Getting settled in to the O.C. lifestyle.

California Personal Injury Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez at age 16, before going surfing
California Personal Injury Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez at age 16, before going surfing

Here it is March 13, 2013, and it has been a while since I posted my last article here on the Biker Law Blog.

I have moved to Huntington Beach.

My phone number and fax number are the same, 800-816-1529.

So whether your case originates in San Francisco, Eureka, Redding, Sacramento, or San Diego, my firm will handle your case.

We handle the entire State of California. We welcome all of our new and existing clients to the new law firm. We look forward to kicking ass for you on your cases.


I think I have what most would call one of the most high tech law firms in the nation. The technology we have employed at our firm is mind blowing.

I am a Southern California native, but I have lived in many places during my life. I would say that the move to Orange County for me will be permanent, in that I cannot see living anywhere else.

I love Huntington Beach. I have taken up walking on the pier each night around sunset, the people are great, the lifestyle is fantastic, and the motorcycle riding is good as well.

When I was younger, I used to surf. As a matter of fact, as a teenager I lived at the beach. I learned to surf at Topanga, my home beach was Zuma. Back then, the wave break was much different at Zuma and Point Dume, then it is now.

Believe it or not, I just bought a brand new 9’ Greco Longboard surfboard. It will be delivered this Friday. I got a new full wetsuit to go along with it. Hell, at 49 who says you are too old to start surfing again. I figure a longboard, will help me to ease back into it, and on those days with a small surf, I will be catching waves while the guys on short boards will be watching me ride. I figure if I start surfing each morning at 5am, I can still get to the office easily by 9am.

I wonder if they make a surfboard rack for a Harley Davidson. Once I get used to surfing again, I will have a custom Harley Davidson themed surfboard made for me.

So there it is. As you can imagine, I am swamped with work right now. As I type this article, I have spent the last 4 days out of 5 days in Court. I am still at the office catching up. Nonetheless I wanted to let you all know what is going on.

Looking forward to the Laughlin Biker Rally coming up next month. This will first year I take “Bessie,” my motorhome, (the same one I rode around the country with) to a major motorcycle rally this year.

I hope you are all well.

By California Biker Lawyer and Motorcycle Accident Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez, © March 13, 2013

4 thoughts on “Getting settled in to the O.C. lifestyle.

  1. Dude:

    I’m glad you and Liz have reconnected.
    If your tax man was a marriage counsellor
    as well and just told you what the correct
    entries were, minus the romance, they can
    be made now. No need to pretend.
    Lonely single people know what couples
    do wrong, other couples just schmooze you
    to death. I can restrict myself to one item
    of unsolicited advice: “yelling therapy”
    in the kitchen.
    I know you’re not the yelling types,
    but that just makes it better.
    You yell:

    “You dumb b—, I give and give and give
    and line up all the ducks for you and
    relatives I’ve never heard of before, can’t
    you at least walk a little faster..”


    You dumb “b—d”, are you going out again Norm?
    Let me guess, are you going to buy “something”??
    Harley’s got a new motorcycle now that’s all
    leather, leather everything, nothing to
    accessorize. Buy that. Leather fuel tank
    and odometer. Everything. It’s a real time saver…”

    Do not throw frozen food or coffee.

    Striking poses is for the workplace, not for
    your partner, so sorry, two items. Cabo San Lucas
    and Tiffany await: the guy behind the counter
    is named Geronimo, because that’s the name his
    mom gave him but he knows how to talk about
    the Keystone Pipeline and the United States moving
    the Rio Grande international boundary back and
    forth until Abraham Lincoln put a stop to it, so
    naming him was kind of a protest vote. Guys can be
    millionaires and still not know how to buy their
    wife anything nice.

    Great that everything has worked out.

    Cabo Surf Hotel has sharp rocks
    but surfers manage. Don’t make me say
    it again.


  2. I’m sorry.

    Having watched the website a while now
    there’s still a truck load of positive stuff there,
    so no one has anything to regret.

    I wish you both well.


  3. After sittin’ around in Hillbilly church
    this morning and before bothering people in
    Orange County becomes a legitimate tax
    deduction, I’ve decided no one needs my
    made in Canada solutions to problems.

    But I will still angle for the lawyer with
    bike TV show, HBO, there’s got to be something
    to make that work, a little bit funny too makes
    the world go round.

    Forget lawyer. Orange County Chopper Court/Bike Judge.


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