Orange County Chopper Father and Son in Bitter Lawsuit

American Chopper - Orange County Chopper Lawsuit
Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul M. Teutul jr.

I am sure that many of you in the motorcycle world have watched the TV show American Chopper. American Chopper is a reality TV show about the company Orange County Choppers. Its stars are the infamous Teutul family; Paul Teutul Sr., his son Paul Jr., and of course Mikey.

Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul M. Teutul had a very public falling out, which was chronicled on American Chopper. In the Season 6 premiere, Paul Sr. and son had a contentious contract dispute, which led to Paul Jr.’s departure from the company. After a brief reconciliation, Paul Jr. left the OCC for good to explore other opportunities. In later episodes, Paul Jr. was seen working as a consultant at Orange County Choppers.

It has been reported that Paul Sr. sent a letter to Paul Jr. exercising an alleged right to purchase Paul Jr.’s share of the stock he owns in Orange County Choppers since Paul Jr. no longer works there.

Paul Teutul, Sr. claims he had a deal with his son, Paul M. Teutul, in which he could buy his son’s stock from the Orange County Choppers Holdings, Inc. motorcycle company.

The father, who appears on the television show alongside his son, sent Teutul, Jr. a letter saying he would be exercising his right to buy the stock.

Paul Sr. apparently has filed the lawsuit to the Supreme Court of New York; however I have not seen a copy of the lawsuit heretofore. He also filed a suit against Orange County Choppers, Inc.

In the lawsuit, he claimed damages in excess of $1 million and is asking for an order from the judge to force his son to give him the stock.

My take on the situation is this; yes I have watched the show for years. It is better than watching some of the other crap on TV I will tell you that.

I have been a businessman since I was in my 20’s, when I first got venture capital to start Daylight Data Corporation in Los Angeles, and am now running a successful California law firm.

Being successful at business requires management expertise, capital, and luck. It appears to me that Paul Teutul Sr. has been a very successful businessman. He started out installing railings; he worked hard and built his business into a metal manufacturing company, and then started Orange County Choppers. He then used the TV show American Choppers as a marketing vehicle to build his successful business.

There is no doubt that his son really did help with Orange County Choppers, however, in the end, it is the businessman who keeps a company going.

I learned in law school that you never want to represent friends or family because you will never do well enough in their eyes no matter the outcome in a case.

You would think family run businesses would be the easiest to run because of the trust factor. Let me tell you, it takes a special kind of family to stick together to run a business. Unlike other businesses where you can hire and fire at will, it is kind of hard to fire your son, or your brother, etc.

It is a shame that the Teutul’s family business relationship has apparently broken down. My personal take on the situation is that Paul Jr.’s head grew too big for his britches. He designed motorcycles, he started making money, he got the big house, he got the nice looking girlfriend, he obtained fame, etc. He started screwing off at work. Not coming in on time. He became unreliable to his father. Above all, he disrespected his father on national television.

Look, I know full well Paul Sr. is an asshole sometimes. Hell, he and my father would get along well if they were too meet. Paul Sr. did not ask anything more of his son, than a son should give to his father and a family owned business.

Without Paul Sr.’s capital, management expertise, and experience, Orange County Choppers would be a non entity. Motorcycle designers and fabricators are a dime a dozen. Paul Jr. could be, and has been replaced. I think Orange County Choppers are putting out their best motorcycles now.

I think Paul Sr. wants nothing more than to have his sons with him; as sons, not as monsters.

In my honest opinion, Paul Jr. should go to his father, apologize for being an asshole to his father, make amends, and jump back into the family business. Maybe when his money starts to run out he will.

Life is too short and you only get one father in this world. Paul Jr. and Mickey should jump back on the team for the big win, especially for their family.

Good luck to Orange County Choppers in all of their endeavors.

By California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer and California Biker Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © 2010

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  1. You CAN always hire someone with a good business sense, they are being shot out of schools daily. You CANNOT alway hire someone to create the bikes Jr. made. No one was buying the bikes Sr. was making! Jr. put him on the map. Time will tell but the creativity is at Paul Jr. Design, that is what people want!

    • You kidding me? 95% of all business fail. You can be the best at any craft and fail because of how the business is ran. Education teaches you how to work for someone. I agree with the article. Jr will run out of capital. I think for sure if the show ends and there is no more free publicity. OCC is branded and is self sustainable now without the show.

      • now after 1 year later occ is going down and pjd is keep growing and expanding meanwhile occ can’t pay their debt ond try to move to the old building. i saw the 911’s bike memorial and pjd’s 911 bike memorial. pjd is by far building the best bike. creativity is not something u can learn in any school. will u admit that u were wrong, i hardly doubt it.

        • What do you mean OCC is going down. They got a loan modification on their mortgage. In order to do that they had to not pay for a few months. All in all I like OCC’s bikes better than PJD’s bikes. To be frank I would not ride any of their bikes. What, did you have a problem with your father growing up?


  2. No doubt the Dad is like mine. VERY VERY oldschool. He loves his son as my Dad did. My Dad made Paul Sr. Look like an angel. I understand now why my Dad was the way he was. You have to be strong to own a business. What did the Dad say? Ill give you stock but I want to see more from you. The son in turn continually came in late and had extended lunches. This has been going on for ever. Could anyone belate all the time and still have a job. When the Dad had it and screamed at the kid pointing out his son’s casual antics. The son said “I made this company.” then he picks up a chair in his boss/Dad’s office and throws it. Why? Because the Dad said stop coming in late and goofing off. Then the Dad says I want to buy back my stock. The son says no so Sr sues him AFTER the son is uncooperative. The son is a spoiled brat. Mikey is just an idiot. I mean what does he do? The Dad goes to the therapist and he bitches. The Dad says lets talk about anything and Mikey does not. Then Mikey doesnt even show up and a coffe shop when he said he ould. Tell me whos being an idiot?

    • You forgot a couple of things,

      1. Yes Jr was coming in late, but the bikes got done on time. I’ve worked in pressure areas like that, TV production for one. When you stay up late working on a project, coming in late is not only normal, in union film, it’s the rule. Your thinking of it as a 9-5 job, and it isn’t. At a 9-5 pace they’d miss a lot of deadlines.

      2. Dad’s offer to by Jr’s stock had the value at 000.00 Now, do you really believe Jr’s what 25% of OCC is worth ZERO?? That’s why he wouldn’t “sell,” actually give his 25% of the Co he helped to build to his father for ZERO. Sr should have made him a good faith offer if he really wanted to buy Jr’s 25%.

      3. Yes Jr blew up, but after being bullied by Sr most of his life. Sr seldom ever turned a wrench, yet was always on Jr to do something quickly, however he had lost touch with how long building parts takes.

      4. Mikey is a lot smarter than given credit for. Can you make a living with out doing anything??? 🙂 Mikey does.

  3. Don’t talk about someone until you have walked in their shoes. Maybe Jr is/was not the perfect son, but from watching this show, he had very little in the way of a father to look up too. A drunk, abusive, both verbally and physical, does not make a good roll model and definitely does not make one have to cowtow to that person after they have helped you with a job, etc. The part me and my sons do not understand about this whole mess is why does Sr keep on talking “trash” about Jr. Why can’t that dirty ole man just shut the hell up and take care of OCC’s business and quit slamming his son. It is not like Jr is his only son, but, he is the only son Sr talks “shit” about. He will never get Mikey back on his side as long as he is against Jr, and also, where is Dan? When did that relationship fall apart? Wake up everyone! You have 3 sons, 3 bad relationships! Not the sons faults. Guess what, it must be dear old daddy’s.

    • He’s the only son that talks and walks thinking he’s the shit he’ll find out the hard way how dare he treat his dad like that if it wasn’t for him he would be a average joe. it’s not all senior

      • He is the only sn that does ANYTHING and when you are the one to do it all, it kind of sucks to hear you are doing it wrong, from someone who really does NOTHING!!!!!! Jr. should not have been disrespectful, but a person could only take soo much. WTF The bitter old man needs to shut his trap, he may have had the funds to back OCC, but he did not by any means have the talent. This is where he needs to go in the office or play golf because I have not watched one episode where Paul SR contributed anything but negativity to the work place… sucks when you are perfect and none compares!~ I am quite sure Paul SR was out banging everything that moved…very convenient to forget what it is like to be young:(

    • And who is that low life trying to get into the middle of Sr and Jr??

      I think the OCC foreclosure thing is a scam thought up by Sr’s lawyer to be able to show in court that Jr’s 20% isn’t worth anything…

  4. Paul Sr. is an arogant egotistical pain in the butt. He’s a control freak. I think this falling out bothers him more than Jr. He takes every opportunity to put his son down. He must know Jr. is going to hear his comments. Its unfortunate that this is playing out on television. Great for ratings. Jr. does not owe Sr. an apology. Perhaps Sr. should encourage his son and wish him well with his new business. If it was just Jr. having problems with Sr. I might say Sr. is not all to blame. It is all Sr. NONE OF HIS SONS TALK TO HIM. He’s the father the patriach of the family. He should figure out a way to bring the family together instead of suing his son for stock options. So immature.

  5. Sr was ALWAYS on Jr’s case about not coming to work exactly on time, etc. In fact, even after Jr left and started up his own company, Sr ALWAYS finds way to talk bad about Jr and also does sophmorish stunts just to try to piss off Jr. He’s just a bitter old man who’s sons don’t want anything at all to do with him anymore. Success got to his head, made him filthy rich and somewhat “in”famous. How many times do you see him design and build a motorcycle? He usually sits in his office and bitches about Jr. Sr is the one who really needs to get professional help and STOP saying that he’s the victim! I am so tired of hearing him bleat that over and over while he thinks of ways to cut down Jr. Jr really doesn’t slam his dad, even when asked by others about what his immature father has done or said about him. Sr is the one who needs to grow up. Personally, I would like the show to continue with Jr and his crew. Mikey is, well, Mikey and doesn’t really add a whole lot to the show other than some benign entertainment.


  7. ive watched the show for years its wrong what sr is doing to jr,he makes an ass of himself the shit he does to jr sr needs to look at himself in the mirror he does not look good at is short they all need to get it together,i feel bad for jr & mickey .there was a time when i didnt see my parents for a long time do to diffent problems{ex-husband}.the point is some day sr is gonna reach out for those boys and there not gonna be there.i have worked for my stepson for many yrs its tuff hes harder on me then any one else cause its family it makes for bad feelings,i wish paul jr all the luck in the world prove to sr you can do it,i never watched a show where sr did the designs made these custom bikes im sure at one time he did or he wouldnt have what he has again with out paul jr what are they putting out? i also think its wrong for sr sueing jr over the faro deal is it so to believe that they contacted him?

  8. I believe Sr. is a jerk to Jr. because he feels guilty for missing out on the first 10 years of Jr.’s life because he was drunk and/or stoned. Sr. can’t give in to the fact that he’s getting old and Paulie is young, successful and still has his whole life ahead of him. Perhaps that’s why he wants a relationship with Mikey…he doesn’t feel threatened by Mikey’s success in the motorcycle fabrication business,altho Mikey I’m sure has his own talents. Same situation probably happened with Danny and the steel company…felt threatened. Why can’t he feel proud of his sons? He taught them his trades…he should feel PRIDE, not resentment. You said it yourself Sr. “life is short” . The almighty $ is not worth the time that you are not enjoying with your sons and their families.

  9. Sr. treats Jr like crap. I dont watch the show for Sr. So in fact if it were not for Jr,,,, OCC would not be as big as it is. Jr made Sr rich and now Sr has all kinds of evil people in his ears giving him bad advice. Paul Jr is the talent Sr is the investor. I’d say he got his money back ten fold,,

  10. paulie and mikey need to realizr how lucky they been mikey don’t do crap besides draw pictures that my 3 year old can paulie thought he could come in at whatever time he wanted and vinnie even use to get pissed off but now hes working 4 him whatever they won’t wake up until it’s to late as far as senior goes keep doing what your doing their brats they been carried to long try not to let them get to ya!!!

  11. … ciao:

    a common , complaint is of jr’s arrival and departure times. on the surface of it, that makes sense. however, given a little thought, that situation takes on a different character. first, it does seem that jr is part owner of the business, not just an employee.
    in addition, rick made mention of sr’s need to vent his anger. from my perspective, that was a function jr had to handle, and given that, the fact he came in at all, laudable at the very least. only a son/daughter would tolerate that kind of ongoing abuse.
    the fact sr has NO relationships with any of his sons, suspect. his daughter, another story.

    sr is one of these men that fail to realize, ommand of one’s self, always trumps having to control another …

  12. I think the show would be better off without all the drama. take off the sons because without there dad they probably would not be nothing or have nothing.when your fathers gone he is gone. the problem with young ones is they don,t know the meaning of respect your elders until the elders are gone

    • You do realize that Discovery channel was set to cancel OCC when Sr fired Jr. And sue Sr for breach of contract right. So if it wasn’t for Jr, the show would have been scrapped long ago. In addition exactly when have you seen Sr build, let alone design a bike. And to have no contact with 3 sons, hmmmm I wonder whose fault that would be.

      • They actually did cancel the show. It came back in the new format Sr. v. Jr. I wrote a couple of articles that you can read on here if you search for American Chopper in the search box. Sr. is a business man, he does not build bikes, he has others do it for him. Jr. does not really build bikes either, he has certain customization skills, but he also needs others to do the sheet metal work, engine work, wiring work, etc. There are very few guys that do everything.


  13. I started watching it again, just coincidence the brutal winter has me indoors. What strikes me is that the show is going down the road of the personal lives in a way that shows the things you should be paying attention too. Sr. has a serious anger management problem and has huge displacement / transference issues. Jr is no saint and is running late, partying too much, what else is new… now when you have that much money, you would think they could solve all their problems. Frankly its turning into a soap opera even looks like the producers did an inside look behind the scenes, which I unfortunately missed. The previews looked ugly if these guys cannot act human to each other how are they going to act human to anyone else. Still smells like a script though.

  14. I have read these comments and some are pure comical. Sr. Is fowl mouth he’s old school from Yonkers, not a hillbilly. Sr. approach may me crass and intimidating but if it was not for his strictness Jr. wouldnt have what he has today. In all companies a non compete exist those who have never signed one lack in the successful department. Both Mikey and Jr. are unappreciative spoiled brats. Boys should grow up and realize you only have one father, good or bad as he is, he could have cut you both loose when you turned 18. Jr. would be eating bon bons in a trailer while watching Queer eye for the straight guy!! Mikey should go to Ethiopia so he can help starving children.

  15. Bottom line Sr. had the money and Jr. had the artistic ability. One without the other and that company would never have gotten to the point it is. It’s a 50/50 deal plain and simple, and they’re both at fault. I understand the other brother that owns the ironworks business now isn’t talking to Sr. either, what’s up there?


  17. If it was not for the discovery channel, they would of been just another bike shop and outta business like the rest of the other custom builders. you seemed to forgot to report on that.

  18. There is no bottom line here. You have two guys with way to much pride. They helped make each other whether or not they choose to see it. Sadly OCC is in some apparent trouble financialy because they expanded at the wrong time like so many other companies. Its sad that its a father and child thing and they are both to stupid to realise they are stronger together. I can’t compare my relationship with my father to theirs, my Dad would have gone to jail and lived in the street for his kids and as a son I would do all in my power to see that that didn’t happen. Remember this isn’t just one of his kids sadly its all but the daughter. PJD might make it they are the right size business for the times and maybe the kid has the chops to make it. It is my hope that whatever really went on is resolved, though it is entertaining T.V.that I hate myself for watching (but I still will)I hate lawyers for this very reason, though I understand their purpose.SR grow up you little stunts don’t make you look too good. JR. keep on the high road. To both swallow pride for family, resist ego for blood, and realise we are only on this earth for a short time..

  19. You must be seeing a different Sr. than the rest of us. Sr. has been a pain in Jr’s side since the beginning and I think for the most part Jr. exhibited a lot of patience and controlled his own temper. What father thinks his son will make peace with him when he sues them; not once but twice now. They had an agreement that Jr. was to get a 25% interest. 25% of nothing is what Sr. offerred to buy him out. That sounds fair!!!! Jr. has moved on, designing and making his own bikes and is trying to live his life while Sr. is fixated with bad mouthing his son or planning some juvenile prank on his son that he knows won’t be found funny by anyone but him or some in his crew who wouldn’t say anything for fear of becoming his new target. Sr. is a jerk who sadly is dead to all three of his sons while he still walks around. As they say “You reap what you sow”.

    • Well put Claudia. Sr is acting like a spoiled brat, never stops running Jr down, and this while he owns 40+ muscle cars and now claims to be too broke to pay his mortgage on the shop. Funny, he doesn’t seem to have any trouble paying the mortgage on his home… It looks to me as if the foreclosure proceedings could be a legal game to attempt to show in court that Jr’s 20% isn’t worth anything.

  20. Father and sons working together never really works, dad is still dad and son is still son in both their eyes.
    I have to disagree with many of you in that Snr wants his prima donna son to work just as the others do. Not just walk off to do things in his personal life.
    Jusy you try walking out at from work to go see something about your house for half a day. Your boss will soon get pissed off at that.

    Jnr thinks he is bigger that OCC, he’s not he is a PART of it as is his father. As Snr started the company and is near the end of the fifties he is entitled to sit back a bit. lets face it he’s had a tough life, some of it his own making in the early years of his life. Since stating out in the steel works he has had to work hard to get it where it was when the other son took over.
    He’s no mug to get where he is today.

    • You make some good points, Jr took advantage of his work time for sure, but the bikes did get done on time. I’d have a lot more sympathy for Sr if he didn’t have a law suit against Jr, and if he’s quit running Jr down.

  21. They should have changed the name of the 01/31 episode to “The Irony Show” – Junior is threatening to fire Odie for showing up late / back-talking jr., ect.
    As Uncle Ted would say: Where have we seen this before? The whole thing hinges on what we’re not seeing — the fight over the dwindling money supply & who gets what – don’t think they ever covered OCC’s fight w/the unions over the building’s const.,or the chapter 11 filing (that the right term, Norm?).
    Seen this type of thing in families w/too much money before – Jr. & Mike thought they had a free ride for the rest of their lives Guess you could call it the “Teutle Curse” especially w/reality TV programs – Happy-go-lucky bikers/lawyers/cooks & bakers every day lives turn into soap operas before your very eyes when they get a smell (just a whiff) of Hollywood / Corporate Sponsor Mega Bucks —
    Sr’s projects actually look better without Jr. –
    Jr’s stuff looks the same (repetitive,pointless activity – indicating mental problems) Maybe they can do a deal w/Dr. Phil for Better ratings…….

    • Odie was being a total jerk, and I wouldn’t blame Jr if he turned around and fired him. I’m sure there are a LOT of talented people who would jump at the chance to work with Jr. Odie reminds me a bit of “Blue Dog” who never understood how lucky he was to be working with the people and talent he was with. And really, what does Odie contribute to a build??? Not much.

      True, the last “Sr” bike was cool, the one for St Jude’s, but look how many people it took to replace Jr! Jr’s still building very nice bikes.

      I always felt for Jr when Sr would ride in on a bike for an unvail as if he had built it all himself, on a bike that he hadn’t touched until just a minute before.

  22. Also on lastnights show odie was fired from PJD for running his mouth.watching the last few show he has been looking to get fired from what i seen.Now he goes and see’s senior he lies to seniors face about what happened.He tells senior Jr has been acting like a jerk when he himself was he tells senior he walked out and quit when in fact jr told him to get out.Senior hires him.SENIOR HE LIED TO YOUR FACE KNUCKHEAD AND YOU GIVE HIM A JOB.fIRE ODIE SHOW HIM YOU WILL NOT TAKE HIS LYING BULL

  23. well if you ask me who really cares it sucks that people are making allot of noise and drama over this, yes this sucks jr has allot of great talent and dad had the money and an existing business though they can work apart it still took both to start it i am a fabricator my self just like allot of talented people are today just remember one thing some of you started by yourself and did the work but if you started with a partner remember they started it with you no matter the outcome you trusted them enough to start a business.

  24. I saw the AC marathon last night on DCY channel. For starters Sr is looking sick, I mean he looks like he might have cancer or something, he is tired and drained. Jr fired the punk for doing exactly the same kind of $hit that he was giving everyone at OCC, coming in late, running the mouth..not giving a shit…. Ironic but he does not see it. Odie is a spy though, a slimy spy at OCC. Nice to see Cody but wonder why he left ? Did not like the volume at OCC..wonder…. Now Jr snatched an insider from OCC and they snagged a few builds with OCC connections. They are in for additional legal woes. Non compete and non disclosure lawsuits are a hard lesson. The designer for the much famed Bratz doll line had to pay up big time and shut his successful operation down when he hired a mattel employee from the barbie group that was still under contract. . And now OCC is trying to “creatively” restructure their debt a’ la Donald Trump style. Smart, but they could make additional claims against Jr’ for [torturous] spelling ? interference and all sorts of nasty business legal heap Jr has no idea what he is getting himself into. Of course HIS lawyer is going to sing sweet nothings in his ear, his fee will go up for sure. If this keeps up the only ones with money will be the wives and the lawyers…Just cause Jr can paint a pretty bike together, does not mean Sr is out for the count. He still has a few rabbits up his sleeves. All good entertainment though, my wife wants to try mikeys “scream” therapy….

    • automan i completely with you on this but i have a small private shop with no employee’s and i pay the rent and there is still DRAMA i think some people in live can’t live with out it, my wife tells me to close it but that is where i build my cars

      • I own and operate my own 2 bay automotive repair shop in a small town. I have had no real employees the last 15 years because of one thing. None were responsible. They either failed to come in on time, or not at all, (drugs, alcohol, etc) Or they just did not care about the quality of their work. The one guy that came back with hat in hand and finally understood my mission, had to skip the country because he was wanted for fathering 5 children with 4 different women and he owed a kings ransom in child support. Sure there is plenty of drama with the parts situation out there. I had to laugh when one of the bikes off the shelf fuel tanks vent was leaking and they had the whole thing painted up ready to show. Life is like that and I think a lot of pressure is the deadlines. I try to keep a schedule but the wife hates it when I widow her to catch up when it seems all the parts finally show up at once but the bills got to get paid. I think the bottom line is that Sr is old school and has a hard on for the clock with things he can control and obsesses about deadlines too much. Jr is an artist and you cannot rush creativity. It needs to flow from the soul. You can see he does a good job with that. If Jr comes in late but works an all niter, whats the rub ? As long as it gets delivered. I worked briefly with a guy assembling bikes (in addition to my own repair work) and he was just a younger version of Sr. When our final argument happened, I blew him out of the water, saying “you told me it needed to be delivered on Thursday, It was ready on Thursday.” “Get out of my hair on Tuesday”…. MM. was bitching about how I was not “giving him service” (ludicrous) I told him he was being unreasonable and that I told him my before we started my ‘own shop came first” but I never botched a sale for him…(promised delivery) However I still think Sr’s rage is from his own sordid, drug and alcohol past and he sees Jr going down the same road. Both of them need to have a healing “good will hunting moment”…I could be all wrong but Jr’s nostrils get much bigger he could smoke a cigar through one of them. It looks like its a perpetual “snowstorm” up there. The dealers must be happy… Although the last few shows he appears to be more focused and centered. I think that Jr needs to row his own boat for a while then he will develop some respect for operations. If my observations are wrong I apologize. Its just the handwriting is on the wall and being in this business I know how impossible it is to get good help. Mikey, Vinnie and Danny are the only normal guys there. People should not be so hard on Mikey, he is caught in the middle of this curious situation. Mikey would be great in customer service, he is thoughtful, considerate, compassionate and looks inward and outward for solutions to serious problems his EGO does not get in the way of who he is and who he wants to be. Unlike the other 2. I really think he is the unsung hero of this whole drama. Not everybody can be buff and polished for the camera. Of course this is all entertainment so who knows how seriously the real story is.

  25. I’ve looked at some of the old TV clips and it was the same theme as today’s: Sr ripping Jr a new one. Yes, I agree Jr could have been more punctual in coming to work and not taking extended lunch breaks. Then, again, if he was working long hours to complete projects, and if you, too, had a verbally abusive boss riding your ass every waking momemnt, would you not want to avoid that stress KNOWING Sr was going to get in your face every moment he was at work? Sr has some serious anger management issues. Always saying he could do this and that 10 times faster than Jr, but never proving it. I have to admit he was great about sitting in his office, whining about HIM being the victim, bitching about Jr to EVERYONE within ear shot. I just don’t get it. What father rides his son like that without let up and then bleats on TV that he’s the victim, that without his sons around him his health is better and he’s doing better? He didn’t even have the guts to go to Jr’s wedding for Christ’s sake! What’s he going to do when Jr and his daughter have children and he won’t be allowed to see them? What a bitter, angry, and, yes, stupid old man he is. He’s already selling some of his collections on eBay (motorcycles), so I’m willing to bet he’s in some kind of financial trouble. What’s he going to do now without the stream of revenue from Discovery Channel for the weekly TV show? That’s got to hurt his financial bottom line very seriously. He sure didn’t think about that, or, perhaps, he thought berating his son all of the time was supposed to be good for ratings. What a maroon he is! Personally, I think he is still using drugs as he goes through way too many mood swings for me to believe he isn’t using drugs or booze again.

  26. It is a privilege to work with your children. Paul Sr is a real jerk who constantly refuses to treat any one with the respect that they deserve.

    Maybe, just maybe if Sr had spent some of Paul Jr’s childhood being a father instead of an alcoholic druggie, Paul Jr would treat him with more respect.

    Sr taught Jr how to disrespect his father . . . period!

    • Totally agree with Victor..he was never there for his kids like most parents should be.
      I watched OCC last night and find Snr’s attitude to Mikey appalling. He spoke to Mikey as if he had just wandered off the street. You could see the hurt in Mikey’s eyes when he was speaking. Paul Snr could not give a damn about his family, he has got the wealth, albeit until he messes up and he will, but he has lost something which money cannot buy and that is the love of a family.
      For a CEO of a company to take his son into a board room then stick his boots onto the table sums Snr up, but there again thats all he did when the cameras were on him. Wake up Snr before you lose your family for good

  27. Very sorry to conclude… After watching last nights re-run I have come to the conclusion that Sr is a liar, and a punk. The truth seldom comes from his mouth. His statements to Rick that Jr was refusing to sell the 20% to him was a total lie. Sr had the value of the 20% placed at (0) ZERO! He led Rick to believe that Jr had refused a reasonable offer. Zero is not a reasonable offer for 20% of that business in any reasonable persons mind. Sr is a total liar. He went on to lie saying the judge found completely in his favor. What the judge said I believe is, “Settle this mess with a fair accounting and buy out.” I doubt that the next company will return a verdict of Zero as the value of 20% of OCC.

    And so I conclude, this show cannot be faked as no reasonable person would lead the world to believe they are a liar and punk, even for the money that is involved. Especially someone with an ego as big as Sr’s.

  28. Come on Sr,!
    Bury the ego and stop trashing your own flesh and blood on national TV.
    You are digging a hole deeper and deeper each day. Why not embrace his success and offer a supporting hand? Would that be too hard?!
    It looks like the constant public bashing is not working too well for you. I love you both but……. being in recovery myself, I lean toward mending fences.
    Take care big guy!

  29. My Wife and I both watch the show because both shops build good looking bikes. It’s always interesting to see what’s next. However, Paul Sr. is a disgusting bully with a foul mouth. Paul Jr. was smart to leave that angry environment and start his own shop. I’ve never seen a father so anxious to see his son fail as Paul Sr.. He is an example of having everything but having nothing! Junior is to be commended for looking after Mikey, as Mikey couldn’t look after himself.

    Paul Sr. is an angry, hateful person who will no doubt die alone.

  30. Junior is the calm brain in the business ,Senior is the foul mouthed front man, Mikey is the overweight buffoo. getreal its time for the business to move on with Junior at the controls and keep the lawyers at arms length .. what of Mrs T we havn’t heard from her yet, I’m sure she has something to say to whats going on so lets hear it Momma.

  31. A view from across the pond…England

    I watch (probably older re-runs) most evenings with my three year old. We’re addicted to the creative talent and engineering. I understand TV shows need an edge and the personalities give it that – but quite frankly we don’t need the soap opera. Same problem with Boyd Coddington – master class in man mis-management.

    As for the business – I think businesses do need a business man (or woman) at the helm, but they don’t have to be so abrasive. I run an IT business and am pretty relaxed about what (or when) the guys do things – so long as they get done.

    I reckon given a chance(and some support) Mikey could run OCC with jnr doing the same thing. Sure there are thousands of bike builders out there – but jnr is talented.

    Check out our local bike shop
    mine is the iron head flat tracker.


  32. I have watched OCC off and on over the past few years and find it brilliant but at times disturbing. The end product is not the problem, the bikes speak for themselves, the problem is how the end product is achieved.
    While viewers watch the mayhem, window smashing, insults and emotional stress to all concerned, the biggest problem is Paul Snr. He has allowed problems to develope, he has never been a good mentor to Mikey or Paul jnr.
    Paul Snr should have taken the necessary steps earlier to run a well organised ship complete with crew. He should have sat Paul Jnr down, explained what was required of him and end with if this cannot be achieved then we will have to go our way, instead he has taken the cowards way. He has let other staff have their say when it comes to dealings. Paul Snr should have led by example, I find it hard to take on board he has failed the people who matter most, sons Paul Jnr and Mikey. Mikey as we know can be very vunerable and needs a father figure.
    It is like watching Hotrod, same issues, end product fantastic but achieving products left a lot to be desired..Duane was an absolute kid, could never organise the proverbial piss up in a brewery…need I say any more.

  33. I used to watch the program, but i just sick and tried of all the yelling and agro, its never productive and do not even watch the program any more because it does not interest me. TLC and discovery channel must need to look at what really people want to see, yelling and screaming, does not work for me. The world is in an oil crisis which could have been solved over twenty years ago, the the american auto makers visited President Clinton, with the introduction of hybrid and electric cars back then. No, the american government had to appease the auto manufacturers and oil companies. Big bikes with plenty of noise (there are EPA noise standards which appear to be broken) and seeing them ride bikes without helmets or not wearing seat belts. Don’t you have enough problems with your national road toll of 50,000 per annum. The feud is pitiful, Snr is aggressive, rude and violent which must be due to the steroids because you do not get bulked up like that through weights and diet alone and mood changes are typical of steroid use, ask anyone. You can not be imaginative on a 7am to 3pm shift and still be asked or expected to work overtime, to meet dead lines. You do it once, twice and then they expect it to be normal and pat you on the back. Jnr did his hours and the crew knew what to do by the time he got back to work the next day. Paul Snr has issues with pain and how he manages it and its obvious that he has taken steroids and prescription mediation for his back pain. The GFC has happen through fraud and the lack of guts by the law and government to prosecute, where companies are folded with assets being stripped or transferred and your left with nothing when you are a creditor trying to get your money back when you invested in good faith. You wonder if assets have not been transferred to make it look like company is going bust. I hope everyone can solve their issues, the first thing is being able to concede and look at the facts and being just and equitable, then we would not have conflicts, disputes and wars.

  34. I remembered when American Chopper was just about how to build motorcycles, with a little shouting match here or there. I was reading the comments on this page when I was the preview of the new season of SR vs JR. It’s a shame that there going at each other like this. Maybe after one finally beats the other, or a major death in the family, they will finally come to terms with each other.


  36. The fussing & fighting have taken the pleasure out of watching the show.
    Sure is a shame they do not do what they do best… bikes.
    One can only wonder how much longer the sponsors will keep shelling out money that makes these two birds multi millionaires??

    • I was shocked to hear that Sr had another son he had been fueding with and had not talked to in 8 years. After reflection I realized it was naive of me to be shocked after watching the way he is treating Jr.

  37. Come on Paul Sr is a Joke. He takes all of you types for your money and your personal commitments. Wake up OCC is in Receivership the big church I mean new building is for sale and Paul Jr new company is flourishing and his house is paid for and his girlfriend keeps working on herself a type a woman you can only dream of. You and your Father would abuse you just like Sr does to his kids. Real sad Sr should beg Jr for his help. Sr should start planning his retirement. I saw a show where you had some worker helping Sr at his house Sad he should be working with his own family members.

  38. Did Paul Sr give you a bike or a discount to say good words about Him and make Paul Jr look like a loser………….

  39. “I don’t want this law suit, never wanted it.” “I just want what is mine.” Sr.

    Errr… if he never wanted the suit, why bring it??

    Want’s what is his… Well, he made Jr part owner of the company because of his hard work and effort, and now wants it back. However he found an accounting company that set the value of Jr’s portion of OCC at Zero… If that is so, why does Sr even want a minority portion of a company that’s worth nothing back??? Perhaps it’s not really worth Zero?? 🙂

  40. i enjoy watching the tv show,i know a lot is put on
    for the cameras but life is short and a family breakup
    is terrible,so kiss and make up

    dave the rave

  41. Paul Sr. I have been a fan since the first show, i even watch all the repeats now. Im writing you because of the things happening with you an Paul Mickie. I have nt seen or talked to my 2 sons since my wife passed away, 10 years ago this lady was the love of my life for 40 years. To make along story short it comes down to us rising 2 men, an these 2 girls turning them to ass kissing babys. Excuse my words but thats the only way i can say it. I know i can go on an on what i trying to say is you an him are from the same moled, an hard headed. You are alot of the blame also, as is he is. You have a great chance of getting back with him an Mickie, i will never forgive my sons for what they did to this beautiful lady even to the day she passed away. Go for it Big guy i know how you feel but 2 different stories. I could write a book about this, by watching the shows your sons really want to get back with you. They don t have to come back an work for you, just be family. Thanks for your time, AL FERRARA, CREAM RIDGE, NEW JERSEY

  42. Does anybody notice that Paul Sr. stopped raging against his son at the same time he started losing his size? Sr.’s name came up in a steroids scandal in Florida. Sr.stopped raging about the same time he stopped taking Steroids. Now it appears that the only thing stopping a relationship is his fathers stupidity and ignorance.

  43. My impression of the “old man” is that he is a poor excuse of a parent. the most important job a man has is the responcibility he has towards his children.
    he suffers from a massive ego trip due to his TV fame, but fame and fortune are fleeting and the only true hertige a man has is his children.

    • I agree. Their only customers are corporate and business types who buy bikes and probably pay more so that they are featured on a high rating show. There really is no biker or motorcyclist part of it at all. There is a car show called West Coast Customs which is the same deal.

      We need some real biker shows on the air.


  44. sure its never cool when father/sons fall out, but more often than not an important part of the relationship. sons need to get out from under fathers that life deal with it, the fact that sr can be a bully just made it more strained. the man (sr) shows himself to be a coward back biting callin manes stopping people having contact with jr, its sr that needs to grow a pair go to his son say hes sorry and put shit behind them for their relationship.As far as the business goes why would jr go back to occ, 5 years and pjd will be bigger better and busier than occ. what the father tends to forget is that the son starting to learn at a younger age normally far sepasses the father,thats the real reason sr wants jr to fail so he can have him back at occ cos they need him.

  45. Wow you are entitled to your opinion Mr Lawyer.

    But OCC success can almost entirely to Paul Jr’s creativity! The designs came from the mind of Paul Jr.

    Sr hired business & office staff to do his work! Then Sr attempted to drive the business into the ground because of their attempts to devalue the company! Almost did nose dive by defaulting on the banks!

  46. Come on guys, get together and put the past behind you. I’m still watching the TV shows and I love it when the air is so blue, I wish I’d taken up Morse code. Families should stay together no matter what. Jnr., you only have one father and no matter how he riles you, surely you know it,s done because he cares. Snr.. You should stand back and realise that things and fashions change, you have to let go of the past and look toward the future. It’s your sons that will, if you let them carry on the tradition of turning out some of the most iconic motorcycles ever produced, and the enjoyment of seeing the progression from design ideas to final build is tremendous. Come guys shake hands and get those bikes out.

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