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez

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