My Fiance and I Were The Victims of a Road Rage Incident Today!

Biker Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez discusses a road rage incident against himMy fiancé and I had a great time riding with some of my club brothers and friends Sunday. It was a great Sunday. A friend and I decided to take off and ride to Angeles Crest from Marina Del Rey.

We rode the 10 freeway, east, to the 110 north, to the 5 north, to the 2 north, headed toward the 210 and the Angeles Crest Highway.

Some idiot for some odd reason seemed to intentionally almost hit me from behind. Maybe he does not like bikers? It happened so fast, the only thing I could do is turn my head to give the guy a stare. I was wearing a full face modular helmet, with my sunglasses on underneath, but I am sure the way I zipped my head around this guy knew that I knew what he was doing.

Instead of backing off, he kept coming. Mind you, my friend and his old lady were behind the car at this point and could see everything. My old lady was riding shotgun on the seat behind me. I moved to the extreme left part of the lane to avoid being hit by this asshole.

He then proceeded to pass me “IN MY LANE.” I looked over and saw what I think was a Korean guy. He proceeded to “stare me down” while he was in my lane and I was in the extreme left portion of the lane.

I knew if I kept staring this guy down, he would have probably swerved over and taken my old lady and I out. This asshole basically assaulted us with a deadly weapon. I am quite positive that under the circumstances, I could have used deadly force against this asshole because he almost killed us, and he used his car as a deadly weapon against us.

I slowed down, and he accelerated and took off. I tried to get his license, but I could not. He was in a Black Lexus.

If any other bikers near the 5 and the Glendale Freeway have been the victim of an Asian guy driving a Black Lexus, let me know.

I have been riding motorcycles on public streets for around 28 years, and have never had such a bizarre incident happen to me before while riding. Especially when I have my old lady on the back of my motorcycle.

My fiancé and my friend probably do not realize how close this asshole came to taking us out. Lesson learned and reiterated; motorcycle v. car = motorcycle losing. Thank goodness, I kept a cool head and simply let this asshole pass.

My friend’s old lady was not feeling well so they went home. My old lady and I ended up freezing our buts off on a ride up to 8,000 feet and Newcombs Ranch, for a late lunch next to their fireplace, alive to ride another day thank god!

By California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, Norman Gregory Fernandez, © 2009

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  1. Hi Norman

    so we meet again . I got 2 wrongful death motrcycle cases going . Both very interesting . so we meet again. I hope all is well . i guess your fiance doesn’t mind being called my old lady. glad you quit smoking . found you again some how on twitter/ you and gerry oginski are my favorite internet lawyers i never met.check him out on you tube he does some good stuff If I had a case in California you would get .


  2. I was speaking in reference to your comment “This asshole basically assaulted us with a deadly weapon. I am quite positive that under the circumstances, I could have used deadly force against this asshole “

    ^^I give up.^^

  3. Sure am glad you kept your cool about that idiot. Better off getting out of their way and let them go off on their own just to be fafe. Eye contact in is the wosrt thing you can do since this only acknowledge them. I think it’s best to ignore them and take evasive action. Keep safe and your shirt on. 🙂

  4. Any time, Bro. Just give me the word.
    Hey, man. You should look for homes my way. There are lots of find houses around here that the banks took back from folks that bit more that they could chew. BTW, I’ve gotten together with Milkman a copla times. He’s doing well and seems happy, even after he lost his right leg to a cager. He still rides, though. He got a Blvd VL1500 and a 1200 Sporty. What are you doing this saturday. Maybe I come down your way and pay you a visit. What say you?

  5. Sorry to hear about your dad, man. As if thhings aren’t tough as it is already. I will pray for him. We will be in touch soon, give me a call any time. See you soon.

  6. Hello Anthony, yes we meet again! Unfortunately, I have a bunch of motorcycle accident cases as well. Most people do not realize that Personal Injury law is a paradox for us attorneys. A good case, is one with the worst injuries. We like to get good cases, but we hate to see our clients injured. It is a tough gig, but we are here to help people. Personal Injury attorneys are amongst the most honorable attorneys I have ever met, we are the first and last line most people have to obtain compensation when they are horribly injured!

    Anyway, I look forward to conversing with you and meeting so some day!


  7. Tell Milkman I said hello. We should all get together and ride soon. I am glad to hear that he is riding again. We are already in escrow on a new house. Should have it within 30 days. I may look at others for investment we will see.

    My dad had a stroke on Wednesday. I have been spending my days at the hospital. I am going there in a few minutes, just had to drop by here for a few things. This weekend wont be good because I will be at the hospital. Lets talk brother you got my number.


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