What is a real Biker and Motorcycle Lawyer?

Personal Injury Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez

I have been asked by many people what is the difference between a biker lawyer and a normal personal injury lawyer.

The main difference is that a biker lawyer actually rides motorcycles and is a biker himself. A biker lawyer has a unique insight when dealing with motorcycle accident cases that a normal personal injury lawyer does not have. Why, because we also ride motorcycles.

Frankly I know of only 2 other biker lawyers in the State of California that actually ride motorcycles besides me. There may be more; I don’t know. I do know of several other lawyers that ride, but they do not do personal injury. I even know of one Judge who rides motorcycles.

What ticks me off is a bunch of normal personal injury lawyers pawning themselves off as biker lawyers. You see them advertising in the biker rags, you may see them at events. Have you ever seen any of them actually riding?

The next time you come across a so-called biker lawyer, why don’t you ask him to take a ride with you? The proof is in the pudding so to say.

I am a real biker lawyer. I am a biker and I do personal injury. My practice is not just limited to motorcycle accident cases; I also do car accidents, truck accidents, other motor vehicle accidents, and other torts such as slip and falls, assault and battery, etc. However, my passion is prosecuting injury cases for other bikers. Don’t get me wrong; I aggressively prosecute all cases for my clients. If you are the victim of a car accident, I will treat you no differently than any of my other clients.

If you are a biker you have probably heard comments made by cagers such as: “we are the best organ transplant donors;” “we are crazy for riding motorcycles because they are dangerous,” etc.

In a personal injury case there is a general bias against bikers and motorcycles amongst potential jury pools. It is my opinion that only a biker lawyer himself can explain to a jury during trial, that bikers and motorcyclist have the same right to share the road as everyone else.

It is much easier for me because I feel what I say. There is no act; I feel a kinship towards my biker clients.

There is a general bias amongst jury pools against bikers and motorcyclist. They automatically think that it is our fault when we get hit by a cager, because we are engaged in a dangerous activity. This bias has to be addressed at trial in Jury Selection, and during the trial.

Bottom line; if you have had a motorcycle accident, get a real biker lawyer. If you are in California, give me a call at 818-584-8831 extension 1, or go to my biker lawyer website by clicking here now.

By Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq. ,©2007

9 Responses to What is a real Biker and Motorcycle Lawyer?

  1. I can’t believe that you got through law school without knowing the difference between “incite” and “insight”.
    -A biker and (thank God) Former lawyer.

  2. How’s that hamstring healing? It’s been about a year since the same
    parking lot incident happened to me. Finally relief from the pain.

    Great website!

    Storch (yes, a fellow real biker-attorney)

  3. I believe you made it through law school. Read these blogs, a lot of people are making the same mistake. We use spell check instead of proof reading. My money says you were in the top of your class. My brother went to Louisville Law School in Kentucky. He took four years of Political Science at Eastern Kentucky University. That was back in the day before everyone had computers. One had to work much harder. Research was more difficult too. I looked up Howard K. Strn on FindLaw. Really did not say much.

  4. Me and my friend were arguing over california mandatory helmet law. We both know
    that you are required to wear a helmet while operating a motorcycle on highways..,
    My question is if the law applies to riding your motorcycle/sportbike on private
    parking lot. I work at a pretty highrise surround by a big parking lot connecting
    to nearby stores and restaurants. Can I get a ticket for not wearing my helmet
    while riding around the parking lot to go from my office to nearby fast food to get
    a quick bite. And is it possible to fight it in court?

  5. Yes I did Sandie. I worked full time as an Engineer during the day; went to Law School at night. I passed the Bar on the first shot here in California which is the toughest bar exam in the nation.

    You are right about the spell checkers that is for sure.

    I graduated from the University of LaVerne College of Law here in California.

    With respect to Stern and FindLaw, I have not checked out his profile.

    Take Care,


  6. Interesting question. If the parking lot is open to the public, then the California Vehicle Code would apply. You could be ticketed for not wearing a helmet, seat belt, parking in a handicapped parking space, etc.

    If it were a closed parking area on private property that was not open to the public law enforcement would have no right to enter without a warrant, or unless they were invited, or there is consent for them to enter, or there is an emergency.

    In the scenario you discuss, I assume that it is public parking lot and law enforcement is probably not only invited, but is encouraged to be there.

    You could be ticketed! I doubt you would have a good defense to fight the ticket because you do not own the parking lot, so you would have no standing to claim that law enforcement was not invited!

    Just my humble opinion.


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