Indian Motorcycles Cash for Clunkers Program.

Indian Motorcycle
Indian Motorcycle

Just when you thought the infamous cash for clunkers program was dead, Indian Motorcycle has just announced their own version of the cash for clunkers program. Indian will offer $3,000 for your old clunker when you trade-in an old bike towards a new 2009 Indian Chief.

What is the catch? The trade in must be street legal, 100cc or larger motorcycle in running and ride-able condition; NO mopeds, scooters, or dirt bikes are eligible. Trade-in must have a clear title.

This program cannot be used in conjunction with any other program. Indian Motorcycle reserves the right to alter or terminate this program at anytime at their sole discretion and without notice.

All I can say about this program is wow! Imagine getting $3,000.00 for your old motorcycle on a new Indian Chief!

Head to the nearest Indian dealer and check out the Chief.

By Biker Lawyer and Motorcycle Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez, © 2009

3 thoughts on “Indian Motorcycles Cash for Clunkers Program.

  1. Good to see you are back at the keyboard writing articles for us again. This is a good deal. $3000 is a nice chunk of money. I think I will stick to what I have since it is paid for…..this is not a good time to get a payment coupon book. I also favor the Harley Davidson line.

  2. Thanks Sandie. On top of a very busy law practice, my dad has been hospitalized for extended stays 3 times in the last 3 months. He is in the hospital now. He had a toe amputated due to diabetes, etc. My mom has been in bad health as well.

    I have not had much time to do much of anything except work and deal with my parents issues. This too shall pass. I was considering writing an article about it but I decided not too.

    Look for more good stuff to come!


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