American Chopper, the end of a 10 year Saga

From left to right, Paul Sr., Mikie, and Paul Jr. of American Choppers

Well tonight the last episode of American Chopper was aired and after a 10 year run, the show is finally over.

On August 13, 2012 I paid a little visit to Orange County Chopper and you can read a little post about it by clicking here. I will post extensive video on my trip to OCC later on.

The gist of this article is about the American Chopper show.

I will admit, I have watched the show for the past 10 years and have written several articles about it here in the Biker Law Blog. If you want to read my previous articles go to the search box on the top of the right sidebar and type in American Chopper. A list of the articles I have written will appear.

No matter what you or I think about the motorcycles Orange County Chopper and Paul Junior Designs built over the years, you have to admit, these guys out lasted most of the bike builders that I have become familiar with over the past decade. There is a long list of motorcycle builders including Jesse James who basically disappeared, all the while, Orange County Choppers and American Chopper continued plugging along.

I am not sure if the show was cancelled or the players did not want to be on the show anymore, it seems to me that their entire operation revolved around the show. Who knows if Orange County Choppers and Paul Junior Designs will survive without American Chopper? Maybe the Discovery Channel will do some kind of spin-off.

I am going to miss watching these guys build bikes. What is ironic is that I am I am sure all of you have gone though many things over the 10 years that American Chopper had its run.

I think that the years 2000-2010 consisted of one hell of a biker and motorcycle popularity craze, which the bad economy and other factors has ended. I have seen many acquaintances that I have ridden with over the past 10 years die in motorcycle accidents, disappear, or quit riding motorcycles.

So at least to me with American Choppers going away, it also signals an end of an era to me in my personal life and so on.

The good news is that the biker and motorcycle scene is still going very strong, albeit not as strong as years past. I am going to miss watching America Choppers and the dysfunctional family behind it building funky motorcycles. I am sure they made a small fortune over the past 10 years while entertaining us all.

Good by American Choppers.

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By California Motorcycle Accident Attorney and Biker Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez, © December 18, 2012

5 thoughts on “American Chopper, the end of a 10 year Saga

  1. Hi:

    “my eleven year relationship and three year marriage
    to Elizabeth have come to an end..”

    Before I pull my foot out of my mouth and put in
    the other one because then there’s extra room…
    what are you talking about??

    You were both grateful for surviving a Wyoming
    RV crash and having each other for support one post up? What happenned? None of my business but further
    explanation perhaps needed because I don’t have a
    Youtube video for that one. Sometimes motorcyle
    riding does stop eventually, you’re smart, you’re
    successful, what gives? Less American Choppers and
    everyone lives longer.

    Even if you’re not sick everyone gets older instantly:
    money does not cover this jolt, it’s why people
    stay together, God kept you and yours on the road all
    these years before going off the road in Wyoming and
    thought about you when we just don’t really think about him. I have had a complete reversal of thinking
    between 47 and 54. Not saying that’s everyone’s road map.

    Less is more, even in California.


    1. Yes Harvey we had a great vacation, but unfortunately when we got home it all kind of fell apart. We can only control ourselves. Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. With that being said, it is time for me to move on in my life.


  2. When people say Harvey, I know I’ve walked into the
    office by mistake, so I’ll leave it alone. If money,
    work and Harley are making everyone’s headspace a
    lot to small these days then maybe that should be
    examined how it works over time witout acrimony or
    trying to recover any romance. You both appear to be
    obviously very capable individuals who enrich the lives of others on a daily basis with or without
    motorcycles. I hope you can make it work out, but
    I won’t comment again.

    American Chopper? Who cares about them? Father and son disgaree all time like they had the constitution
    folded up in their wallets to refer to to justify
    themselves; I always wonder why the non-arguing staff
    doesn’t just quit on a daily basis…

    Remember how you thought when you were in the Army?
    Maybe claw some of that efficiency back right about now. I don’t want to sound like an idiot, but the
    Cabo San Lucas vacation at the Santa Fe was actually
    very, very good, maybe you and yours give that a try.


    American Chopper

  3. What?

    Like straighten up and fly right with
    aircraft carriers and everything?

    You Tube: Dance Party in Iraq
    7,000,000 + views thumbnail for
    something really fun.

    For Christmas I’m installing shelving just
    like they have at the liqour store. One
    bottle here, one bottle there, you forget
    and it’s embarrassing and 911 doesn’t help.

    Happy New Year.

    have at the liquor store.

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