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September 11, 2001, Ten Years Later

twintowers9-11I will never forget September 11, 2001, probably the worst day in American History, and a day that changed my life forever.

Ten years ago today, I was awakened by my mom who told me that I had to get up and watch CNN. She woke me up as soon as the story hit the news.

My daughters were still asleep because it was very early, around 5 or 6 am PST.

The news was saying that a small plane had hit the World Trade Center. I took one look at the hole in side of the building and knew something was not kosher. I told my mom that dink terrorist probably attacked us.

As we watched the coverage, the second plane hit the World Trade Center and I knew it was war.

There was no doubt in my mind that Arab Terrorist and Muslim fanatics had hit us.

Hell, who else in this world would do such a cowardly thing as to attack and kill innocent civilians in a major city because they know civilians would not fight back?

As I watched what was going on literally for like a week straight, I had thoughts of wanting to get some payback on the sons of bitches who attacked us and wanting to kill as many of them as possible.

I was pissed off at George Bush for hiding all day and not showing up on the news until the evening with what I thought was a weak message.

I was pissed off that tactical fighters had not been deployed to stop the second and third planes from hitting. I was pissed off and horrified.

I immediately put the American Flag out at my mom’s house, and went out and got two American flags to put on my car of the type that goes in the window and sticks up. Hell I had those flags on until the literally fell apart.

I even went out and got a certain tattoo on my inner forearm so that in case I ever was on a plane with some of those dink terrorist, I would have no choice but to fight unlike the passengers on the two planes that hit the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon.

We all know that the passengers on a 4th plane fought back, they died, but at least they went down fighting, they probably saved hundreds of lives.

I called my old Air National Guard unit, the 261st Combat Communications Squadron who put me in touch with a recruiter who was attached to the 146th Tactical Air Lift Wing, about re-enlisting back into the Air National Guard. I wanted to do whatever I could.

I was told that I was too old to go into Officer Training School, I was 38 at the time, but I was told that I could re-enlist at my old Air Force enlisted rank doing my old job, which has been basically obsolete for many years now.

In the end I decided that my mom and my daughters needed my financial support more than the Air Force needed an attorney who they would put back in as an enlisted Airman and have to retrain in some other job.

I really wish the Air Force could have done something to get me into OTS. It would have been a pay cut, but I wanted to serve again after September 11th.

They say that 3,049 people died on September 11, 2011. I say that probably more people died than that. You know there had to be some people in the towers or on the streets that had no family, or were disenfranchised from their families, that went unreported.

In the two wars that we have fought and/or are still fighting as a result of the terrorist attack, we have lost over 4,000 troops with countless others injured and maimed as a result.

I am so very glad that we killed the dink Osama Bin Laden, but I am very unhappy about how we have fought the two wars.

We should have never been in Iraq; we went into Iraq because of an intentional lie by Bush and his cronies. I feel for our troopers in Iraq, went in and paid the ultimate price for a war based on a lie. Notwithstanding this fact, they did fight with honor, and they deserve our full support and respect. They did what they were ordered to do!

With respect to Afghanistan, why are we playing tootsie with the enemy?

In World War II, we learned how to win an all-out war, why don’t we fight our wars like that anymore?

In Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, we have fought our wars half ass. Yes we win the battles, but we are not winning the wars. You want to know why, because we want to be politically correct.

I say bomb them until they surrender like we did to the Germans and the Japanese. Forget about collateral damage, forget about anything but winning. Eventually they will surrender or be destroyed. We learned this in WWII. Why don’t we fight like this anymore?

Anyway, I got off subject here.

So here we are ten years later. We are still playing tootsie foot with our enemies in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the World Trade Center was not rebuilt, and instead they have built a memorial on the footprint of the old buildings and are building a consolation building instead.

I would like to have seen the World Trade Center towers built back to their original glory except maybe re-designed to withstand an airplane strike

To make matters worse, gas is twice the price it was on September 11, 2001, so we are in effect helping to finance those who would attack us.

I am confident that we will get through this turmoil in our history, however as for me, I will never forget September 11, 2001.

May god bless the United States of America.

By Norman Gregory Fernandez, September 11, 2011

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