The End Result of a Biker Being Killed; The Gerry Morelock Tragedy.

Gerry MorelockEveryone in the motorcycle world is or should be aware of the fact that motorcycle builder Billy Lane is accused criminally and civilly of killing Gerry Morelock, while Morelock was riding a street legal scooter.

As I have stated in previous articles on my Biker Law Blog about the case, Lane who was riding a cage, is accused of crossing a double yellow line while drunk and driving with a suspended license, and hitting Morelock who was killed instantly. You can do a search on the right bar for Billy Lane or Gerry Morelock to find the other articles I have written.

My good friend Mike Odom has conducted an interview of Gerry Morelock’s kid brother. You can find the interview by clicking here now.

The interview is a poignant reminder that there is a human being on that motorcycle you see on the road, and that human being has family who suffers greatly when an idiot decides to disregard a biker’s right to be on the road.

I send my condolences to the family of Gerry Morelock.

By Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © 2007

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  1. This is a very good interview, I do say Mike Odom has missed his calling in life!! He is such a good photographer and does a great interview. I feel very badly for Gerry Morelock’s family. It is a sad situation because most probably, there will not be closure until the criminal and civil cases are resolved. I feel sad for Gerry and Byron’s Mother, as it is not natural to bury a child. I wish the family of Gerry Morelock the best and many people’s thoughts are with them as they pass thru this very trying and disturbing time.

  2. In the end man can do the best that he can on earth. True justice is done by God.


    True statement, thank god!! God knows the truth and he knows what is inside a person and if they are a decent person or not.


    So Billy Lane is a copkiller…

    HereÂ’s some relevant points that no lawyer (except DUI specialists), cop, MADD nutter (aka cops) nor Media Mobster will ever admit. (1) BAC/BAT scores are never valid for crash victims, due to internal injuries mixing intestinal alcohol with blood alcohol, and a rising score as alcohol is digested after the crash. So the test score at the time of the crash might be 20% of the test score, even without internal injury. Dead victims can only get an accurate test when blood is drawn directly from the heart, which is never done. (2) “Alcohol” machines never test for alcohol, and are never guaranteed by the manufacturers to test for alcohol. (3) Driver licenses are voluntary civil contracts extorted at gunpoint by police state death squads, thus are invalid, thus no court has jurisdiction for traffic citations, including “driving on a revoked or suspended licensed”. Driver licenses can only be required for commercial drivers “for hire”, such as truck drivers and taxi drivers. Every person has a Constitutionally guaranteed God-given Natural right to travel by any mode of transportation, including driving cars or riding deadly horses. Scooter riders donÂ’t need driver licenses in 50 states. FAA does not require pilot licenses for ultralight pilots in 2007. (4) Insane DUI laws result in crash victims prosecuted for first degree murder, which carries the death penalty or life in prison in NC. (5) The so-called “legal limit” for so-called “blood alcohol” is 0.00% (ZERO POINT ZERO ZERO PERCENT). This is true in all 50 states, as published in govt driver license handbooks. THERE IS NO PASSING SCORE FOR BLOOD ALCOHOL. 2 airline pilots in Florida were sentenced to 5 years in prison for the “DUI crime” of drinking coffee in the airport. Likewise so-called “field sobriety tests” also have no passing score, and stone cold sober cops can never pass such a test in a court room in front of a jury. You can drink 24 beers in 24 hours and have a 0.00% BAC/BAT for all 24 hours, according to all driver license test books. (6) So-called alcohol “rehab detox” loony bins actually increase the rate of alcoholism, addiction, overdose, suicide and murder, due to rampant medical malpractice, and are mere police state death camps used to loot insurance funds. (7) Medical doctors are the leading cause of death in USA, murdering over 2.5-million US citizens every year, with immunity from arrest. How many crash victims survived the crash, to be murdered in death camps, with the deaths statistics then blamed on “drunk drivers”? (8) Illegal alien felons murdered over 40,000 US citizens in USA since 9/11/2001, often by DUI homicide, yet police sell them fake ID “driver licenses”, and refuse to arrest and deport them during traffic stops. (9) Every prisoner in jail costs taxpayers $50,000 a year, destroys the “offenders” family and business, destroys the business economy, and prevents the “offender” from paying restitution to the victim. So keep these thoughts in mind when demanding that police state death squads take all your Constitutional rights at gunpoint.

  4. Park Ranger? I thought I read somewhere that he was a Park Ranger but was unemployed at the time of the accident. I may be wrong about this.

  5. Norm: Gerry Morelock was at the time of his death employed as a Park Ranger at Sebastian Inlet. At the time of his death he was on his way home from work. This is a fact. The full story can be read on Mike Odom’s Blog “MNO SPEAKS”. Mike Odom has done extensive research on the death of Gerry Morelock and the aftermath. I would recommend that this reader go to Mike’s site to read any information she wants because Mike has only reported facts and has done a good job.

  6. Justice is a fiction. The people prosecute someone for a crime, but the victims still suffer. A plaintiff sues someone for compensatory damages in a civil case and gets money, yet they still suffer.

    In the end man can do the best that he can on earth. True justice is done by God.


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