Motorcycle Safety Message Appearing on Signs all over California.

California Electronic Sign with Motorcycle Awareness Message
Electronic Sign along California Freeway

Some of my readers have reported seeing motorcycle safety messages on signs all over California. This intrigued me so I looked into it.

It appears that it is true; the California Highway Patrol has started a campaign to make motorists more aware of motorcycles. The message, “Share the road, look twice for motorcyclists,” is being shown on over 700 electronic signs across the state.

I along with probably tens of thousands of California motorcyclists, applaud the California Highway Patrol, the Office of Traffic Safety and Cal-Trans for recognizing the importance of motorcycle safety, and for utilizing this very effective medium to promote highway safety.

I hope that these signs will continue to be used to display motorcycle safety messages. I think that these messages being shown to literally millions of motorist all over California will make everyone more aware of motorcyclist, and may even create some cognitive behavior changes in cager’s reactions to motorcyclist. Who knows?

On a stretch of the 405 freeway, where just one of the hundreds of signs is located, it’s estimated that 250,000 vehicles pass through every day.

By California Biker Lawyer and California Motorcycle Accident Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © 2010

13 thoughts on “Motorcycle Safety Message Appearing on Signs all over California.

  1. Check out the ABATE of California web site and you will see how the signage on the AMBER alert signs came about. Hard work and cooperation. Join an MRO locally(ABATE, MMA, BOLT) and nationally(AMA) to protect your rights. All listed organizations have web sites. Get involved and contribute when you can. I want to thank all who help get the message out to the motoring public.

  2. Norm this is a good thing!! I think there should be more of these signs. I wonder who is paying the cost of the billboard rental? I know billboards are expensive here in Florida to rent. It is a shame that the State does not use some of our tax dollars for signs like this one!!

  3. I agree with the concept of the signs. It would be nice, though, if you could use a better word for those of us that don’t ride than “cagers.” That word is negative at best and derogatory at worst.

  4. Cagers is offensive……….WOW!!! I guess if a person tries hard enough it’s easy to be offended. I bet somewhere out there a person is offended that a non rider is reading a biker blog. I’m just saying maybe you are easily offended.

  5. These signs seem like a great way to reiterate how important it is to always be aware of your surroundings, no matter what type of vehicle you are driving. I really appreciate the fact that California has taken the initiative to place these signs along their interstates.

  6. Studies show virtually anything that increases awareness of safety issues helps decrease accidents, there is no question about it. It is like Coke and Pepsi. Sure we know they are out there. But they feel compelled to remind us.

    The same holds true with car, truck and motorcycle safety.

  7. I have been a member of California ABATE for over a decade. However, I have not been to a meeting since 2001. I try to do my part in the Courts!


  8. our los angeles motorcycle rentals location couldn’t be happier. we were so stoked to see these signs pop up, just as the weather was warming up here in los angeles and orange county for our motorcycle rental customers. hope they keep it going all year long!!


  9. Yeah I think that is a good thing, way too many accidents are caused by car drivers just not looking before changing lanes, I wish they would put these signs up in the UK as well.

  10. Sandie in California there are electronic signs in major cities all over the State. I think it started with the 1984 Olympics. I don’t think it costs them anything to put messages on the electronic signs other than to have someone just do it from a computer somewhere.


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