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Biker and Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Blog

A Little Ride Video to Las Vegas

In December 2009, I took a little ride to Las Vegas. I was supposed to meet up with some friends along the way, but I ended up not meeting up with them until we got to Nevada.

Now I know some of you cannot ride in December due to snow and weather. Well here on the South West Coast we basically have year round riding. The below video proves it.

YouTube Preview Image

For me as a true Biker Lawyer and Motorcycle Accident Attorney, just give me an excuse to ride and I will be there. Unlike some other poser attorney’s out there claiming that they are “Motorcycle Attorney’s.” I am the real deal.

I have literally met up with hundreds if not thousands of Bikers and Motorcyclist from all over the United States and Europe. I love riding my motorcycle just like you do.

I love riding my motorcycle to Las Vegas, Nevada. Not necessarily because I like going to Las Vegas, but I flat out like to ride my motorcycle, and Las Vegas is another excuse to ride.

I shot this video during a ride to Las Vegas in December 2009. Some of the video was shot while riding my Electra Glide, with me holding my HD camcorder in my left hand, while holding the handlebar and throttle with my right hand.

Toward the end of the video, I took some video of me riding with my friends in a pack. This video is unique in that you can get in the saddle with me and see what it is like ride an Electra Glide solo and in a pack.

I am planning on taking many more videos of my rides in the future.


By Biker Lawyer and California Motorcycle Accident Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © 2010

7 Responses to A Little Ride Video to Las Vegas

  1. Norm from where you live how far is it to Las Vegas?? My friend, the economy or the wife’s law school tuition does not seem to have affected your life style in the least. Law School is very expensive. My older brother graduated from Louisville Law School in the late 70’s…Dad almost went broke!!

  2. That is so true. I just heard that Port St. Lucie County, Florida laid off 10% of their legal department. I have a friend here in town who is first a Criminal Lawyer but does do some Family Law. He said folks are not divorcing just living apart. He did say that Bankruptcy work is rabid!! He does not do that work at all.
    300 miles is a very nice trip. Do you ride it all in one day?? 300 miles is about the limit for my butt on the back of a motorcycle. Our seat is very “comfortable.”

  3. I look forward to your trips. Your trips are like a book. My Grandma told me as a child that reading takes you places you may never go. You sir have taken me to a lot of new places. Did you read the email I sent you yesterday??

  4. Vegas is about 300 miles. I think the econcomy has affected everyone to some extent. There are aspects of my practice that are certainly slower than in lets say 2007. Family law is way down as well as general civil litigation. There are more attorney’s on the streets as big firms lay off.


  5. We also do criminal but we do not do bankruptcy. The depression is definitely keeping more families together which may be a good thing I don’t know.

    Yea Las Vegas is a one way 300 mile or so trip. That is a medium trip for me. We will sometimes do 600 miles or more easily in a day. We ride to San Francisco often and that is a 400 mile trip.

    We have a Mustang dual seat which is also very comfortable. That is the main thing if you are going to put some distance on a motorcycle, a comfortable saddle. You can read about the Mustang Saddle on here if you search for it.

    We have lots of medium to long distance trips planned for spring and summer this year. You will read about them on here!


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