Old Fashioned American Music

We Americans are unique amongst most civilizations throughout history. Our innovations and inventions are too numerous to mention here.

We also have several unique music styles that are ours alone. Amongst them is Bluegrass music from the Appalachian Mountains. My favorite Bluegrass musician of all time is Roscoe Holcomb. If this music does not get your dander up I do not know what will!

Yea many of you have never heard of him. I was first turned onto him when I was stationed in Texas in the Air Force.

Here are a couple of tunes by Roscoe Holcomb, may he rest in peace. This is what real country music sounds like. Not the crap you hear now. Enjoy.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heJgPFwoE0g http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgmceZoM1Y8&p

By California Motorcycle Accident Attorney and Biker Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © 2010

2 thoughts on “Old Fashioned American Music

  1. Wow! I was really excited to see this post here! My father dmires the music by old Roscoe I was almost brought up on his songs! This is really great and really American music. Thanks for sharing.

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