County to pay $8.8 million to families of pedestrians fatally struck by deputy – Bakersfield Californian

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KERO-TV 23 County to pay $8.8 million to families of pedestrians fatally struck by deputy Bakersfield Californian Cohn said anyone — including law enforcement officers — who drives almost twice the legal speed limit and hits and kills someone…

Norman Gregory Fernandez‘s insight:

There is no excuse for law enforcement to not follow basic traffic laws unless they are on a call which requires lights and sirens.  I have dealt with cases where my client was hit by a suspect in a police chase,  while riding his motorcycle.  It was not pretty.  I have personally observed law enforcement drive at excessive speed with no lights or sirens, not use turn signals,  and even put lights on for a few seconds just to skirt a traffic light.  This case is a horrible example of what can happen when law enforcement violated the rules of the road without justification. 


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3 Responses to County to pay $8.8 million to families of pedestrians fatally struck by deputy – Bakersfield Californian

  1. Bastards! Run Donner! Run Blitzen!

    Hey, officer Rudolph, what’s the hurry?
    Don’t you signal your turns anymore on
    the way to full pension early retirement
    summer camp while the rest of us still
    go to work? That’s right, attitude is
    everything, lead by example without hitting
    someone from behind.

    If this is a problem than Southern California
    is the new normal: send em up here to
    Waterloo Regional where dope selling officers
    have their noses put out of joint because they’re
    suspended with pay and think it’s morally
    wrong that other officers testify against them
    because “they’re breaking the code of the
    brotherhood”. Home intruders have better logical
    reasoning skills than that.
    (One officer was fired while the rest of the
    “brotherhood” couldn’t remember where they
    were that night under oath.) Even the newspaper
    abandoned that story.

    It’s so cold here. I want to go to a happy
    place. I don’t want to go to Starbucks
    and have “friends” say “we gave the Sons of
    Anarchy your address two months ago, how come
    you’re still walking around?” I don’t know.
    Here sit on my library card, see if it fits.

    rockin robin where are ya.


    • O3/17-03/25 Everything OK! Sunshine and palm trees
      everywhere. Hydro electric wires never looked so good.
      Police everywhere too. A big thank you to American
      Airlines and a hefty re-booking fee. YouTube:
      Cabo 2014. My thumbnail after boobs and drinking
      thumbnails. Last time I force anyone to watch
      something. Cadillac at end of video is a rental
      so browsers shouldn’t email Youtube administration
      asking how loser got such a nice car.(It was nice)
      Hey Soul Sister too short so I used Radio Ga Ga.

      Yo! Tidbit Think Tank Warden, who do (not guilty)
      people have to call at the California Bar Association
      to ask for a larger font? Revision looks good,
      but maybe one size up.

      Hurry up on TV show and/or book.


  2. I agree, even law enforcement officers need to follow traffic laws at all times, except when there’s a high speed chase situation that involves sounding police sirens. It’s a good thing that this pedestrian was able to find a good lawyer to get him the compensation that he deserved from the county. I hope that $8.8 million is enough to compensate for the injuries he sustained.

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