Billy Lane, a Tragedy.

Billy LaneMany of you probably already know that Custom Motorcycle Builder Billy Lane was involved in a motorcycle accident which claimed the life of Gerry V. Morelock, a 56 year old man who was just out riding his “Street Legal” Yamaha Scooter. It has been alleged that Billy Lane, while driving his custom-painted black Dodge Ram pickup on a suspended license, crossed over a double yellow line and slammmed head-on into Morelock who was just out for a ride, killing him instantly.

After toxicology reports came back showing the Billy Lane had a B.A.C. (blood alocohol content) of 0.192, more than twice the legal limit in Florida, Billy Lane was arrested and accused of drunk driving manslaughter in the death of the other biker. If convicted Billy Lane faces 15 years in prison.

You may wonder why I titled this editorial “Billy Lane, a Tragedy,” and not “Gerry V. Morelock” a tragedy.” The reason I titiled the editorial the way I did is because no one knows who Gerry V. Morelock is, whereas most bikers know who Billy Lane is.

By all accounts Gerry V. Morelock was a great guy, with a great family, and was just out for a ride on his Yamaha Scooter. He did not deserve to die the way he did. His death is a tragedy.

As a lawyer, I am not going to write an editorial about Billy Lane’s guilt. He is innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law. If he is found guilty then all bet’s are off.

The irony of this story is that one biker killed another biker. I have read in places that Gerry V. Morelock was only riding a Street Legal Scooter, so that does not qualify him as a Biker; WRONG. He was riding on two wheels just like the rest of us. He did not deserve to die that day, he did nothing wrong. Gerry V. Morelock is and was a Biker and deserves the respect and sympathy of the rest of the Biker Community.

Billy Lane was a cager the day he caused the death of Gerry V. Morelock. He was a cager who is accused of drunk driving manslaughter, but also driving with a suspended license and other crimes.

We will have to wait for the Court System to pass judgment on Billy Lane. We all know how the biker community will treat Billy Lane, even if he is not found guilty. We do not like people who kill our own, even if he is one of our own.

Gerry V. MorelockSo what is the editorial really about? It is about, Gerry V. Morelock, a Tragedy. He was a good and decent man, who was cut down due to no fault of his own, by a negligent cager who also happened to be a biker. He did not even have a chance.

The next time one of you wants to get drunk and put the keys into your car or motorcycle remember one thing; is your life really worth it? Is the life of another really worth it? Would not it be better to take a cab, get a ride from a friend, or even sleeping it off on the sidewalk be better than potentially killing another, and losing your own life and career over it?

Being a Biker Lawyer I get regular reports of Motorcycle Accidents and Motorcycle related injuires and deaths from all over the country. If just makes me sick to my stomach. Most people do not realize the carnage that is occuring to Bikers and Motorcyclist from all over country on a daily basis. It is not pretty. If you are a biker or a non biker; the next time you are riding in your cage, why don’t you take a couple of seconds and remember, the guy or gal on that motorcycle is a human being just like you.

Go in peace Gerry V. Morelock, and may god rest your soul. We in the biker community remember you. Although you were riding a Yamaha Scooter, you were a true biker!

By Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq. , Copyright 2006

9 Responses to Billy Lane, a Tragedy.

  1. Mr. Morelock was not on a moped. He was street legal in Florida. Also, he was not just out for a ride. He was a park ranger coming home from work. I read this on MNO SPEAKS web site. The outcome on this case will be very interesting. Can a person in Florida be made to sell their home to pay civil lawsuits? I do not see OJ Simpson selling his multi-million $ home to pay the Brown and Goldman family and he lives in Coconut Grove, Florida and his children attend the most expensive private school in Dade County. My understanding is that if your home is homesteaded in Florida that nobody but the IRS can take it and force sale. With all the Internet activity on the Billy Lane case, do you think that the Judge will be able to seat a impartial jury? We have a lot of bikers in Brevard County.

  2. If your a motorcycle lawyer, why is it that your facts are not straing.
    Before posting and adding judgement, know the story you are writing about.
    I’m not defending Billy Lane with this comment, because he was wrong, but
    your aquistions are incorrect and you should not write what you do not know.

  3. “Also, he was not just out for a ride. He was a park ranger coming home from work. I read this on MNO SPEAKS web site.”

    If this statement is true, how did his autopsy report come back indicating a BAC of .133? Had he been drinking on the job? It would take quite a bit of time to get your BAC up to that level. Certainly more than a few drinks after work.

  4. Mike Odom’s Blog has a comment that Mr. Morelock stopped at the bait shop and had a beer on his way home from work. That is a possible reason for the BAC results from his autopsy. Regardless in the State of Florida the person who caused the accident has to answer. I say a big NO that Mr. Morelock was drinking on the job.

  5. I will edit my article to reflect the fact that Mr. Morelock was on a street legal scooter rather than a moped. I am a Califoria lawyer so I cannot speak on Florida Law. I will say this; for some reason, cases involving celebrities are much tougher to get judgments on. Notwithstanding that fact, unless something more comes out, it will be difficult for any jury to ignore that cold facts of this case.

  6. If you read my article carefully you will notice that I said that it was up to a Court of Law to pass Judgement on Billy Lane.

    I would sure like to know what facts that in my article are incorrect. I would investigate and correct any errors or omissions.

    The facts of what happened come from numerous sources. However, I will say this, I was not there.

  7. The only defense that Lane has is to attack the decedent Morelock. It was done in the OJ case, it was done in the Robert Blake case, it will be done in this case.

    It’s very easy to attack someone who is no longer alive to defend themselves.

    My opinion based upon what I have read is that the alcohol in Morelock’s system will not play a role because he was not at fault in the accident.

    There could be evidence that we do not know about. This is why I reserve judgement until the facts are presented in a Court of law. In the end justice will decide the fate of Lane!


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