Jesse James reaches out to his wife Sandra Bullock after Affair Allegations are Reported.

academy award winning actress Sandra Bullock Jesse James has issued a public apology to his wife, academey award winning actress Sandra Bullock, and his three kids.

He is taking full responsibility for their troubles.

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James have been married for five years. They met on the set of Jesse James TV show Monster Garage.

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee alleges that she had an affair with Jesse James for almost a year.

“There is only one person to blame for this whole situation, and that is me,” James said in a public statement. “It’s because of my poor judgment that I deserve every bad thing that is coming my way.”

Bullock was selected as one of People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 1996 and 1999, and was also ranked #58 in Empire magazine’s Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time list. She just won a Best Actress Academy Award a few weeks ago.

Bullock has cancelled an appearance at a European premier of her latest movie citing personal problems, and has reportedly moved out of the family home.

Although James insists that the vast majority of the allegations against him are not true, the marital situation does not look good.

Michelle McGee has also provided more evidence of her relationship with James by posting text messages that were sent to her by Jesse James.

The text messages only made the situation worse. In fact, McGee went so far to discuss details about his body parts in a recent magazine. However, she is the other one to blame in this sad situation. It appears that she may have ulterior reasons for publicizing the affair.

Jesse James had it all. Just four nights ago, Sandra Bullock was praising him in the public spotlight. She has been by his side on during numerous trials and tribulations.

Jesse James of West Coast Choppers and Monster Garage fameBullock moved out of the Los Angeles home she shared with James and his kids after it was revealed that her husband had the affair with the tattooed model. The tattoo model works for an adult website. She said their affair blossomed on the first night they met.

Jesse James and Monster Motorcycle Reality TV Shows

Jesse James is the CEO of West Coast Choppers. The company builds custom-made motorcycles. James is the current host of “Jesse James is a Dead Man” on Spike TV and former host of “Monster Garage” on the Discovery Channel.

James is the owner of the Cisco Burger restaurant. It opened on April 28, 2006 and is located just down the street from West Coast Choppers. The 1950s style hamburger stand is named after his beloved pit bull who recently passed away. The restaurant features Angus beef burgers, low-fat burritos, organic vegetables, and biodegradable wrappings.

In 2000, the Discovery Channel made the documentary “Motorcycle Mania,” which chronicled the life of Jesse James. The show motorcycle mania was the beginning of the great motorcycle reality show bonanza of the early 2000’s.

Michelle "Bombshell" McGeeThe Discovery Channel approached James with another offer to host a new show called “Monster Garage.” The features him and a crew of mechanics building modified vehicles under short deadlines.

James later established Payupsucker Productions, under which he produced shows like “History of the Chopper,” and “Iraq Confidential with Jesse James” to name a few.”

He also appeared on the second season of Celebrity Apprentice. Each celebrity played to raise money for a favorite charity. James selected to pay the “Long Beach Education Foundation.”

Jesse James has built up a large following of motorcycle enthusiasts, bikers, and average people.

California Biker Lawyer and Motorcycle Accident Attorney, 2010

25 Responses to Jesse James reaches out to his wife Sandra Bullock after Affair Allegations are Reported.

  1. I am a big Sandra Bullock fan. She is just a wonderful and delightful person. I am very disappointed in Jessie. What in the world was he thinking??? Maybe he was not thinking.

  2. What do the spammers gain except making work for you?? I do not even know what a spammer is. Things are getting worse for Jessie as far as what is being reported. Sandra should be allowed to tar and feather him on the County Court House Square. I am disgusted by his poor actions and decisions. Seems like the tattoo lady will make a bunch of money squealing like a pig. I think Jessie is wishing he had kept his pecker in his pants.

  3. Well said Norm. I too think you should be faithful in a marriage. I am on her side 100%. In today’s society, it is best to get rid of a “cheat”. There are too may diseases out there that will kill you. I am sure she is just heartbroken. His young daughter, Sunny will suffer because of his poor actions. Sandy has raised that little one like she gave birth to her. I hope that Sandy finds peace and comfort with her family and beloved sister. Again, shame on Jessie. Beside believing in Jessie she always stood by him in his “crap” and was supportive. Sandy has never been trash magazine material. She has always stayed out of the gossip rags. She is in fact just a beautiful lady and has compassion for her fellow man and loved her family. Norm, you are a good man and honorable. Your wife is very lucky. I hope God blesses you with a long and happy marriage. You have the right attitude.

  4. I was just looking…again, at the picture of the lady Jessie cheated with and I gotta tell you, she is scary looking. I can’t imagine wanting to crawl in bed with something that looks like her. Ask your wife…she is just awful looking. really awful looking when you compare to sandy Bullock!!! That gal sure ain’t no lady!!!

  5. Well said Norm!! Especially with the diseases that are out there in these times. One must wonder if Jessie knows what the word “honorable” means!!

  6. Looks like the Tiger Woods story!! More women are coming out of the woodwork!! Shame on Jessie. I am so disappointed in him. I can only imagine the pain our American Sweetheart is going through and how that family must be suffering. I do say Jessie’s personal taste in women is disgusting.

  7. I know Ed. I am banning their URL’s as they submit them, and not publishing their posts. I may change the software that runs the blog so that registered users do not see posts that are not approved. If I do this it will be a major deal and a lot of work. For now, we will just have to live with me banning them!


  8. A spammer sends unsolicited messages via email or postings for a commercial purpose. On here they are trying to get me to approve their posts which have a link back to their websites. The more incoming links they have the better their ranking will be with search engines such as Google or so they think. So I am forced to deal with these idiots on a daily basis. If I switch the platform the Biker Law Blog runs on it may get better.

    With respect to Jessie, I may not get many brownie points in the biker community, but I feel that no man should cheat on his wife. If you are going to get married, you treat each other as though you would want to be cheated. I have friends who know Jessie, we all envied him for being chosen by a great gal. She did not deserve this BS. She actually believed in him.



    • I absolutely adore Sandra Bullock.
      Why the heck would “anyone” be mean-spirited enough to comment on a Blog that ” for some reason” they don’t like someone.
      I wonder what Sandra did to cause the dislike?
      Sandra does a lot of good things with her money for less fortunate. Never heard her be anything but a “class act” when her marriage fell apart. Not once did she make any negative comments about Jesse. God know she could have unloaded.
      I wish more movie stars & celebrities took a page from her behavior. I think she is a beautiful class act. A natural beauty at that.

  9. Nothing excuses Jesse James’ actions, but if you look past the hype, they’ve both handled the situation like I would have expected–Ms. Bullock, with the strength and grace for which she’s famous, and Mr. James, with an outright apology. Good luck to both of them, I say.

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