Billy Lane to Face 9 years in Jail as Part of Plea Bargain Deal

Billy Lane 2009 *** August 18, 2009 Update.

Billy Lane got 6 years in prison and probation after he gets out. Look for a new article on the subject soon.

*** June 17, 2009 Update.

Billy Lane’s plea of guilty to vehicular homicide was accepted by the Court last week. He will remain free until his next Court appearance on August 14, 2009, when he will be sentenced. It is said that he will probably avoid prison. Part of the plea deal mandates a lifetime suspension of his drivers license in Florida, however he could petition the Florida department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for a hardship licence.

He faced up to 15 years in prison, however according to published reports his plea deal mitigates his maximum possible sentence to 9 years. He may also be sentenced to house arrest or probation.

In June 2002, motorcycle builder Billy Lane of Melbourne Beach, Florida was on top of the world. He sold custom-built motorcycles at $30,000 to $40,000 a piece. He gained fame and celebrity status through various reality TV shows. He was subsequently was invited as a featured guest to motorcycle shows and festivals all over the United States and beyond.

Now Billy Lane who is 39 years old, is facing up to nine years in prison on a single felony charge of vehicular homicide in connection with a Labor Day 2006 car crash that left a Gerry Morelock, a Melbourne Beach, Florida man, a motorcyclist, dead.

After several delays, Lane is expected in court Tuesday morning to change his not guilty plea to “no contest.” He would then be sentenced on Aug. 14, 2009, at 9:00am.

“We did get the written plea agreement in,” defense attorney Greg Eisenmenger told several newspapers. “Based on my review of it, I don’t anticipate any problems. I anticipate we are good to go Tuesday.”

Lane was charged two years ago with one count of DUI manslaughter in connection with the 2006 traffic accident in which Gerry Morelock, 56, died.

Police said Lane’s blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when he crossed a double yellow line to pass slow traffic on State Road A1A south of Melbourne Beach, Florida. He crashed his Dodge pickup head on into Morelock’s small Yamaha motorcycle on Sept. 4, 2006, police said.

In light of ongoing legal discussions over the permissibility of blood evidence at trial, prosecutors in late December added an alternative charge of vehicular homicide, which requires the state to prove that Lane was driving recklessly but does not include the drug or alcohol element needed to prove DUI manslaughter.

Both charges are second-degree felonies in the State of Florida, punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Billy Lane 2006But under the terms of the plea deal, Eisenmenger said prosecutors will drop the DUI manslaughter charge. Instead, they will seek a nine-year prison term for the vehicular homicide charge, a term Lane is eligible for under state sentencing guidelines when his prior criminal record is considered.

Eisenmenger will seek a sentence that calls for no time in prison. “We believe there are mitigating factors in this case. . . . And we’re going to be presenting those to the court at sentencing,” he said.

Since the crash, Lane’s public persona has suffered, but he still seems to be popular at biker and motorcycle events.

A message on his motorcycle shop’s Web site says the shop is closed to the public, though merchandise is available for purchase online. Court records indicate that Lane’s Melbourne Beach, Florida home is going through foreclosure.

Lane reached a confidential out-of-court settlement on a wrongful death suit filed by Morelock’s family. Also, records show that Erin Derrick, a 22-year-old woman who was in the car with Lane at the time of the crash, is suing him for injuries she says have rendered her unable to work.

If Billy Lane does change his plea to no contest tomorrow, I will comment more on this issue at that time. Everyone who reads the Biker Law Blog knows how I feel about people who kill bikers and motorcyclist.

California Biker Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., 2009

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  1. “We believe there are mitigating factors in this case. . . . And we’re going to be presenting those to the court at sentencing,” he said.
    … .
    … .
    Lane reached a confidential out-of-court settlement on a wrongful death suit filed by Morelock’s family. … a 22-year-old woman who was in the car with Lane at the time of the crash, is suing him for injuries she says have rendered her unable to work.”

    What could “mitigate” away 1)alleged twice-the-legal-limit BAC, 2)passing in a double-yellow zone and 3)at a speed that a Dodge P/U incurred enough damage wherein a passenger suffered “injuries she says have rendered her unable to work?” This should be an interesting exercise in “accident reconstruction.”

  2. Norm: I will be glad when this matter is put to bed. I live 25 miles from where this accident happened. The talk around town is that when you have the big bucks to pay for big legal representation the price for the crime is not the same. I am interested to see why Lane has circumstances that make it to where he should not be put in jail. It is a miscarriage of justice for Lane NOT to go to jail. I feel the same as you about people who kill bikers. We all know that Lane was indeed very drunk and headed home with a very young girl in a big hurry to be passing on a double yellow line and speeding. What Lane did was criminal and there is a dead man.

  3. I heard that a football player named stallworth killed someone under the influance in florida. He got 30 days jail, probation, and house arrest. I wonder why Billy got such a harsh sentence then stallworth, maybe billy is a biker or maybe billy is white and stallworth is black.

  4. After loosing a brother to a drunk driver I can feel both sides immensely. I do know Billy Lane personally and I can tell all of you he is very remorseful and would do anything to change what happened. We all make mistakes and we should all have to be accountable, but that said putting this guy in prison doesn’t bring Gerry back. Billy is sorry, remorseful, and has become a changed man because of it. I personally believe in forgiveness and I have forgiven the girl who killed my brother and because of it I am able to move on. I think putting Billy in jail is a waste of energy and taxpayers money, he is living the hell already with the memory of what happened and has lost everything, that’s enough for me.

  5. Well said Norm. While one man has the right to rest in peace the other is fighting for “his right” to freedom. When he chose to drive drunk he gave up his rights, anyway thats how I see it.

  6. I also know Mr. Lane personally and knew him before he became a celebrity. It seems that fame brought with it a sense of entitlement that was not evident before its arrival, though it is still present today. For me, that sense of entitlement does not mix well with true humility. Remorseful, of course he is, but how much of that is from feeling sorry for himself? This man builds motorcycles people and that is hardly a cause for celebrating him, or excusing him from his poor choices, especially when those choices ended the life of another person. He will probably get off with probation and house arrest, but all that will do is force him to stay home and build motorcycles that he can sell for $100,000 and before long, he’ll be financially right back where he started. Why do you think he’s not selling any right now? Why, because the proceeds will become income and he’s being sued by everyone. He has not lost everything, Gerald Morelock lost everything.
    As far as mitigating circumstances, I know one of them is the fact that Mr. Morelock was also drinking and driving. I guess the moral of the story is if you choose to DUI, you better make sure that you’re in a truck and not on a scooter.

  7. With respect to the sentence keep in mind that the DUI manslaughter is off the table. He is admitting to reckless driving manslaughter. Not arguing right or wrong here, but the law is clear. It goes to the level of the recklessness. Texting on a phone, running a red light and killing a pedestrian is reckless driving. The several cases in Florida have resulted in no jail to 2 years (1 year served). Lane’s crime probably rises to a higher level given the speed and double yellow line, but again, the DUI plays no roll in sentencing.

  8. just another big name with a big wallet. is he sorry? damn straight he is! he’s sorry that he got caught.
    he got himself a big lawyer with all his cash and copped a plea to avoid the blood alcohol evidence being entered.
    what a sorry way out. all of the bravado of being a t.v. icon doesn’t wash with me. any average joe on the street would have been locked up long ago and never heard from again. but its billy lane…..ooooooohh! WELL THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING. o.j. got off….why not billy?
    im a vet….fought for this country….
    love this country but fear my government on all levels.
    i remain….CARMUDGEON AT LARGE.
    (LOOK IT UP)

  9. Billy Lane became rich from the biker community. Then he drank, drove, exceeded the speed limit, crossed a double yellow line and killed a biker. He is a full grown adult who made several bad choices that caused the death of another brother. He should face the penalties. This has nothing to do with remorse, feeling bad, forgiveness or any other emotional response. He is responsible for his actions, and he should man-up and take responsibility for what he did. I guess all the hardcore biker machismo was just an act, since in the end Billy is just looking out for Billy.

  10. Billy is just sorry for Billy. He has remorse I am sure. But for himself. I doubt he will do jail time. As for his life? He is still riding his bikes and even posts blogs and pics about it on his myspace page. he also had the time to go and get married to his girlfriend. They are always on his bikes and taking pictures of themselves doing so. He has even posted pictures of him holding a beer. So much for the “changed” Billy. Gerald will never be able to get married, ride again. I am sure it if it was Gerald who was in the truck and Billy on a “scooter”, Gerald would be 2 years into his 15 year sentence. Shaving, wearing a nice suit and shaving does not change anyone. As soon as he gets his slap on the wrist, he will be more public about not changing. I also was stunned at Stallworths sentence. THEN he gets out early for good behavior!! What, 24 days for killing a man while DUI.. Good old Florida.

  11. Does the law and justice apply differently to folks with deep pockets and celebrity lawyers? If it had been me in Billy Lane’s shoes I would have already been in jail for the same crime. I think taking jail time off the table is just wrong. I am not a revenge seeking person. I do know right from wrong.

  12. You lot sound more like your jelleous of his fame and fortune than you are about law and order. Get a grip, mind your own business and let the pour guy get on with his life. Three years of this hanging over your head is in it’s self punishment, after all accidents happen. we all make mistakes sober and drunk, it’s called being human. Isn’f forgiveness part of humanity?

    Good luck Billy.
    Gaz Hayes

  13. Norm, that is all most people want. Justice that fits the crime, regardless of who you are, or how much money you can pay off to get off. Like Stallworth. DUI, dead man, 24 days in jail. He gave the family a few million and this is his sentence. Billy killed a man, yet now we read he might just get probation? The average joe or joe ann, would get jail time. It does seem celebrites with deep pockets do not have a fraction of a sentence a regular person would get. Sorry to say, but most American’s are jaded. We see how it is. If you are a celebrity or have tons of money, you get a much lighter sentence than those that cannot afford high priced attorneys. I am so saddened by all that have lost their homes to foreclosure. But not in Billy’s case. That seems to be the only thing he lost. now he will just move to his new wife’s house and still drive his choppers as he is still doing. Laws and rules mean nothing to him. I am so surprised that the courts do not know he is still drinking, still driving, still doing whatever the hell he wants to. After all, he is BILLY! Sickening

  14. Norm, you wrote, “Everyone who reads the Biker Law Blog knows how I feel about people who kill bikers and motorcyclist.”

    I read that kind of thing all the time, but this time I can’t let it go. I have to comment. Why couldn’t that sentence just come to a stop after the word kill? “Everyone knows how I feel about people who kill.” Period. What’s wrong with that?

    As a biker, I know beyond all shadow of doubting that I am no more or less special than anyone else on earth. I know you’re just expressing a feeling, and while I agree with your sentiment “let justice be done”, the special case part of it (i.e., he killed a biker, and not some “not-so-special person”) is one that I could never, ever embrace.

    Biker, triker, swimmer, pilot, ditch-digger, physicist, cop, baby, old person, hates bikers, loves bikers, is indifferent to bikers — what’s the difference when it comes them being killed?

  15. the guy he hit was also drunk and on a moped not a motorcycle, was his light on? was he driving reckless on his moped. throwing people in jail doesnt change behavior, why do they sell cold beer and gas together. how about drive up liquor stores in palatka florida. mm, i think we are in a drinking society. check out all of the people who drive to bars, didnt see the cars in the parking lot in the morning. the law makers have lowered the bac limit to something redicelious level. 30 yrs ago some states were.19, now were down to .08 that is 1 beer an hour for a 100lb woman. i glass of wine after work will put u over where does this make sense,

  16. I think putting Billy in jail is a waste of energy and taxpayers money, he is living the hell already with the memory of what happened and has lost everything, that’s enough for me.

    BULLSHIT!!!!!!! When, Gerald Morelock, the guy billy killed and his family get everything back and can resume a normal life then and ONLY then should billy lane be forgiven and let out of prison, NOT a MINUTE before. Getting your hair cut and putting on a suit doesn’t make you a better person. You can put lis stick on a PIP and it’s STILL A PIG likewise you can put a suit on a killer and he’s still a killer.

  17. Well, some of you have it all figured out don’t you? I think this must be a MADD web site and not a “Real” biker web site. Hence, all of the so called bikers on here that are so ofended that someone got behind the wheel of a cage or straddled a motorcycle after a few drinks. Oh, then to have the audacity to have the best “Lawyer” or defense to defend yourself”. This is AMERICA! We all have the right to defend ourselves if we happen to be the unfortunate soul that is on the wrong side of the law. I too know Billy. I will make no excuses for anyone but I can tell you this he is very remourseful and he has been in a living hell for the past three years due to this ACCIDENT. Yes, he chose to drink and yes he was in a fatal accident that caused a Scooter rider his life (Morelock). But unfortunately when you drink you loose most of your ability to make sound decisions. I know of few of you who have posted on this blog and I am hoping that the next time I see you at a bar 3 sheets to the wind and you are getting on your bike or cage I will remind you what you said. Because all of us who drink are all subject to the same fate Billy Lane had. And Norm all you are is an ambulance chaser on a bike no different than any other abulance chaser that winds up taking more money from their clinents than the actual client takes home.

  18. WTG Norm!! Sure, poor Billy is suffering. Gee, he is still drinking, still riding his bike with NO license, has had several girlfriends and now married one of them. Hmm, maybe he thinks the judge will go easy on a “family man”.. He sure does not look remorsfull at all the biker rallys his picture is posted on. I would like to know why and how he is still drinking and driving his bikes with no one saying anything? He even has pictures plastered of him on the bikes, blogs about cross county bike trips. I am amazed at how he seems to be thumbing his nose at the law. I know I DO not drink and drive. The above posted seems to think that is what most people do. If I have one glass of wine I do not drive. PERIOD, and also, the above poster seems to think since Gerald was driving a “scooter” it was not the same as a biker like Billy.. How about if Gerald was just riding a bicycle or walking? Again, would that make it different? NOPE!!! Billy might be a nice guy, but he is still just a guy who drove with double the amount of booze in his system allowed by law, he still crossed a double yellow line, and he still KILLED a man! Now he needs to be the man he always brags about being and pay the dues for taking a mans life. I don’t care if he was the President!

  19. Bin riding for 35+ years and partying most of the times.If I would hit somebody everytime I was twice the legal limit of alcohol in my blood I would be the biggest mass murder of all the times but I was ( and many of you who passing judgment ) more lucky than Billy.
    SHIT HAPPEN and everybody who would get involved accidentally in similar situation would use every single dollar available to get out of the crab !!!
    I avoid too many times accident during when others did not care about biker (not always successfully – lost leg to reckless driver) and from my experience if you are not drunk and you riding 15 miles an hour moped your chances to avoid accident are very high but he was just another drunk and drive asshole and he paid the highest price.
    Unless you never drink and drove in your life and unless you willing in same case ask for yourself the highest sentence that you deserve- JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP about Billy don’t want to sit 15 years in jail.BITCH ABOUT THE JURISTIC SYSTEM OF THIS COUNTRY !!!!!
    Seems to me that all the same PEOPLE WHO MADE him celebrity by watching “Buildoffs” and buying dozen of magazines which was bringing on regular basis his bikes and pictures of him partying now wants to judge him as a average Joe and hang him up with the highest sentence.

  20. I hope LEO is not a LEO,with that attitude. I think DUI is stupid. If you have money to drink,you have money for a dd, a taxi, or a limo. I always thought it was stupid that they have alcoholic beverages specials at bike nights. Many states will take your ccw license for 2 convictions of a dui.

    Leo, Who are you to tell people stfu? It’s simple…if you drink don’t drive/ride,and if you are drinking LEO PLEASE DON”T TYPE!!!!!

  21. I would like to know how many of you people have driven or rode buzzed or drunk in your lives. What happened to Billy was bad and wrong but don’t throw stones if your live in a glass house.

  22. Why does everyone exceuse this Morelock guy for drunk driving as well? Billy crossed the line and hit him, but had that guy not been on the road it would have never happened, so he is just as much at fault as far as I am concerned. Besides, since when is it okay to ride a moped on a state highway? It isn’t, as far as I know. Not to mention the guy was on his way home from work drunk….. drinkning on the job too….. NIIIIIICE!

  23. I have NEVER rode while drinking or under the influnence. I admired Billy’s talent! NOT the pictures of him drinking. Good gosh, what is there to admire in that? I can only surmize that Leo drinks while driving and wants to make a point that there is nothing wrong with it, and we ALL must do it. I can throw stones as far as I want. I practice what I preach. I love a good drink, but if I have one anywhere but at my own home knowing I am not going out, then fine! However, if I am out, the most I will have is one drink as long as I have over an hour before driving, or I have a DD.. Leo, I got the impression that you are one heavy drinking, angry dude. You have NO right to tell anyone to stfu.. I mean who are you? Billy’s number one fan? If so, fine! But you have no right to bash others for their beliefs. BILLY KILLED A MAN!! What would you be saying if Gerald had killed Billy? That we all drink and drive so give Gerald a break, he is suffering enough? Somehow, I seriously doubt it. And truly, it is so low class to use such vulgar language. Add that to your love of drinking and driving and seeing nothing wrong with it, well, let’s just say I hope you don’t live anywhere near where I do. I would hate to have you on the roads where I live. Sorry this has affected you so badly. Maybe call Billy up so he can comfort you. You are an DUI/murder charge waiting to happen. scary

  24. From what I heard, Gerald’s bike or whatever you want to call it, was street legal. He had his lights on, was in HIS lane and just going home. he was not speeding with a 22 year old in his lap, he did not cross any double lines or did he hit and kill anyone. I wonder if these Billy lovers have heard just what happened to Gerald? I was sick when I heard the details. As far as remorse on Billy’s part. SURE! I am sure he feels sick at what he did, IF he remembers any of it. But to be suffering all this time? Nope, don’t believe it for a second. I have seen the pics of him still drinking, still going to the bike shows, still doing it all. He got married, has a new family and is still doing what he loves. Regardless of if he is allowed to do it. Still riding but again with no license. He needs to have justice laid down on him big time, OR he will just do it again! Get away with killing a man and he will be right back out drinking and driving.
    And shame on anyone who drives drunk. Why do you think MADD was created?

  25. Mr. (driving outside his) Lane was driving drunk on a suspended license. He obviously believed the laws don’t apply to him. Give Billy the max, 9 years.

  26. All of you idiots need to stop wasting so much time on here bashing each other. Every one seems to think their shit don’t stink, until there’s a reason it does! Then everyone else will be right their to verify it stinks. Worry about your own meaningless mundane lives and let the justice system run its coarse. No matter what you all think, the court will do what it wants whether its because the high priced lawyers or lack of evidence – whatever. We have a nickname for people like you in Melborne, we call you GossipGuzzlers (instead of the other derogatory term)Worry about yourselves you scumbag pieces of fossilized pig dung!

  27. Billy revealed himself to be a putz

    Instead of riding choppers he should be made to ride around on a little scooter

  28. To all of the Billy Lane sycophants out there,how would you feel if Billy hit and killed your wife or husband and payed big money to an attorney to get out of jail time(especially after receiving prior DUI charges)?.

  29. This matter should be coming to a end. I hope that justice prevails. The sentence should indeed fit the crime. My Father was a Kentucky State Police for nearly 40 years and I learned before I started driving that drinking and driving is wrong. To take a life is wrong.

  30. Let me get this straight:

    1) Billy gets drunk, hits a man, and kills him.

    2) It has been proven that he was responsible for the death of another man due to his own foolishness.

    3) It is still possible for him to earn a hardship license so that he can legally ride for work related issues?

    That’s like giving a convicted killer a gun license but telling them that you’re only allowed to use the gun to shoot at targets.

    He could still say that shows and rallys are work related. So, he can drive to these events, party, get schnokered off his ass yet again, and the cycle repeats.

    Also, would it be possible for him to set up a residence in a neighboring state (Georgia) and be eligible for a license in that state?

  31. The facts are:

    Both drivers were drunk.

    Billy Lane crossed a dotted line and didn’t make it back till it was solid, so get that straight!

    Impact was measured at 48- 51 mph, not 68 as stated before.

    Billy was given 6 years, I had a friend killed by a drunk who had a much worse driving record who got less time.
    Billy’s celebrity status helped get him more time!

  32. Gaz, your ignorance precedes you. Your logic is as compelling as your spelling.
    No way he should get off, he killed a man. As far as minding there own business goes, that’s the problem, people like you are minding our business.
    Next time you’re riding your bike, just think Billy maybe coming around the corner doing 90 miles an hour looking to splatter you across his hood. But that’s all right, no worries man, live and let live, right. Splat!

  33. Billy got 6 years (3 years probation and lost his license for life) today in prison and the football player in Miami got 24 days!?!?! Everyone on here is talking about how he is going to get off because he is a celebrity…. Well apparently not. Billy is a great guy and made a mistake. But before you all throw your words around think back to how many times you drove “under the influence” and if you say you never have most of you are lying(I know I have in my younger years). I’m not saying he get off “scott free” but 6 years??? And by the way the family of the man asked for no jail time so he could use his celebrity to educate people. Billy hasn’t drank since the accident. So what I want to know is what makes a difference between this football player and Billy? They both killed someone in the end. Billy had only had a few speeding tickets on his record. What amuses me the most about this particular message board is that those of you who are saying bad things about Billy were the first ones to want to meet him when he was at a bike event. He was one of those people that would be out in the crowd and didn’t act like he is better than anyone else. So before you point fingers about what a horrible person he is why don’t you look in the mirror and see that those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

  34. I don’t even want to think of what state of personal Karma brought Billy Lane to this place, but I do know that I have prayers enough for all involved.

    Lane was sentenced to six years inside. He has plead guilty or no contest to all, has already sold his home and and/or personal property to cover the wrongful death suit filed by Mr. Morelock’s family (more prayers than I can possibly say to them today), has or will be doing the same for the suit filed by Ms. Derrick (sincere prayers to you, too). Maybe it’s because I have been on the other side of things from Lane, and have been able to forgive the two drunken young men who hit me while I was on my noisy two-wheeler, but my guess is that his own dark thoughts will be more than anything we, the public, can possibly throw at him, so no judgments here, friends. At least not from this one old spinster-bike hag. May their Gods take care of them all.

    Thumbs Up, to all- and whatever you do, please be careful out there.

  35. I think he deserves to die, he is too dangerous when he was free. I really do not like people who drive like crazy. I have a bad experience with a bad driver and a drunken drag, this person had caused the accident, and 1 man die in that accident… in my country people will be beaten this man rollicking 🙁


  36. To Max Manroe,
    In your country, what are you talking about? Maybe you should go back to YOUR country no one wants you over here anyway, you shouldn’t even be allowed to live in this country to make comments like that, this isn’t YOUR country. We have bad experiences with your kind of people being over here in our country thinking they have the right to be here.

  37. I was seeing Billy before the girl he is married to now. I can tell you without a shadow of doubt he is very remorseful for what had happen and for what he did that night. The first conversation we ever had was about what he had done and if I was ok with being with the man who was responsible. It had truely changed his life and he would have done anything to bring this man his life back!! The public Billy and the private Billy are two totally different men and the one that I knew and love was the private man who has a wonderful heart and wouldn’t hurt anyone. He is never going to have peace with this when he closes his eyes at night he will forever see this in his mind and it will haunt him always. Everyone has to put themselves in his shoes and know that we all do wrong things and that he is human like the rest of us!! But he is paying for it and it has changed his life forever. He has not sold his house and his things to pay off people he has lost most of what he has because he wanted to make it right to the family, as far as the girl who was with him that night, she is just as much at fault as he was!!

  38. Seems as tho deep pockets and celeberity status dont always get you off completely…I am a brother biker and think Billy is one helluva talented man…however he made a mistake and is now serving his time…I agree that most celebs do get lighter punishment than the average joe. but seems as they have made an example out of billy….ya know as im writing this i think wow….all this talk about billy….what about the man who lost his life…Gerald….he has no say so…no choices…no life to live anymore…already done 2 yrs of his life sentence!!!!!!! Just food for thought!!!!!!

  39. To Stacey:
    Your comment is humerous, number 1, Billy is not married, his girl Amy just added his last name to her myspace, I somehow doubt you even know him on a personal level and how the heck do you come up with the passenger with BL is just as much at fault for the accident, oh my goodness, your a real sickie, are n’t you, you must be a BL stalker.

  40. Since they were BOTH drunk driving… aren’t they BOTH to blame for all this? I know it’s kind of a rotten thing to say, but if they were BOTH following the rules, they would BOTH be here today. The guy on the bike put himself in harms way and he paid price. As far as the sentence goes, we are talking about the law… not what’s right or fair.

  41. Just how does a “permanent suspension” of a driver’s license work? Could he not simply go to another state and get a license there?

  42. To J,
    Wow, you are a very angry, unhappy person, aren’t you! I have not talked to Billy in 2 months but we still have mutal friends in common, and it was a good friend that told me of the marriage. So I hope they did get married! Amy is a mom who is very grounded and very into family which is something that Billy has always wanted out of his girl,(as far as myspace is concerned, maybe you should get a real life)! And as far as Erin is concerned, have you ever heard of the saying friends don’t let friends drive drunk? Well that is exactely what she did, she had been with him most of the day and knew he was drunk! But still let him drive to his shop and get his truck and then let him start to drive them back to his house all the time knowing he was drunk! She had the chance to change the out come of that day and chose not to, so YES I feel she is also at fault for the accident….just as you or I would be if we let a friend drink and drive us somewhere and got into an accident!!

  43. When I said they were both to BLAME, I was referring to the fact that neither one belonged on the road. Billy is at FAULT for the death, and I wouldn’t argue that point. Here’s what made me say what I said.
    A long time ago (20yrs or so) here in Michigan where I live, a man who was over the limit was sitting at a red light and was rear ended (at high speed) by a sober driver, the drunk driver was not hurt, but the sober driver died… the drunk driver was found to be “responsible” for the death due to the fact that he was breaking the law by being behind the wheel and over the limit. I am not sure if he did any jail time but it does raise an interesting point… had he been following the law… he wouldn’t have been there and therefore not been sitting at that light and that time and the sober driver would have hit someone else or nobody at all. And had both of those guys not been driving while drunk (I am assuming that the motorcycle rider was also above the limit) they would not have met on that road. Great web site by the way… I like the information you have here.

  44. Greg,
    What about an appeal in regards to BL’s sentence, do you think there will be one and what are the chances of it reducing his time? How does an appeal work, different judge, different county?

  45. I am a biker and I have been hit by a drunk driver and lived to write about it. I spent the 3 years fighting to make sure justice was done to the individual who hit me. He was also 2 times the legal limit and tried to run. Thank goodness his vehicle sustained quite a bit of damage and he didn’t get far. When we went to court his lawyer tried every trick in the book to get him off, especially because it was 20 days after California had just passed their new DUI laws. Long story short, his charge was felony drunk driving, 6 months in jail, 5 years probation, $10,000 fine, treatment program, restitution, and community service…oh and because he was convicted of a felony….he lost his job! Cannot have a felony conviction and have top security clearance. They went to his home after he got out of jail and was arrested again for being under the influence and served another year. I still have complications from my accident and its been over 20 yrs. So Billy are you remourseful or feeling guilty, there is a difference. You still have your life and the ability to go on and be successful, the man you killed doesn’t.

  46. Actually Billy got a decent sentence for killing a man. I heard, probably here that it was to be 9 years. If FL is like CA, he might get out early for good behaviour. Too bad he isn’t in CA as they are wanting to let all sorts of prisoners go due to budget cuts!. However, I do think he will get out in less than 6 years. don’t they all if they behave? I wonder if now that he is sentenced, if he will spend his time growing his hair back? Odd question, but that crazy hair seemed to make him feel more like a tough guy biker. The expensive bling and clothes, shades, etc belied the rough biker image.
    After all is now said and done, I feel for Gerald’s family, but I truly feel for Billy too. He just thought he was above it all. I remember watching the BBO with the preacher type guy. DARN what is his name? LOL.. Anyway he predicted this would happen some day, and it did. I feel for Gerald, Billy, and both families. I do feel justice was served. I hope when Billy comes out, he will be changed. Not as a person really as i do think he was a decent person, but to realize he must follow the rules of life. NO ONE should ever drink and drive. And those that do and brag about it, well shame on you and we will hope that you are not the next person we are talking about that was killed OR killed while DUI..

  47. I think he shuould get just as harsh as anyone but the lady that is suing him dumb she knew what could happen getting in a vhehicle with an intoxicated person suing is dumb. she should be held as bad as billy.

  48. The only reason I might see to argue against putting Billy in jail, in terms of serving justice, is that he does no one — including the family members of Mr. Morelock — any good inside the slam.

    Justice should be, when possible, about restitution, not revenge. No possible amount of revenge can return Gerald to life, nor make up to his family his temporal absence.

    In an extreme case, taking an eye for an eye, we could seek to take Billy Lane’s life, in revenge for Gerald Morelock’s. But while possibly satisfying to the family, it will not help their hardship. Instead, justice should let Mr. Lane work, and put Mr. Morelock’s children and grandchildren through college.

    Billy took a man’s life. Continuing restitution makes more sense than simply locking him up.

    Or so it seems to me.

    • I always liked Billy Lanes work but he knew what he was doing when he created the circumstances for the wreck. Inprisionment is not meant as revenge for the family. It is a lesson for Billy. Maybe he will hand off the keys next time, after serving 6 yrs. If he walks on this one then hes just gonna do it again.

  49. Everybody is so quick to judge someone they never even met.They both were wrong.They both should not have been on the road.Billy will pay the ferryman someday,just as we all do. good luck in the future Bill.

  50. there isnt one of u idiots that wouldnt try to save ur own ass just like billy especially u mr i fought for my country big man. so did i .thats how i know .so leave billy alone .why dont u put ur time and concern on ur own sick lives.

  51. Drinking fatalities and their punishment are not often fair, as is our system of justice.

    As far as race goes, Plaxico Buress is in jail for 2 years for accidentally shooting himself in a club. So being a celebrity may work against you, especially if your in a big media area like NYC. That’s a waste of taxpayer money, IMO and far worse crimals need to be in jail.

    Dante did 30 days and somebody died.

    People can kill people in DUI’s and their lawyers have gotten them off for less time.

    Your lawyer, the state your in, prosectuors, and just plain luck have a lot to do with it. Like life, sentancing and what you get may be too- or not – harsh enough.

    • I have no idea if you will ever see this, but if you do. Remember this he KILLED A HUMAN BEING.All of you goons on here, if this happened to one of you’re loved one’s. I know you would,think differently about this situation.How about this , someone walks in and tells you, hey your mom is dead,what happened to her. She got hit by a drunk driver, then you would say. He deserves to be punished, but no prison time, it’s a waste of taxpayers money. GET THE POINT.

  52. look at all you high horse riders. yes he made a tragic mistake. and yes he should have to pay for his actions and yes he should do some time. but got off your soap wondering with all you people talking, how many have you got in the car drunk in your life. even once. who of you never had a drink a drove. remember when you did what he did. o but you had better luck and did not wreck, does that make you a bewtter person , no i say just lucky…so shut up

  53. when you play you pay love all of your bikes you are very talented it just sucks you put your life in the shiter i feel for you but i feel for the poor person you killed.

  54. It is what it is. No matter what anybody posts here, or anywhere else is going to change what happened. I was very surprised to see that he recieved a 6yr/3yr probated sentence, do I think he deserves it? Maybe, maybe not..there are way too many migating factors to lay full blame on just one person. Neither of them should have been driving under the influence, and I agree with Stacey that Erin had numerous oportunities to remove herself from the situation, but made the choice to be where she wanted to be. It was all just a very unfortunate accident, and my only hope is that something positive can come out of it.

    Having known Billy for many, many yrs I can honestly say that I believe he truly is remorseful. I understand that some people see pictures and read things on social sites, to them I would say that you need to take into consideration WHEN the photo or article was taken/written..sometimes when we see things for the first time doesn’t necessarily mean that is when it “just” happened.

    Stacey..hey hey hey girl..hope all is going good for you..if some people only knew, right? xoxo

  55. I met Billy at several shows and found him very personable. But this case is really not about how we feel about Billy. Too many people base their opinion on how they ‘feel’ about him. How would you feel if Mr. Morelock was in the truck and killed Billy on his bike? I seriously doubt you would be defending him like you are Billy. You would likely want him to rot in jail.

    We have a justive system for a reason. So many of you have spoken about how he’s a changed person but others have spoken about him posting pictures of himself at biking events (possibly riding without a license) and even drinking. That’s unsettling on several levels. I suspect if anything is going to change him it will be six years, or whatever time he ultimately serves, in prison that has the most lasting impact on him.

    I believe he’s remorseful and may well be haunted by this for the balance of his life. My hope for Billy is that he returns to society completely changed, particularly on the issue of drinking and choosing to drive.

    The poorest defense I’ve witnessed on this site is ‘that everybody drinks and chooses to drive.’ That’s very weak!

    Billy Lane killed another person and he’s going to pay his debt to society. Justice has worked in this situation!

  56. Listen people…None of you can judge Mr Lane or Mr Morelock. They were both in the wrong on mulitple levels and death and/or jail time should be the least of their worries. They both have to answer to the LORD!

    10 Commandments:
    The sixth of the ten commandments reads, “Thou shall not kill.” The New International Version translates it, “Thou shall not murder.”

    God Bless All of you!

  57. Thank God they locked up this Billy Boy cave man.
    Not only is he an idiot but his so called custom motorcyles sucked too.
    Jesse James is another moron that needs to be caged.
    His bikes suck too.

  58. I think its important to realize that, even tho Billy is a celebrity, even tho he has lots of money, he is still a person, and people make mistakes. we as people rely on the law to punish people accordingly for their mistakes. put yourself in his position, same amount of money, same amount of fame, you’re tellin me you’re not gonna do everything you can to get off, or get a lesser sentance? thats right you are. do you know why? cause you’re a person too. the only people that want to see him burn, are the people that are affraid to admit that they have made big mistakes too.

  59. Bill..Billy HAD a lot of money. It is all gone I am sure. he had to pay off Gerald’s family, and his lawyers.
    I have NEVER made a big mistake. Sure in my checking account, but never one that took someones life. I also, as most here, do NOT want to see Billy burn! Just to pay for his crime, and it was a crime. no more, no less. let him pay, do his time, get out and start his live over. Hopefully with a new respect for what his actions can do to others and to himself! No one wanted this for Billy OR Gerald. But it happened and Billy caused it. We all want him to just serve his sentence, get out and do some more of his bike magic! Just don’t do the crazy things he thought put him above the rest of the world. Look what that did. Killed one man, and messed up Billy’s life and that of his family!. I am not one that wants him to suffer, but he needs to pay for what he did. Then I want him to turn his life around, build his great bikes and LEARN from his mistake. Please don’t every again think you are above it all, and yes, Billy did. And lastly, don’t lump everyone into the “you did something at one point so Billy should be allowed to what? Kill a man”?… That is so not cool. I want the best for Billy, his family AND Gerald’s family.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  60. Did everyone forget that the other guy was drunk also? Nobody is perfect, but saying Billy deserves to die is like saying “well Gerry was drunk so guess he had it coming”, shit happens and it suck’s, but it’s time to let Billy and Gerry’s family move on.

  61. billy lane made a mistake!
    thats the bottom line!!!!!
    he is a talented and inspiring builder who has touched our lives!!!!!!!
    im sure he is not happy about what happened so leave him alone!!

  62. There are many guys in jail who are remorseful and think to themselves everyday; damm I wish I had not pulled that damm trigger. I wish I had one more chance.

    Forgiveness is one thing; justice is another.

    We all make choices in life that not only affect our lives, but the lives of others. Billy Lane made a choice that day which killed another man, a biker. For this he needs to pay. There is a guy mulching in his grave right now because Billy Lane decided to get drunk and drive. There is a guy who will not be able to ride again, who will not see the sunset again, who will not be able to make love again, a guy who will not be able to enjoy the simple things in life because Billy Land decided to get drunk and drive one day.

    Justice needs to be done.


  63. Steven you were the first one to catch the nuance of what I was writing. You are right; everyone who kills without just cause needs to be punished!

    The reason I emphasize bikers being killed as opposed to non bikers on this blog, is because this blog is biker and motorcycle related. Furthermore, there is a disproportionate number of the number of motorcycle cycle accidents that lead to fatalities, as opposed to other motor vehicle accidents that are caused by cagers as opposed to other fatal vehicle accidents, which I admit are also reprehensible especially if caused by some drunk.

    My aim is to draw attention to the biker and motorcycle cause because I not only handle these cases, but I also have my ass on the line riding my Harley Davidson, and don’t want to end up like the many I represent, know about, and hear about.

    On my California Personal Injury Lawyer Blog located at I go into other types of fatal accidents that may not be appropriate on this forum.


  64. Well USMVMCMOJO/ R.Llanes if Lane ran into your ass while you were out riding your bike and turned you into mush all over his truck grill, I guess we should just feel sorry for him as well, and just call it a day because he was just drinking like everyone else right? Wrong?

    There is no excuse for drinking and driving, especially when you kill a biker doing so. I don’t give a shit if it is Lane or the Pope.


  65. Leo I edited out your bashing of other readers on the blog and the insult you made to my religion out of your post.

    Here is the bottom line people, I will keep comments open on this issue but I am not going to tolerate bashers who will not intelligently argue their position without bashing people who disagree.

    The way I see it Leo, Billy Lane killed a fellow biker and now he needs to pay. He plead guilty. If you kill someone you need to pay. If you are willing to risk your freedom and the lives of others just to get fucked up and drive, you deserve whatever you get.

    Not everyone is willing to risk some-one’s life for a fucking buzz. If everyone had this attitude we would have a fucked up society full of drunks taking people out on the road.


  66. There is no excusing Morelock, I am sure he would have got a D.U.I. if he was not killed by Lane. Although Morelock was also drinking and driving, he was not the one who crossed a double yellow line with a beefy pickup truck and smashed into someone.

    I once represented a gal who was drunk with her 6 kids in a van. She was driving on the freeway at night. She was rear ended by a big rig truck due to no fault of her own. She and her kids were horribly injured. After she was treated at the hospital, she was arrested for D.U.I, and convicted of D.U.I. Nonetheless, in the personal injury case I got her and her kids a bunch of money. She may have been drunk, but she was not at fault in the accident. The same is true for Morelock.

    Morelock was the victim of a wrongful death due to no fault of his own.

    Again folks, the issue is this, would you want to have some drunk SOB cross into your line and kill you just because getting buzzed was more important than you? Is our lives that cheap these days?


  67. I hear you Buddah. Using the rear end analogy, here in California I got the drunk who was rear ended a substantial amount of money. She went to jail and her kids were taken by the department of children services because she was drinking and driving, but she was not nor could not be found at fault in a rear ender accident.

    It is an interesting legal theory re: breaking the law by being behind the wheel in the first place. However if the drunk was not hurt than you are probably talking about a criminal case. What if the drunk was walking in a sidewalk and got hit? Are you going to deny justice because they should not be drunk in public?

    In the end, Morelock would have died whether he was drunk or not in this case. That is why Lane needs to pay.


  68. I do not practice in Florida so I cannot really comment on what may happen on appeal there. I will say this, in most jurisdictions so long as a Judge is acting within the sentencing laws, a sentence will not be overturned on appeal.


  69. june 25th 2006 he refused to take a breathalyzer in north carolina. so his florida license was suspended he shouldn’t have been driving anyway his jail sentencing was mandatory he is right where he belongs.

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