Check your Tire Pressure on your Motorcycle Before Each Ride!

Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq.Ensuring that you have proper tire pressure in the tires of your motorcycle is much more important than the tire pressure in your car. Since motorcycles only have two tires, there is no room for error.

Having proper tire pressure will not only ensure that your bike handles properly, but will also greatly increase the safety of your ride, especially in turns and in corners.

You should always inflate your tires to the recommended pressure that your motorcycle manufacturer recommends. If you have switched from the stock tires that came with your motorcycle, to another type of brand, you should inflate the tires to the recommended levels for that particular brand.

When in doubt, simply call your local motorcycle dealership, and ask the service department what the recommended tire pressure is for your motorcycle, with your brand of tires.

I recommend that you check your tire pressure, before each ride. It’s better to be safe the sorry.

Another variable is climate change. An example is; let’s say that you have inflated your tires to 35 pounds in the summer. What do you think your tire pressure will be in the colder temperatures during the winter? If you answer the question by saying that your tire pressure would be less, you’re right. Colder weather decreases the tire pressure in your tires, whereas warmer weather increases the tire pressure in your tires.

Do not take a chance, check this tire pressure in your motorcycle tires regularly.

By Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq. , Copyright 2006

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