Is the Sons of Anarchy TV Show a Biker Soap Opera?

Sons of Anarchy TV show is a biker soap operaI saw a comment from one of my Facebook friends wherein he stated that he just got through watching “Days of our Sons of Anarchy” which was a jab at the popular TV show Sons of Anarchy, comparing it to the “Days of our Lives” women’s soap opera on TV.

Unfortunately, I will admit to watching the TV show since the beginning.

I have been in motorcycle clubs, plus some of my friends are extras on the show playing both Sons and Mayans.

At least for me the bottom line is that the TV show has become, and probably has been nothing more than a biker soap opera the entire time.

One of my good friends, who has ridden in a club with me and who some would consider to be a hardcore biker called me last week after one of the shows to discuss a specific thing that happened in the show. He was dead serious about the issue.

It reminded me of my mom many years ago, discussing General Hospital with one of her friends.

In the back of my mind I was laughing. Here is this hardcore biker dude calling me about something that was shown on the Sons of Anarchy TV show.

The TV show only shows a trivial amount of actual riding on motorcycles. It does show a bunch of guys running around with cuts on, but all in all, the TV show is designed to keep you wanting to come back and watch some more.

The Sons of Anarchy TV show has no basis in biker reality other than the fact that there are dudes on the show wearing motorcyle club patches and who ride motorcycles from time to time.

Hell the only reason I have watched it this long is because my Digital Video Recorder (DVR), is set to record the show each week.

One interesting thing that I have seen as an outcrop from the Sons of Anarchy TV show is a bunch of guys riding around with Sons of Anarchy t-shirts that look like soft cuts, (a soft cut is a shirt that has a motorcycle club patch printed on the back and that can only be worn by members), and even guys wearing Sons of Anarchy cuts. (a cut is a leather or denim vest with a members motorcycle club patch on it only for members)

I have even seen purported Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club chapters popping up all over the nation.

These guys do not realize that there are real motorcycle club members worldwide who worked very hard to earn their motorcycle club patches, and they may not be too kind to a guy that sticks on a Sons of Anarchy patch that was purchased off of eBay, to make him look like a real motorcycle club member.

If you watch the TV show, fine, however, don’t be stupid enough to show up at motorcycle events with Sons of Anarchy soft cuts or real cuts, you may get yourself into trouble with real deal club members.

I have seen another new trend on the internet, and in real life, there are a bunch of new riding clubs and motorcycle clubs popping up because of the TV show.

I have seen one group in particular that I will not name, wearing cuts with front name badges, side rockers, the works. They only have one a one piece patch in the back, but the color of their patches is the same as the guys on the TV show.

I think it is a big mistake for these guys to be wearing cuts the way they are. I would not want to be anywhere near them when they get confronted by a real motorcycle club.

If you are not in a real and recognized motorcycle club, you should not be putting on club patches and pretending you are in a real club. It can only lead to trouble.

On one last note, in all my experience riding with and dealing with motorcycle clubs throughout the years, I have never seen anything go on like what goes on in the TV show.

So there it is, the next time you watch the TV show Sons of Anarchy, remember, you are watching a soap opera.

By California Motorcycle Accident Attorney, and Biker Lawyer, Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © November 17, 2011

12 Responses to Is the Sons of Anarchy TV Show a Biker Soap Opera?

  1. “These guys do not realize that there are real motorcycle club members worldwide who worked very hard to earn their motorcycle club patches, and they may not be too kind to a guy that sticks on a Sons of Anarchy patch that was purchased off of eBay, to make him look like a real motorcycle club member.”

    I find that fascinating. I understand why an MC would not want someone wearing one of *their* cuts or patches, but why would they care if they were wearing some other MC patch, real or imaginary?
    (I’m genuinely asking, not quarreling with your statement.)

    I often ride with guys who are members of a and they wear big HOG patches on cuts that I believe are designed to make them look like part of an MC. Your statement makes me want to think twice about riding to the next motorcycle event with them.

    I’d wonder the same for a bunch of other “99%” MCs that don’t have the same kind of initiation as a group like H**** A****, B********, etc.

    • Matt first off I edited your post to remove the actual club names that you posted. We do not put club names on this blog without permission.

      There is a protocol within the motorcycle club world that has been followed for many years. I did not make it, but I know about it. Part of the protocol is that out of respect for long existing clubs, a new club will meet with existing clubs before flying new patches. I am not going to write a dissertation on the subject, nor was this the intent of my article.

      If you want to find out why clubs or members of real clubs may have a problem with guys wearing fake patches and riding around acting like they are in clubs, you should actually go and talk to real club members. I am sure they will tell you what they think. There are also websites on the Internet that are dedicated to motorcycle club education.

      I doubt any real club member would have a problem with someone wearing a HOG patch, but then again, you never know. This is the kind of thing that may vary depending upon the club or geographic area you are in. Each area may be different. Do some research.


  2. First off, sorry for the breach of protocol. I will refrain from using specific MC names.

    The research I’ve done is 20 years of riding in the PacNorWest and Midwest. Never had any trouble, even with the local “1%” MC. Though I’ve personally never worn anything other than a reflective Harley logo on the back, I’ve ridden with plenty of guys who do wear HOG and “faux” patches.

    But I’ve never ridden in your neck of the woods. And until CA recognizes my CWP, I never will. Not holding my breath. (And now that I hear this, my rule of never riding without carrying seems validated. I don’t wouldn’t want to be unarmed because someone has a problem with a friend wearing a Wild Hogs (movie reference, apologies if this is an actual club) patch.

    Anyway, like I said: Fascinating.

    Thanks for the blog, I’ve never commented before (I think) but always read new posts when they pop up.

    • My golden rule is that unless you are in a recognized motorcycle club, you should refrain from wearing any club patches on the back of your vest or jacket. I am not talking about an American Flag or a Harley Davidson Logo, or some other patch that they sell at the rallies that anybody would know is not a club patch, I am talking about club patches.

      I have been riding in California without a concealed weapon for 31 years. I have ridden with many club members and to events that have many club members present. I have had no problems whatsoever. The only time I would think that you could have a problem is if you start pretending to be a club member when you are not.

      Almost universally most motorcycle club members are enthusiast that just want to have a good time. They are human beings just like you and me.

      This is just my personal opinion. With respect to the motorcycle club world, there are websites that educate on the subject. Each area is different.


  3. I for one never seen this show nor am I interested in watching it. It’s a load of equine manure, if you ask me. The show is just capitalizing on the motorcycle craze that’s on its final gasps. I think it should be called “Sons of Analchy” instead. This way the fools that wear this bullshit outdoors can be recognized for what they really are, “anal cavities.” This is the reason I stopped riding in groups; I could no longer stand all the posing of grown men and women pretending to be some kind of wayward revel. What the fuck happened to just riding. We are such a fucking immature and bored society that we can’t seem to find joy in anything without attaching some kind of label to be identified as belonging somewhere. What ever happened to being a fucking individual? I wish people would just fucking grow up and understand that riding a motorcycle while wearing all that leather crap does not make you a bad ass. They just look like fucking clowns on wheels.

  4. Some of us wear leather in case we lay down the bike, not to look like bad asses.

    I did find a good article explaining the difference between 3 piece patches and 1 piece patches that made a lot of sense and is consistent with my experience. I’d link it, but it was on an MC’s website.

  5. Just an observation but what happens when people who watch the show and actually believe that it’s true are called for jury duty in a case where a biker or bikers are involved – that can’t be a good thing.

    I suppose the same thing could be said for people who watched the Soprano’s.

    Soap Opera or not, I’m thinking that in the long run, no good will come from this show whether it’s somebody getting beaten/killed for wearing a three piece cut or people just believing it’s real life.

  6. Maybe it’s about time men admitted that they could have and enjoy their own genre of soap operas. “Action” soap operas. It’s been a big part of the Japanese Anime scene, already, and lots of guys are aware of this trend.

    I am both ashamed at myself and entertained by the series. It obviously does not represent any reality, but it does bring to mind some interesting questions about life and relationships. Maybe it would be a good thing to have men considering such issues more. 😀

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