A Horrible Crash in Ocotillo Wells, California, Kills 5, including 4 Members of the Saddle Tramps Motorcycle Club

Scene of accident that killed 4 members of the Saddle tramps MC
Scene of accident that killed 4 members of the Saddle tramps MC

*** November 16, 2010, Update – The driver of the Dodge Avenger is not going to be charged with drunk driving because no alcohol was found in his system. It was originally reported by the C.H.P. that they smelled alcohol on his breath.

A group of riders from the Saddle Tramps Motorcycle Club, a San Diego County club, were riding on Saturday, November 13, 2010, on Route 98, which is a rural freeway, about 80 miles east of San Diego, to celebrate their 10th anniversary, when there was a horrific accident that killed 4 of them including a husband and wife on one motorcycle.

The riders were in a group, when an idiot in a Gold Honda revved up behind them and repeatedly tried to pass the group of motorcycles by crossing over into the lane of oncoming traffic to the left of the motorcycles.

The Gold Honda then caused a Dodge Avenger that was in the opposing lane, to crash into the group of motorcycles as he attempted to swerve out the way of the idiot in the Gold Honda who was trying to pass the pack of motorcycles.

The Avenger then plowed into the group of motorcycles, killing 4 of them. A passenger in the Dodge Avenger was also killed.

The idiot in the Gold Honda who caused the crash by speeding in the wrong lane of traffic, then kept on going and got away for now.

The California Highway Patrol is looking for the guy in the Honda, which did not suffer any damage in the accident.

Witnesses said that the driver of the Honda was wearing a baseball cap. If anyone has any information, they are requested to call the California Highway Patrol.

The C.H.P., arrested the driver of the Dodge Avenger on suspicion of drunk driving because he had alcohol on his breath, however officials do not consider him to be at fault in the accident, because he was forced off of the road by the idiot in the Honda.

Several other bikers who were injured in the accident were airlifted to hospitals.

What lessons can be learned by this day of carnage? There are two; (1) Live each day as though it is going to be your last, because you never know when your number will come up; and (2) if a car comes up behind you very fast, and tries to pass you, yield if you can do so safely. Put your turn signal on, and move to the right, or even get off if you can.

I am not saying this accident could have been prevented, I am saying that when it is car against motorcycle, the car will always win no matter how tough you are, or how in the right you are.

My prayers and condolences go out to the members and the families of the Saddle Tramps Motorcycle Club.

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November 15, 2010 Update: Click here to read a detailed story about the accident on Yahoo News.

By California Motorcycle Accident Attorney, and Biker Lawyer, Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © October 14, 2010

12 Responses to A Horrible Crash in Ocotillo Wells, California, Kills 5, including 4 Members of the Saddle Tramps Motorcycle Club

  1. My heart goes out to all members, families and friends of the Saddle Tramps for the loss of their loved ones involved in the senseless and trajic accident in Ocitillo. I hope my prayers and the feelings from my soul finds them and helps with their next ride throughout the heavens.



  3. Being a long time rider I am appalled at the level of carnage that took place because of stupidity on the part of drivers like the guy in the Gold Honda as well as the guy in the Avenger. Sure, we riders, try to stay in tight formation for many reasons. One being that old adage of “safety in numbers” but like you said, when it’s a car vs bike, bikes lose…no matter how many of them are in the group. In fact, the group riding issue becomes more of the cause only because of the “cue ball” effect of being hit from any direction. I’m sad for those brothers and sisters we just lost. I’m pissed at the guy whose impatience caused this and I’m sorry for the injured as well as the children of those who were taken from us much too soon. Someone has to pay! Why does it have to be the family? 🙁

  4. This is awful. I hope the driver of the Honda is located and put in jail. I am glad that witnesses stopped. We live in a society where folks do not want to be bothered.
    Prayers are with this club.
    One must wonder why the Honda driver was in such a hurry?

  5. God bless the family and friends i will pray for all of you. Please if anyone has info on the Other car or you know who it is come forward and report it to the proper people. Out of the respect for the family’s involved please turn yourself in.
    Biker’s unite and take care of the family’s.

  6. This is all so wrong. That damn drunk driver is just as much guilty as the guy in the honda civic. If he hadn’t been drinking, he would not have been traveling that road at the time the Saddle Tramps were. He more then likely would have already drove it to where ever he was going. Besides, he was DRUNK! He shouldn’t have beed on the road! PERIOD!!!
    My GOD! Don’t let this drunkin ass lick get away with this! It’s not fair to the ones who lost their lives. The rest of the Saddle Tramp members need to realize this & do something. Honor the Brothers & Sisters who died. They don’t even know what happened to them. They don’t even know they are dead! But we do know. This is just too much. I can’t believe the law is so ignorant to all this. The Fu_ker was DRUNK Dam_it! If he hadn’t have been drunk, this would never have happened even though the guy in the honda civic was at fault. If the Pr*ck wasn’t drunk, he wouldn’t have been on that road at that time. But he was & he was DRUNK! He is GUILTY!

      • He probably didn’t go to the right because he knew he would be killed if he and the honda civic hit head on. Are you sure he wasn’t drunk. I haven’t read anything about that. Only that he was drunk. If he wasn’t, then sorry for my bad mouth. But if he was drunk, then he should be punished. Have they found the guy in the honda civic yet? Maybe they should check DMV records for all honda civic’s within a 100 within the boarder. I know that alot to look thru, but hey. Isn’t that what a cops job is about also? Shit! Cops are all running scared these days. And a scared cop is a dangerous cop. Right?

        • I am not sure of anything, but I did read in a newspaper report that the driver of the Avenger was released because his test came out negative. I am sure if you search Google, you will find it.

          I am sure everything is being done to find the driver of the Honda. I cannot tell you how many of my clients get hit by hit and run drivers and we never find the hit and run driver.

          This whole thing is a tragedy.

          • Ok. Thank you. It’s really sad to know that the hit and run drivers never are found. You’d think that someone would turn a hit and run driver in if they know who it may be. How low can some people really get? It’s such a shame.

  7. This is awful. I hope the driver of the Honda is located and put in jail. I am glad that witnesses stopped. We live in a society where folks do not want to be bothered. Prayers are with this club. One must wonder why the Honda driver was in such a hurry?

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