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  1. Live in Downey, Ca. Need an attorney. Bought a new 50CC scooter which manufacturer stated maximum speed is 30-32 mph. Took it back first week because twice, without warning, it took off like a bat out of hell – from my driveway across a busy boulevard when I had no intention of taking it out of the driveway. Dealer said they changed the carburetor which corrected the problem. Appears there was a latent defect in the replacemrnt. Several weeks later I had just started to make a right turn when scooter again took off like a banshee out of control and ran HEADON into a high curb AT 50 MPH (WHEN DESCRIPTION STATES DOESN’T GO OVER 30 MPH), forcing front wheel backwards against the body, throwing me over the handle bars, landing on my head and hands, breaking my left hand. A lot of damage was done to the body and framework, but not to the engine. So by putting on stand and running engine can prove it shots up 50 mpr. THIS SCOOTER IS TOO DANGEROUS TO BE ON THE STREET, AND APPARENTLY CAN’T BE MADE SAFE – AND AFTER THESE 3 EXPERIENCES HAS MADE ME SCARED TO GET ON A SCOOTER AGAIN.

    With my hand in a cast from knuckles almost to elbow, CAST IS VERY LIMITING AND COMBERSOME. I won’t be able to play on my softball league, can’t mop floors, do other housework, fold clothes from dryer, etc., and hand and wrist hurt every time I move hand.

    Scooter is about 4 months old. I want my money back with compensation for injuries and other damages.

    Please email if you or anyone can help me.

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