New Security Measures for the Biker Law Blog; Sorry.

Captcha Security on Biker Law BlogWell as you read here, the Biker Law Blog has been getting spammed by people who are seeking reverse links back to their websites, which they believe will increase their search engine ranking. They leave comments such as “I really enjoyed this article” etc., on articles such as the death of a biker, etc. In other words they are submitting spam comments to build up their own webpages.

Now I do not care if people with websites submit valid comments on the Biker Law Blog, hell I encourage everyone to comment. However, enough is enough. I am sick of deleting and banning URL’s of spammer’s everyday.

When we last upgraded the Biker Law Blog software, super guru Ed B. implemented an anti-spam program he developed called Touring Test. Touring Test required unregistered users to answer a question before they could post a comment or register on the blog. Well the spammers figured a way around it.

I now have no choice but to make it more difficult for unregistered spammers to submit comments onto the Blog. I have re-implemented Captcha security onto the Blog.

Now any unregistered users wanting to submit comments to an article will have to type in two separate words separated by a space. Only a human being should be able to see and differentiate what the words are. There is also a voice option for vision impaired people.

If you are a registered user you will not have to worry about typing in the displayed words. To register as a member of the Biker Law Blog click here now.

I encourage all users to comment to your hearts content. I hope making you type in the two words that you see will not be too much of an inconvenience. We all have the spammers to thank for this.

By California Motorcycle Accident Attorney and Biker Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez, © 2010

9 thoughts on “New Security Measures for the Biker Law Blog; Sorry.

  1. Two words is not too much to ask. It is a shame you have to implement something like this ……it is extra work for you. I guess less time than all the deleting.

  2. LOL your article states “There is also a voice option for hearing impaired people.”, isn’t that for visually impaired? If you are hearing impaired and internet is all text… if u are hearing impaired how would u hear it? I think that is for when u can’t tell what the capcha is saying…u can use the verbal option. ust my .02.

    It would have been good if known members were exempt. Which brings me to the point…..We are all listed as Guest except Norm.

  3. It’s all good I was kinda picking at you…But my understanding is the voice is for capcha b/c sometimes there are so many items in the capcha it’s hard to read. Also I thought you might have known the true reason..but it’s the best I’ve come up with thusfar.

  4. Where there’s a will there’s a way.I’m sure it will limit it. In the words of Lex and Terry “it is what it is”.

  5. They are aggravating you and trying to drive you nuts!!!! Can’t believe they got around the captcha…… I have no doubt you will out smart them and put an end to the spammers.

  6. It was much more than deleting Sandie, I had to submit their URL’s into the banned list locally and on the collective spam list otherwise they would just keep coming back. I am too busy for that kind of crapola. Here I write an article about a biker dying in a motorcycle accident and these scumbags would say I really enjoyed your post in a spam post.

    Worst part is that all of our registered users had to read all of the spam comments as well. Even if they were not approved in moderation!

    Anyway it is done. Now I need to look at the entire platform so I can modernize the blog a bit more. Maybe even add interactive forums. we will see.

    By the way your article has passed the 3500 mark for reads. Wow that is one heck of a popular 1st article. I think you may have found your calling.


  7. Some much for captcha, some idiot promoting a car loan website spammed the blog after implementing captcha. They must have done it manually because there was only one spam comment. Usually if it is automated there are more.

    I guess they cannot read, their url is now banned on the site.



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